BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon Chapter 45

BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon

Chapter 45 – A Shot at Life with Her


“Then they need to go,” he said in a cold voice as if he was just throwing toys.

“You can’t do that! These people are loyal to you, and you just can’t throw them away just because…”

“Watch me do it then,” he snapped back before heading for the door. I went after him, doubling my step to catch up with his strides. I knew his men were good people, and I would never blame them if they thought I would be a liability and not worth having around because, let’s face it, who conspires with demons? I grabbed his forearm because he kept walking and soon, we would reach the stairs. The last thing I wanted was for anyone to hear our conversation.

“Promise me you will hear them out and not throw them away! Laira and Lena…”

“I’m sure they will do the same thing! They will f*uc*k off and leave me if I tell them I don’t want Laira and Lena here!” He cut me off as he stopped and combed his fingers through his hair.

“You’re unbelievable!”

“Can you be f*uc*king calm down! No one is being thrown out!” He narrowed his eyes at me.

“Not now! But who knows what mood you’ll have later? If they disagree with you…’

“I’m the f*uc*king Alpha here!” That was the third time he didn’t let me finish my words, and it was already pissing me off.

“I can set you on fire, Alpha!” I emphasized the word Alpha, but instead of being annoyed with me, a smug smirk crawled across his face.

“You surely can, little bunny!”

“I’m not kidding! I will burn you if you kick them out!” I told him in between gritting my teeth.

“And risk being found by Lucien? Nice try, love. But you can’t scare the Alpha here.” He turned my body around so my back was facing him before his hand landed on my @sswith a hard slap, jolting my body forward. “Now go back inside the room before I set your p*uss*y on fire…”

My eyes were still wide from shock as my feet rushed forward and I ran back to our bedroom without any more complaints. His words rendered me speechless. No, not the one about setting my p*uss*y on fire, but did the Alpha just address me as love?

That was the first time, and I had no idea how to react to it. Was it just out of habit? Maybe he was used to addressing females with that endearment. Or maybe, just maybe, the Alpha liked me a little too much already. 1



I shook my head as I watched the she- demon run back to our suite. Her @sswas jiggling, and the view was all mine to enjoy, but more than that, I saw how her cheeks turned scarlet red with my words. Did she suddenly become conservative and not used to the dirty words coming out of my mouth?

I chuckled and turned around to head downstairs the moment our suite door closed. Collin and Kingston were already waiting.

I doubted they would not accept Lucy, these two were loyal to the bone. They may have had reservations, but I knew them – if I decided to go to hell, they would accompany me, just as I would for them.

I didn’t waste time. As soon as the office door closed, I laid out everything I knew about Lucy. It didn’t slip my eyes how their faces paled before they were able to compose themselves. If we were talking about a different person who turned out to be a demon, I would probably react the same way.

But this was my Lucy – nothing she could tell me about her would scare me off. She could be the goddess of the underworld too, and I would still keep her.

“A demon?” Kingston said after I shut my mouth. “A f*uc*king demon? What the f*uc*k did you both get us into?”

“What do you mean both? This is all f*uc*king Adan, not me!” Collin snapped at him.

“You’re the one who dragged him to that Omega Feast!”

“Enough. Don’t tell me you both are cowering now?” My forehead creased as I shook my head.

“What if she decided to just f*uc*king end our life? They have f*uc*king magic.” Kingston is still dominating the conversation.

“She calls it power,” I told him.

“Holy f*uc*k! This is real now!”

“Collin? What’s on your mind?” My Beta had been quiet and the only time he spoke was when he told the Gamma this was all my fault.

“I don’t know, Alpha. From the get-go, knew she couldn’t be a simple Omega, but never in my wildest dreams did I think she’s a demon… she’s too tame to be one.

“Demons can be deceiving, and that’s the one thing that bothers me.” Kingston b*tted in.

“Don’t forget she’s half-wolf. Her foundation years are with wolves, and you can’t just disregard that.”

“I get that. But are you sure she’s not playing you? Playing us? Don’t get me wrong, I like Lucy, and Lena likes her too. But what if this is a trap to infiltrate us?”

“What can they get from us?” I asked him back.

“I don’t know. But we are one of the strongest packs in the North.” Kingston scrubbed his palms against his face. “Are we in trouble here?”

