BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon Chapter 34

BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon

Chapter 34 – Mr. Creepy Guy


My eyes snapped open at the same time my stomach growled as if something would come out of it. I shoved the blanket off my body as I glanced at the clock – it would be lunchtime soon, and I was still in bed.

The Alpha did really let me rest, which was very thoughtful of him.

I sniffed myself – I reeked of the Alpha and all the fluids that were mixed in and out of me, but I was not repulsed by them. But of course, I needed to wash it off me. With hurried movement, I rushed to the bathroom only to stop in my tracks when I caught sight of the bathtub. Someone had prepared a bubble bath, but the cold water and the almost-gone bubbles were a sign that it had been left standing for quite a while now.

The Alpha might have done this, and I was sure they were for me because he told me he seldom used the bathtub. But because he had an unpredictable mood, he stormed off before we could enjoy this.

I rinsed off my body from the cold shower and jumped into the almost-gone bubble bath without minding the cold water. As long as there’s water, it would work for me.

I was enjoying myself so much that I almost forgot that I was supposed to hurry up. The Alpha told me he would be leaving today for another task, and I would throw a tantrum if he did leave without waking me up.

After I slipped on a skirt and midriff blouse and tied my hair in a high ponytail, I rushed out of our room and skipped my way down the stairs. No one was around the stairs, so I was sure no one would tell the grumpy Alpha that I was walking in a not-so-ladylike manner.

Hmmm… the food smells nice. I hope I’m not late for lunch yet.

I hurriedly walked and ran toward the dining room, only to stop in my tracks when I came to the entrance. The Alpha had visitors, and since I was caught off guard, I was not able to say or do anything except flash the Alpha a wide grin because I was honestly thrilled he was still home.

“Look, who do we have here?” A sweet voice snapped me out of my thoughts, and it somehow sounded familiar. “Isn’t she a beauty, Aeon?”

Aeon, like Alpha Aeon of Alexa? Aeon was not an ordinary name and hearing it made the smile on my face fade as my heart thudded loudly. My eyes rounded the dining table, and despite the crowd in there, they focused on the beautiful blonde female I thought I would never see again in my life.

“Alexa?” I asked in an almost inaudible voice. It had been too long since I had seen her last.

The female’s brows furrowed before she smiled at me. “You know me?”

I was right! She’s Alexa!

Her mother and my mom were good friends, and Alexa came into our lives a few days after my stepfather d*ied. And after that, she had always been around until I was taken away. She was helping us, providing whatever we needed, and my mother told me once that she was giving us so much that she was able to save more money for me.

Excitement brewed over my chest as I beamed at the only female I considered my only friend, even though she was nine years older than me. “Don’t you remember me? Darling Lucy?!”

Alexa’s face paled as she pushed her chair back, creating a loud screeching sound, and stood up. “Lucy!”

I didn’t wait for her to move. Instead, I rounded the corner and dashed to her side. She had her arms open, and I flung my body toward her, hugging her tightly. She still smelled like lavender and roses. I closed my eyes as tears threatened to fall. She was the only person close to my mother’s memory, and it was making my heart ache.

“Aeon, Lucy is here…” Alexa’s voice was almost breaking as she hugged me tightly. “I looked for you, but we couldn’t find you…”

A lone tear fell from my eyes at the thought of someone who deemed me important enough that she actually went looking for me.

My mother d*ied in her sleep. I found her unresponsive in bed one morning, and I had no idea what to do. I was eleven, and we had no friends around us. I left my mother’s body at home and went to a nearby shop to borrow a phone.

I called Alexa and told her mommy was dead. She told me she would come for me and that she would take care of me like she promised my mother, but she told me I needed to tell her everything about me.

No secrets. No lies.

My mother knew I never liked talking about my demon side, and when it upset me sometimes, I would summon powers that were only making my father happier. So, she tried not to upset me anymore, and that might be the reason she was leaving it to me to tell Alexa about my other side.

I knew telling them my secret would mean putting them in danger as well. But I was left with no choice. Where would I go, and who would I trust? I told Alexa over the phone that I would tell her everything, and I was determined to fulfill that promise. But it never happened.

True to his words that he would come for me once my mother was gone, my father appeared and took me away before Alexa could come. I was not even allowed to kiss my mother goodbye.

“Did your real father take you away?” Alexa withdrew from my arms and held my shoulders as she looked at me lovingly. I nodded my head before she asked another question. “Was he treating you right? How did you meet Adan?”

“You knew each other?” Alpha Stone’s cold voice sent chills down my spine. sh*t, did he see me nod my head at Alexa’s question? How could I explain to him that I knew my father when I told him I didn’t know him?

“Yes!” Alexa exclaimed happily as she spun my body around so we were both facing Alpha Stone. She then let out a soft chuckle. “Don’t tell me you don’t remember the little girl who wants to scratch your face?”

“What the f*uc*k are you talking about?” His face was scowling as my body went rigid. Alexa and Alpha Stone – were they related? Did I meet Alpha Stone before?

“You’re saying bad words, Dada… We need to wash your mouth.” A sweet, tiny voice came out of nowhere, and the table fell silent.

Alpha Aeon smiled and cleared his throat before he whispered something to the little girl who spoke, and she just nodded her head and continued eating.

“Adan! Remember that girl during my union who wanted to claw at your face because you kept staring at her? She’s Lucy! Remember Lucy?”

I caged my lower lip between my teeth to stop it from quivering as memories of the night Alexa was talking about came into mind. He was the guy. He’s Alexa’s cousin.


