BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon Chapter 29

BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon

Chapter 29 – Missing Him


Two days turned into four, and then into six. By then, I was already in misery. I have never felt so unproductive and useless as I felt at the moment. Although my body was functioning, my heart and my brain weren’t.

I miss Alpha Stone.

And even if the Beta and Gamma Females told me that Alpha Stone could handle himself well in times of danger, I couldn’t help but worry for him and hated myself for ignoring him before he left.

If this was how it felt to be away from him for just a few days, what more if he asked me to leave for good? I had no idea how many times I asked Laira if she had gotten any messages from her Beta, but she always had the same answer, nothing yet. And although I could see the longing in her eyes, she was handling herself well. Maybe she was already used to this.

I spent my days training to increase my stamina. Lena was giving me a personal workout plan, and I didn’t need to hide my own strength this time after Laira told me I was bluffing about being weak.

So, there was no point in pretending, and I just had to tell them I did work out while I was in the orphanage, and I did morning and evening runs. But I wished we could do more to help my wolf because, even with thorough training, I couldn’t feel any changes in my body.

Aside from that, Laira gave me books that I could read. As much as I hated reading, I wanted to know more about the other species in the world, so when she told me this house had a big library and a wide variety of books, I got excited. Maybe I could find answers to my cross-breed nature.

But then I ended up reading romance novels instead. And it was crazy that for every male lead, I always pictured Alpha Stone. I was finally convinced that I was really crushing on the grumpy old Alpha.

I was lost in the story I was reading when the door to the library opened and Lena stepped in. “Lucy!”

I shut the book and looked at her, confusion on my face. “Is there something wrong?”

“Kingston got a word from the border. The Alpha and his convoy just entered the territory.”

I pushed my body up from the couch and found myself with parted lips, but I had no idea what to say. All the while, my heart began to thud wildly, as if it would jump out of my chest.

“Yes, the Alpha will be home soon! So if you want to fix yourself, you better get going!” Lena’s words snapped me from my thoughts.

I nodded my head, but I remained in my spot. “Okay.”

Lena laughed before she grabbed the book from my hand and dropped it on the couch before she went behind me. Her hands grabbed my shoulders as she pushed me toward the door. “You need to move or he’ll be here and you’re still standing here. Laira is already in the shower, so if you…”

“Yes!” I finally snapped myself out of shock and realized what I needed to do. “How much time do I have?”!

“It’s forty-five minutes from the border, but if it’s the Alpha driving, they might be here sooner, so let’s say thirty minutes.”

I didn’t say anything more and dashed out of the library, running my way up the stairs while Lena was laughing heartily as she followed me out.

As soon as I entered the main bedroom, I let my eyes wander the room before I decided I needed to change the bedsheets and the pillowcases. The Alpha must be tired and, who knows, maybe he didn’t have a decent bed to sleep on, so it would be better if he had fresh sheets.

I began moving my @ssand in just a few minutes I was done with it. I gathered the dirty sheets and was about to run out of the bedroom to deposit them in the laundry area when I bumped into Lena as soon as I opened the door. She was about to knock with a paper bag in her hand.

“Give me that.” She took the dirty sheets off my arms and I didn’t even object – it would give me more time to shower. “And take this.”

“What’s this?” I asked after taking it from her hand.

“Some lingerie. Laira went out to buy some days ago to prepare for her mate’s homecoming, and she bought some for you too, since she couldn’t take you with her.” The Alpha instructed both females, that I was not to be taken too far from the packhouse.

“Are these mine?” I asked, grateful for these females who had been wonderful and helpful with me while the Alpha was away.

“Yes, make good use of it.” She winked at me before turning her body around and walking away with my dirty sheets.

I closed the door and, after making sure the bedroom was in perfect shape, rushed to the bathroom and Str!pped off my clothes. I was in a hurry, but I had never scrubbed myself as hard as I did at the moment. I wanted to make myself squeaky clean and smooth for the Alpha.

Just the thought of seeing Alpha Stone was making my p*uss*y throb – hard, really hard.