“Not yet.

“What does that mean?” Collin asked.

“She ran away from the underworld, as I mentioned earlier. And she’s sure her father is looking for her.”

“And you’re buying that excuse?” Collin asked.

“I trust Lucy. Do you have a problem with her?”

“I have no problem with her, but let’s not put all our guards down. We can’t just slack off because she’s your Omega.”

“I understand. That’s why I wanted to let you know. Because my judgment might be clouded when it comes to her because…” I cleared my throat. I was not sure if I had it in me to admit to them that I was already falling for the she-demon in my bed.

“Because you like her…” Collin said.

“We know it, man. We can see that. And we like her too, for you. If she was here with no hidden agenda.” Kingston added.

I let out a deep sigh as I rested my head back on my chair before placing my hands on my temple. I couldn’t deny that I was acting on impulse, and they might be right. Was Lucy here with an agenda? How certain I was that she hadn’t used a spell to get my attention, because no one had gotten my attention like this in the 28 years of my f*uc*king existence except her.

“So just let us be critical with her,” Collin said, but his tone was full of respect.

“But I don’t want you to treat her as if she’s an enemy.”

“Of course not, but we will keep our eyes open.”

“Good. I just want to make that clear, and if ever she felt threatened by any of you…

“We’re going to get sacked?” Kingston chuckled.

“No. I’ll tell her to send you to the depths. of hell.”

“I know it’s a joke, but f*uc*k man, it’s giving me shivers.” Collin shook his head and sighed.

I could see he was serious with what he said, but I ignored it. “And I want her wolf out. She thinks once her wolf is out, her father will be unable to turn her into a full demon.”

“Yup, we’ll work on it,” Kingston replied.

“You said, she thinks. So, she’s not sure as well.”

“Yes. She’s just a*s*suming that,” I answered, my lips pursing into a thin line.

“What if her father comes for her? Are we ready for it?”

“That’s the next step I want to discuss with you.”

I stood up from my seat and went for the liquor cabinet, taking out a bottle of rum and pouring it into three empty glasses as I discussed what I wanted them to do.

“Amp up the security, and I want it extended beyond our perimeters, day in and day out. I want the censor camera updated, and I want it to cater to Lucy’s body temperature when she’s not wearing her necklace. That way we can monitor people entering the border that have similar body temperatures as her.”

“Wait, do you think they will enter through the border and not use their power or sort of that thing.”

“They can, of course, but that will be a violation of an agreement between all supernatural creatures.”

“Do you think they care? They can wipe us all out if they want. I grabbed the three glasses and walked to where they were, handing one to each before sipping from my own.

“I know. That’s why I need you to dispatch a tracker to find the witch who lives in red mountain. She’s been to the demon world and back. If she’s still alive, she might be able to help us. She most likely knew something about their weaknesses.” I told them as I walked back to my chair.

“Isn’t it a myth? Someone getting in there and coming back alive?”

“Lucy did.”

“She’s a demon!”

“Half-demon!” I growled at him, and I felt my eyes burn. Beast was surely as pissed off as me. Kingston was f*uc*king right, but I didn’t like hearing him say that. I felt so possessive of her that I wanted to be the only one calling her that, and the demon word coming out of other people’s mouths sounded offensive to me.

“Whoah! Half-demon then. Chill man, I’m on your side.”

I nodded my head as I controlled my breathing. My gaze shifted between them before I spoke again. “I’m sure you’re fully aware of how impossible it is to beat a demon prince, so I’m giving you a chance – stay and help me protect her and the pack, or go. If you decide to walk away, I will let you. No questions asked.”

“Do you like Lucy, Adan? Like her enough to make her your Luna?”

“Don’t lie to us. If we’re going to make the biggest decisions of our lives, we deserve honesty too.”

I nodded my head. “I do. Enough to make her mine even if I know her wolf might not surface at all, and there is the possibility that she won’t be able to give me an heir.”

They remained quiet, and I was not sure if they were convinced or not. But I wasn’t lying.

“I want to make sure she gets to choose what will happen to her life, and I am hoping she will choose me too. So, I’m taking a big step by protecting her when I’m not even sure she will make me a permanent fixture in her life. But I want to take that risk for a shot at life with her.”

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