Alpha Aeon and Luna Alexa’s Union

Ceremony – At the South

Lucy 10 years old

Adan 18 years old


The night was too boring. I wondered why Mommy had to take me here. I could have stayed home and done my

homework instead of looking at the people around here. It just made me miss my stepfather, d*iego. Every other person had someone with them, except my mom.

I let out a sigh and crossed my arms over my chest as I blew my strawberry blonde locks off my face. And then my eyes darted to the same man who was standing on the balcony facing where I was seated.

Except him. He was alone too. And he was looking at me. Again. I wonder what’s wrong with him. He was making me feel self-conscious; I don’t like being stared at.

I glared at him, but he just moved his gaze somewhere else and continued smoking. But I knew he would look at me again. I wondered if he was one of my father’s men that he sent to keep an eye on me. But he was too good-looking to be a demon.

My father was handsome too. So maybe demons were good-looking. But still, he shouldn’t stare.

“Are you hungry?” Alexa asked me. She found me sitting all alone in this corner.

“Who is that man?” I asked her instead of answering her question.

“Who?” She followed my line of sight and immediately smiled when her gaze fell on the man I was referring to. “That’s my cousin.”

“He ignores every female that tries to talk with him,” I told her. I wanted to tell her that he kept looking at me, but I kept, my mouth shut because, at the moment, he wasn’t. Maybe he wouldn’t anymore.

But then, after a while, I caught him again.

“I think he wants to talk with you…” I blurted out of nowhere, and it stopped Alexa from talking.


“That man who keeps ignoring females, he’s looking here.”


“Maybe you should go to him so he will stop looking here.”


“If he doesn’t stop staring, I will go there and scratch his face.”

“Oh, Goddess! Why would you do that?” She chuckled softly but stopped right away. She must have seen the serious expression on my face. Because I meant it, he might be good-looking but he was already irritating me.

“I don’t like it when people stare at me… It’s rude.” I explained in a soft voice before dropping my gaze onto my hands on my lap.

Alexa’s hand reached for mine before she gently tapped it. “Don’t worry, I will tell him to stop staring at you. Why don’t you go to the buffet table and check if you want something from there? And if nothing there is appetizing for you, you can ask the woman with the white hat if she can whip something up for you. Tell her what you want to eat.”

“I can eat everything. I’m not picky. Mommy won’t like that.”

“I know that, darling. But because you’re special to me, I can spoil you once in a while.”

“Thank you…”

“Anytime, now go there, and I’ll take care of the…”

“…creepy guy,” I added before throwing a glare at the same man, who was still looking at me.


Alpha Stone was the creepy guy. Nowonder he looked familiar, but still, helooked different now.

Ten years had done ma*s*sive changes to him, or maybe I was too young to remember everything about him, but if he was good-looking then, he was surely god-looking now.

“Why don’t you both sit down, and you can continue while we all eat.” Alpha Aeon’s voice snapped me out of my thoughts, and I felt Alexa’s hands brushing against my arms.

“Yes, we should do that. Let’s sit, Lucy.” She let go of my arms, and my eyes fell on Alpha Stone.

My heart dropped at the animosity on his face. His eyes followed my movement until I sat on the chair on his right side. He was sitting at the head of the table while Beta Collin was at the other end.

I was about to reach for the bowl of beef in front of me when Alpha Stone asked a question with the same cold voice that sent chills down my spine. “How old are you, Lucy?”

“Lucy must be…”

“Alexa, please. I want her to answer my question.” I let go of the bowl, and my eyes darted to Alexa. Her eyes were showing confusion.

“I’m waiting, Omega.”

“Adan!” Alexa’s voice was slightly higher, and I saw Alpha Aeon hold her hand that was resting at the table.

“Your age.”

“Twenty.” They all knew I was eighteen, but I didn’t want to lie in front of Alexa. He scoffed before he forked the meat onto his plate, but he was just toying with it.

“The girl I remember has red hair. I see a black one now.” His gaze shifted to mine as soon as the words left his mouth. I swallowed hard and was still thinking of what to say when Alexa came to my defense again. “Well, she must have colored her hair. Nothing wrong with that.”

“Yes, Alpha. We know she has a different color.” It was Laira who was defending me, but she was lying I never told them about having a different hair color. “She requested us to buy hair coloring, so I’m sure she was not hiding…”

“Enough…” It was low but definitely deadly.

“For Goddess sake, Adan, it’s just a hair color. Can we eat, and we can continue talking about this later?”

A female entered the dining room, and Alpha Aeon handed both pups to her, and they left immediately.

“So you didn’t know who your father is?” His voice sounded as if he was mocking. He wasn’t done with me yet.

“Adan… Please.” Alexa was still trying to call him down, but I knew I screwed up.

“Answer me, dammit!” He was now talking louder because the pups were nowhere around us.

“Relax, man. It’s better if you can discuss this in private.” It was Alpha Aeon, and I wish he hadn’t suggested that.

“Go back to the bedroom…” sh*t!

“Alpha Stone…” My voice was pleading. I didn’t want to be alone with him at the moment.

“Now!” He slammed his palm on the table, and my body jolted. I wanted to glare and shout back at him, but I restrained myself, not when others were around.

“Excuse me,” I placed the napkin on the table and stood up before dropping my gaze to the floor as I made my way out of the dining room.

If I thought I’d seen anger before in the Alpha’s aura, it was nothing compared to the rage he was letting me feel at the moment.

Goddess, help me.

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