BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon Chapter 25

BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon

Chapter 25 – Three L’s


Laira and I, together with the Gamma couple, Kingston and Lena, were sitting on the steps of the packhouse, waiting for our Alpha to come home. We had no idea what had happened between them, and Laira was worried that the Alpha might have blown up his anger with Lucy.

I had to remind Laira that no matter how pissed off or irritated Alpha Adan was, he would never lay a hand on a female. But my smart mate reminded me that she was not concerned about the physical abuse but more about the words that would come out of Alpha Adan’s mouth.

And I think she was right. Through the years, Adan had changed tremendously. Gone was the calm and peace-loving man I grew up with. He grew more distant and brood*ier over the years. I guessed it came from the fact that he had no one to channel his energy through. I didn’t believe a man or his wolf could go feral without a mate, but I think Adan was a living example of that.

A part of me was hopeful that the Omega was his mate. I knew many would raise an eyebrow if an Alpha was mated to an Omega, but at this point, I just wanted Adan to find his mate. And with his wolf being tamed down by this Omega, I would like to believe he could sense her as his mate, now only if we could let her wolf out sooner so we could find out.

But if they were not fated mates, with a wolf, she could at least give him an heir. And maybe they could make it work because it looked like she was the only female the Alpha could tolerate. Maybe not all the time, but it was just a day and I never saw Adan as disoriented as he was the whole day. This Omega surely stirred. something in him.

“They’re here,” Kingston stated as he stood up from sitting and helped his mate

My eyes darted to where he was looking as I stood up, taking Laira with me. I saw the Alpha untangle his arm around Lucy, and I couldn’t help but snicker. Laira elbowed my side as she hushed me to keep quiet.

I bit my bottom lip, suppressing a smile. from forming on my lips, but my heart was literally happy for Adan. I never saw him wrap anyone in his arms the same way he never cuddled a sleeping female in his lap as he did last night.

“Alpha,” Lena was the first one to greet, with a slight bow of her head before she shifted her gaze to Lucy, flashing her a wide smile.

“What the f*uc*k are you all doing here?” Of course, he would greet us back in a grumpy manner.

“Trying to catch a shooting star. Perhaps it will grant our wish.” Kingston answered, but his face and tone were voids of any emotions. Laira and Lena both restrained their giggles, but Lucy did not.

She giggled softly before she realized no one was giggling or laughing, which caused her to stop and straighten up her posture before she dropped her gaze to the ground.

“What did you wish for?” Alpha Adan asked.

A smile formed on Kingston’s face before he scratched his head to answer the Alpha. “A mate for you…”

“Stop wishing for the same thing… I don’t have a mate.” Lucy’s eyes widened, but she kept her gaze on the ground.

“I haven’t met the female beside you, Alpha. If you don’t mind.”

Lena broke the awkwardness, and when the Alpha gave her a nod, she stepped down the steps and stood in front of the Omega. Lena extended her hand as my mate moved down to stand beside her. “Lena, Gamma Female of the pack.”

“Lucy, the Omega…” Lucy returned the smile Lena gave her as they shook hands.

“The Omega who can tame the Beast? I’ve heard so much about you.”

The Alpha hissed as he shook his head. and walked up the steps to the front door.

“Don’t keep her too long. She needs to sleep.” He said to no one before he entered the packhouse, and the females just stifled their giggles.

“I’m sorry. My father is strict, he wants. to make sure I follow my curfew and my bedtime.” Lucy joked, and it made the girls chuckle.

“I can hear you, Omega.” The Alpha’s voice erupted from the inside of the packhouse, and I couldn’t stop myself from chuckling at the expression on Lucy’s face like she was caught with a hand in a cookie jar.

“The Alpha is just moody. But he’s really nice if he wants to.” It was Lena who spoke.

I motioned for Kingston to follow the Alpha inside, but he asked to wait. Only then did I remember he had not met Lucy either.

“Kingston, Gamma to the Alpha. A ple@sure to meet you, Lady Lucy.” He extended a hand, which Lucy took and shook.

“Please drop the Lady. I’m not really ladylike, and I don’t think the Alpha will appreciate that.”

“Are you sure you’ll be fine if we just call you Lucy?”

“That’s my name, so it should be fine, right?”

“No, what I mean is, the Alpha never took home a female. So, I think it was just right to address you as such.”

“I think we should ask the Alpha… or not, Laira added. “But Lucy is fine for me. Lena and I like your name.”

“Oh… Thank you.” Lucy beamed at her.

“What Laira wants to say is… are you sure you’re not our future Luna?” My brow raised. These two were being crazy again.

Laira and Lena had been wishing for a Luna for a long time. I met Laira first before Kingston found Lena, and it has been six years.

“Your Luna? Of course not! Don’t let Alpha Stone hear you… or he might throw a tantrum.” She said the last part in a very hushed tone, but her eyes were flitting with mischievousness. Luna or not, I was sure these three would have fun together.

“You see, Laira… Lena.” Lena pointed at my mate before she pointed at herself and then to Lucy. “…Lucy. We think the rank females of this pack have L for their names.”

Kingston snickered as he patted my back. “Let’s go inside. These females are crazier than Adan.”

I chuckled before looking at the three females exchanging information. “You heard the Alpha, Lucy can’t stay up late.”



“You heard the Alpha, Lucy can’t stay up late.” Beta Collin reminded all of us, and Laira just rolled her eyes at him before she motioned with her hand, shooing her mate away.

“Let them go inside. Let’s stay here and talk.” Lena grabbed my wrist and tugged me to sit down.

I just found myself squeezed in between them.

“So what’s your setup with the Alpha?” Lena asked, her brows wiggling.

I looked at Laira, who was smiling, waiting for me to respond, but I honestly didn’t understand what Lena meant. I’m not sure I get what you were asking?”

“I told Lena the Alpha introduced you to everyone as his girlfriend, so we are kind of wondering if you are really the Alpha’s girlfriend… or…”

“It’s just a role play.”

“He didn’t want anyone to find out he went to the Feast, right?” Lena asked, and I nodded my head.

“You’re not going to tell anyone, right?” I asked back.

“Of course not. We’re loyal to the Alpha. If he wants to keep it a secret, then it’s fine. Besides, we like you.

“You don’t know me yet.” I felt my cheeks burning. I was really flattered this time because I never had girlfriends. And I think I liked these too – they seemed nice and they shared my humor.

“If you can stay here longer, then we can get to know you more.”

“It depends on the Alpha. He’s moody… And keep throwing tantrums.”

The two females chuckled, and soon I was giggling with them.

“You still don’t have any clothes?” Laira mentioned it out of nowhere. I shook my head in response.

“I should prepare some for you for tomorrow. I thought you and the Alpha would go and shop today.”

“I think I can take care of that, Lai,” Lena stated as she tugged at the sleeve of my shirt. “Let’s give her dresses instead of these clothes. Where did you even grab this loose shirt?”

“The Alpha instructed me to give her modest and not-too-tight clothes. These are the safest I could find.” My eyes widened at her words. What was that for?

“Seriously? I’ll take care of your clothes. tomorrow, and let’s just say I was not informed of the Alpha’s request.” Lena winked at Laira before she shifted her gaze back to me. “But you’re okay with dresses? And I mean not the long ones.” I can be n@ked too. I wanted to answer, but instead, I just nodded my head.


“We can continue talking tomorrow. The Alpha wants her in his office.” Laira said almost immediately.

“Okay,” I responded before I bit my bottom lip. As much as I wanted to talk with them, I really wanted to see Alpha Stone again. I was just hoping his mood. was still the same as when we were walking home.

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