I dried off and applied a lotion that smelled like crushed freesia. Alpha Stone told me at one point I smelled like one and I had no idea why, but since he liked that smell I asked Laira to buy me this lotion together with the hair coloring to cover my roots.

The good thing about Laira and Lena, they never asked. They just bought me the things I needed, plus some clothes, and didn’t even ask me to pay for them, even if I offered to give them my money.

I was already n@ked when I checked the inside of the paper bag. I picked up the first set of babydoll lingerie. White? Too modest.

Black? Too safe.

I had no idea how many were inside the paper bag, but I saw a red one in the midst of it and fished it out immediately. Skimpy and the sheer lace covering will almost hide nothing. Just perfect.

I had never worn this one before because I simply didn’t have the money to buy it. But I think I liked it already. Despite having many strings and garters, it was not that complicated to put on. In just a few minutes, I was already set, but then I didn’t want to wait for him inside the bedroom. What if it took him hours before he came up here? I would rather meet him at the front door.

I only needed something to cover me up. I had to wear a hood*ie or a jacket because it was a chilly night. So I opted for tight leggings and the Alpha’s loose shirt.

Better if he had no clue what was waiting for him underneath these clothes that he considered ugly. I brushed my teeth and tied my hair into a high ponytail before giving the bedroom one last look. I had all the scented candles lit up, and the room looked fresh.

I did well! Who would say I am not a perfect Omega?

I giggled softly as I made my way out of the suite and bumped into Laira, who was looking fresh as well, with a wide smile on her lips.

“Aren’t we excited?” She asked. I nodded my head and we held hands as we walked together down the stairs to the main door of the packhouse.

Gamma Kingston and Lena were already standing by the foot of the steps facing the packhouse grounds. And they were not alone. There were many females on each side, and all of them looked excited.

“What’s going on?” I asked Laira in a whisper as we walked toward the Gamma couple.

“The Alpha’s entourage is mainly mated males, so those waiting are their females.

“Oh.” That was the only thing I could come up with to say. I let my eyes roam over the whole grounds, and I could count more than twenty females around, maybe even thirty. He took many with him. Was the task so dangerous that he needed many reinf0rcements?

“We’re not the only ones feeling giddy tonight,” Laira added as we stood beside Lena.

“You smell lovely, sweetheart,” Lena whispered in my ears, and I couldn’t help but grin widely.

“Thank you…” My response got lost in the air as the sound of approaching cars echoed around us. Soon, most of the females around us started to squeal softly in delight. They mirrored the exact emotions I had, I was just good at hiding mine.

Or so I thought.

The moment a red four-wheel-drive car came into view and with Lena pointing out that it was the Alpha’s car, my heart. began thudding loudly as a big smile curled on my lips. I wanted to run and meet the car halfway because of the excitement I felt knowing he was there, but I restrained myself.

Relax. Breathe in, breathe out.

The Alpha’s car came to a halt as six more cars behind him stopped. Soon, one by one, the doors of the car behind him opened, and out came men from them.

The females were running to meet their mates while I kept biting my bottom lip.

Where the f*uc*k is my Alpha?

The passenger door of his car opened and Beta Collin stepped out. In seconds, Laira launched on her feet and ran towards him, all the while my eyes were pooling with tears. He certainly didn’t want me here. Maybe that’s why he didn’t want to come out.

Finally, I saw movement in the driver’s seat as the door opened. And as if in slow motion, Alpha Stone climbed down.

I blinked back the tears I was holding off as my eyes feasted on his features. His hair had grown a bit long and the last few days of stubble were evident on his face. He had just a fitted t-shirt on him and it looked like his body had become more buffed and tanned.

He stopped just beside his car, his eyes staring into mine, and I had no idea what to do next. Should I run as the others did? Or…

“Approach the Alpha. He’s waiting for you …” Lena spoke in a whisper without taking her eyes off the view in front of us.

I swallowed hard before taking the first step and walked toward the Alpha. I wanted to run to him earlier, but seeing the cold expression on his face made me change my mind.

