BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon Chapter 37

BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon

Chapter 37 – Grand Alpha Aurelius


Adan helped me out of the car, and my hands automatically tugged my coat closer to my body, as if the chilly night was making me feel cold, but the truth was, I was nervous to meet the Alpha’s family.

I knew all of this was pretend play, but I wanted them to like me. I had no idea why – maybe because I wanted the Alpha to have no reason not to like me, or simply because I wanted a family too.

We walked side by side up the steps after Adan gave his keys to the man who met us in the driveway and the one who drove his car somewhere. My hand moved, and I clasped it around the Alpha’s hand, and he tilted his head to look at me with a face void of any emotions.

“I just want to have some support, or I might fall from the way my heart was racing fast from nervousness.” I reasoned myself out. A smile curled on his lips as he squeezed my hand before raising a brow at me.

“You’re nervous to be around nice people, but you can defy, lie, and argue with the Alpha, who loves cutting off people’s body parts.”

I scrunched up my nose and held his forearm with my free hand before scooting my body closer to him. “You’ve been saving me from day one, so no, I’m not that afraid of you.”

He chuckled, but the moment we reached the front door, he tugged his hand away from my hold, and I thought for a second that he didn’t want his family to see us. this way. But instead, his arm sn@ked around my body and his hand ended on my waist as he pulled me back to his side. before he turned the door handle open.

“They’re here!” A female with long black hair exclaimed as she clasped her hands together on her chest as he looked at us. Now I knew where Adan got his dark blue eyes. She was as beautiful as her son.

Soon, a tall man with perfect posture and nicely brushed hair sn@ked his arm around her and pulled her closer to him as he smiled at me. “Look at that, it felt like an eternity, but finally Adan took home a female.”

Adan and I stopped a few feet away from them as he squeezed my waist. “Stop embarra*s*sing me, Dad. Lucy might realize you’re using the same lines for all the females I introduce to you and Mom.”

His tone was so serious, that I slowly tilted my head to look at him, and a scowl was slowly forming on my face. And then he smiled. The kind of smile that made my p*an*tie*s and bra drop.

“Is that jealousy I detect there?” He leaned closer, the tips of our noses touching. He was too close. “I’m just kidding, you’re the only female worth taking home to.”

And then he pecked my lips. He just left me breathless, speechless, and… w*et.

He was really good at this as if we had something real between us.

“Mom, Dad, my girlfriend Lucy Foster.” He guided my body to face his parents. while I was reeling from the feel of his kiss and the emotions, he was giving me with all the sweet nothings.

“Good evening, Sir, Ma’am…” I smiled politely as the female opened her arms. and urged me to come forward, which I did.

She enveloped me in a hug before raking me up and down with a warm smile on her face. “My Goddess, Adan. Alexa was right, she is indeed a beauty.”

“Of course, he’s my son. He has an eye for real beauty.” The man beside her looked at her lovingly before he pressed a kiss on her forehead. He then turned his attention to me.

“My name is Audrius, and my mate is Helena. In her excitement, she forgot to tell you, her name. Now give this old man a hug.” He opened his arms, and I scooted in, hugging him.

If this was how his whole family would welcome me, then my nervousness was not warranted.

“A ple@sure to meet you, Sir Audrius.”

“Will it be too early if we ask her to call us Mom and Dad?” Adan’s mom asked, and her gaze was on Adan, looking at him as if she was pleading.

“Mom, enough with the pressure.” Adan let out a sigh before he looked at me as if asking for help.

“Fine, no more pressure.” Aunt Helena raised her palms in the air before she smiled at me as I moved back beside Adan.

“Oh, Goddess. They looked lovely together! Imagine the pups they will have!

“Mom…” Adan grunted, and his father was about to say something when another voice came from out of nowhere.

“Pups? She doesn’t have a wolf.” A tall man, with cerulean blue eyes, came forward. He looked like he was around fifty, but his eyes told me he was older.

“Pops, this is Lucy Foster, my girlfriend. Lucy, this is my grandfather, grand Alpha Aurelius.” I was right. If he was Adan’s grandfather, he might be in his late sixties or early seventies.

“Good evening, sir.” I smiled at him, not sure if I should hug him or not. But I’m glad I didn’t.

“Lucy Foster. d*iego Foster’s daughter. I know your father, he’s Achilles’ Beta.”

His tone was too calm, but it sent shivers down my spine. I was not afraid of him, but the way he was addressing my stepfather was crushing my heart. I knew all about Achilles and d*iego, and how Alexa’s mother’s life turned out when she left with Achilles.

I knew Alexa’s family had not yet been able to move on from it, but I thought no one would say it to my face.

“d*iego is Lucy’s stepfather. Not her real father.”

I swallowed as I fought back the tears.” d*iego is my father. He’s the father I know and look up to.”

I waited for Alpha Aurelius to say something. He stayed silent, but his eyes were on me all the time. I wanted to meet his gaze. I wanted to tell him my stepfather was a good man, but I knew this would be a lost cause. My stepfather did them wrong.

“Lucy!” Alexa’s voice erupted in the air, and soon, she was rushing forward with Alpha Aeon behind her, and throwing her arms around me.

She pulled away from our hug and motioned for Adan to help me with my coat.

Adan was not saying anything, but I could feel his Alpha aura rolling off him. He slid my coat off my body and handed it to an Omega nearby before he pressed a kiss on my forehead. “I got you…”

I smiled at him, fighting off the tears that were falling. I was not the one who cried over things easily, even when I was hurt, but Adan having my back was making me emotional again.

“Oh, look at you looking so lovely!” Alexa held my hands up and looked at me lovingly, while the elders were just looking at us. “All grown up and beautiful! Goddess, I hope Adan won’t be stupid enough to let you go so we could finally be family!”

Someone cleared their throat the moment she said family, and I knew it came from the grand Alpha.

My eyes darted to Adan – he was throwing glares at someone behind me, and I didn’t want to look at who, but I was sure it was at his grandfather.

“Dinner is served. I think we should all go to the dining table and continue our conversation there.” Aunt Helena broke the awkwardness around us before she put her hand on Alpha Aurelius’ back and led him to the dining room.

Adan’s father tapped his shoulder, and their eyes were flecked with white, which made me think they were exchanging mind links. Adan took my hand and clasped it with his, before pulling me to face him while the rest walked away.

“Look at me,” he said, and I tilted my head and met his eyes. “If the dinner is uncomfortable for you, just tap my lap four times, and we will go away from here. No questions asked.”

“We don’t need to. I’m okay.” I tried to a*s*sure him.

“No, you’re not. I will have to talk with. my grandfather. He is a nice man, but he is hurting.”

“I understand.”

“But I’m on your team… remember?”

I smiled and nodded my head, as my heart fluttered in my chest. Adan was overwhelming me. He was on my side. I would be fine.

“Ready for dinner?” he asked as a warm smile tugged on his mouth.

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