But this is it. At least he was home. I stopped in front of the Alpha and bowed my head, and my gaze remained on the ground. “Alpha Stone, welcome home…”

“Did my Omega miss me?” His deep, baritone voice sent shivers down my spine, down to my c0re.

I discreetly clamped my thighs together as I nodded my head and bit my bottom lip. My gaze was still down, finding comfort in staring at the c*rotc*h of his pants because I could see movement in there.

Even if he didn’t want me here, at least I knew he still desired my body.

A strong finger curled under my chin, tilting my head up. Our gaze locked, and despite the stoic expression on his face, the expression in his eyes was mirroring mine.

I was wrong. He did miss me.

“Words, Omega. I want to hear words.”

“I miss you, Alpha…” My words were cut short when his lips crushed into mine and the world stopped spinning.

He was kissing me bruisingly hard. It was too painful that I knew it would be  swollen soon, but I didn’t mind. I basked in the pain and the e*cstasy of his kiss.

He was kissing me in front of his pack, and I didn’t care anymore what I would look like as I coiled my arms around his neck. My hands grabbed his hair tightly as I pushed my body up just as his hand cupped my @ssand lifted me off the ground. My legs automatically wrapped around him, gripping his waist tightly and pressing my body closer against his.

His plump lips watered my already dehydrated body, and slowly, all my senses were coming back to life.

His hand was on the back of my head, holding it in pace as we continued to kiss each other, passionately and hard. I was pouring out all my feelings of missing him for almost a week while internally rejoicing that the Alpha missed me.

The Alpha was the first to withdraw from our kiss, resting his forehead against mine while I was still clinging to him. I whimpered softly, not wanting to break the kiss, but I dared not kiss him again. I didn’t want to break the magic between us, because for now, the Alpha seemed to like me when I was not too aggressive.

“You can kiss me more, later.” He chuckled softly, his peppermint breath fanning against my face.

I nodded my head slowly. My eyes were still closed, still reeling from the feel of his kiss and his warmth. I felt his w*et lips. peck mine before he let me down on my feet. My front brushed against the hard thing poking under his pants, causing my c0re to throb and w*etness to ooze out of my p*uss*y.

Thank Goddess, we were out in the open air.

The Alpha’s arm slid across my back as his hand clamped around my waist, pulling my body to his side as he faced the crowd of warriors he came home with.

“It has been a long and tiring journey. All of you worked hard and deserve a good night. So attend to your females and you’re allowed to stay in until noon time. But I will see you after lunch to discuss. the pros and cons of this a*s*signment.”

“Yes, Alpha!” Everyone chanted with a bow of their heads and I couldn’t help but swallow knowing all eyes were on the

Alpha and me as he clutched my body closer to his.

“Very well then, have a good night, men!

He didn’t wait for any reply this time, as he turned his body to face me and scooped me up into his arms. My eyes widened. My arms sn@ked around his neck as he carried me in bridal style, heading for the front door.

“Welcome back, Alpha!” Gamma Kingston greeted him and I saw the way his eyes were teasing Alpha Stone, but the Alpha’s stoic expression didn’t change.

“I a*s*sume everything is in place?” He asked him as they walked side by side through the hallways of the packhouse. Lena was on the other side of the Gamma and was winking at me.

I was trying to suppress a smile from curling on my lips, but Lena was making it hard.

“Yes, all in place.”

“Then let’s call it a day. We’ll talk tomorrow.”

Gamma Kingston and Lena stopped by the foot of the stairs while the Alpha proceeded upstairs.

“Have a great night, Alpha. You’re allowed to stay in until noon.” The Gamma called after us, using the words Alpha Stone gave to his men.

“I’m allowed to stay in until dinner,” he replied, and my eyes rounded as I glanced back at Lena, who was giggling quietly beside Gamma Kingston.

Lena blew me a kiss before she waved goodbye and turned around to leave with her mate. And soon, it was just me and Alpha Stone, and my heart began to thud loudly again.

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