BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon Chapter 57

BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon

Chapter 57 – Blade


I knew something was off when the witch raised an invisible barrier that prohibited us from entering the ruin where she was performing her rituals. And I couldn’t even mind link my Alpha, but I tried to keep calm. Maybe I was just not familiar with witches and their spells. If my Alpha trusted her, then I should too.

But the moment Alpha Stone flinched from his position and anger flashed in his eyes, I knew something went wrong. The Alpha didn’t like what was going on. I began to slam my body against the shield, and soon Blade and the other warriors with us were doing the same thing.

We all looked like f*uc*king lunatics trying to crush an invisible wall we couldn’t even see. But nothing we did could shatter it. It was too strong, and even if we all slammed our bod*ies on it at the same time, it didn’t break.

“Put the f*uc*king shield down!” Blade was roaring, shaking the ground as he kept pounding his fists against the barrier while his eyes were fixated on the witch, who I didn’t notice until now. Her body was convulsing as blood trickled down her nose.

“What the f*uc*k is happening?” I growled, and the warriors around me were expressing the same sentiments.

If Alpha Stone’s reaction earlier bothered me, it was nothing compared to what I was feeling at the moment. My eyes widened as my jaw dropped open the moment, I saw fire engulf the Alpha and Lucy. I was f*uc*king terrified they would burn and that it was a message that hell was coming.

‘Collin, Alpha Audrius!’ I sent a mind link to the two men who were left at the packhouse. ‘Issue a high alert on all borders and double the number of patrollers around unmanned territory borders. Lucy let out a fire.’

I went straight to the point. We already discussed previously that ‘Lucy let out a fire’ or something similar only meant one thing: Lucien might show up anytime now.

‘Is the shield up?’ Alpha Audrius asked, and I didn’t know what to say.

‘I had no idea, we are unable to talk to the witch right now. I guess we will find out soon.’

‘Then let’s move as if the shield does not exist. Where is Adan?’

‘With Lucy.’ How could I tell them the Alpha was burning? f*uc*k!

‘Okay. Keep communication open.’ Alpha Audrius stated.

‘Noted, Alpha.’ Both Collin and I answered in unison before the link closed.

My eyes darted back to the Alpha at the exact moment I felt like water was splashing out as the shield shattered and just disappeared. I didn’t waste any time and rushed to where Adan and Lucy were.

“Tell Lucy to take out the fire!” I yelled to the Alpha, as I took off my shirt and tried to put out the fire on their bod*ies using my shirt, but it was useless.

“I’ve been trying to!” Adan snapped at me, and it was only then that I realized he was still standing still with Lucy in his arms as if the fire wasn’t burning him.

I moved my hand closer to the fire, only to pull it back in an instant. “The f*uc*k!” It was f*uc*king hot, but how was Adan still standing and not burning?

“Lucy… baby. Your fire hurt Kingston.” Adan was talking to her in a voice totally different from the way he snapped at me, but it worked.

Soon, the fire was gone. Lucy and Adan were right in front of me without any burns or damage, as if the fire earlier was just a figment of my imagination.



I came with them to the ruin with no expectations. I just wanted to get over and done with this, and maybe Althea would decide to go back to the mountains, and I would take her there without any questions.

I wanted her out of here before the full moon. Because as much as I never K*lled just for fun or out of annoyance, I might end up doing that if someone else other than me tried to satiate her heat.

I was not sure if witches would emit a heat scent as she-wolves during their heat. But I was one hundred percent sure she would go into heat. What if her heat scent came around? Adan was not marked, and with many unmated wolves checking her out, she might give in and spend her heat with them. And the thought alone was making me furious and f*uc*king insecure. Because she never wanted me.

Before she came, I couldn’t care less if no one found me attractive. I lost my mate many years ago and had learned to shut off any emotions. No females, no pains.

And I was okay with that. But then the Goddess knew how to t*ortur*e an already dead soul. She sent me a new mate, someone that would ignite the fire within me, but the f*uc*king thing was, she sent someone twelve years younger than me. How could a young, free-spirited female end up liking someone like me?

And what will I do with a pup? Was she meant to be my mate or my child? But no matter how many times I told myself I would reject her, I couldn’t do it. Something kept pulling me back to her.

“I’ll stay here. I’m not leaving the ruins.” I crossed my arms against my chest and remained on my spot as I looked ahead. I wanted to make sure she was just within reach if something happened.

“Of course, you will. I don’t need another soul in here except for Alpha Stone and Lucy. “Her hand went to my forearm, but she withdrew right away. Did she feel the sparks? Because I did, and it was making my f*uc*king knees weak. It had been years since I felt it, and I had forgotten how it felt. But instead of my previous mate, it was Althea wrapped up in my arms that suddenly flashed in my head.

Was I doing the wrong thing? Shouldn’t I be honoring the memory of my mate? Was this my fault because I no longer spent my nights thinking of her? Althea had occupied my thoughts since the day I saw her.

“I don’t have a soul,” I snapped at her, trying to mask the real emotions that her touch had given me.

“Ha ha,” she feigned a laugh before rolling her eyes at me. “Please, Blade. I’ll do whatever you want after this, just get off the ruins now. I need to get started as soon as possible while the spirits are still within me, or it will take too much of my energy to summon them again.”

She looked desperate, and something in her eyes was pleading with me to just trust her this time.

“Whatever I want? You can’t back down on that.” I told her in a low voice before turning my back on her and walking away from the building.

The moment my foot stepped into the fresh earth, I felt a jolt push me further, and I moved forward. And then a big flash came at the exact moment I turned around to see what was happening. And before I knew it, the little witch had already built an invisible barrier separating us from her. I growled as I slammed my fist into it, but it didn’t do anything.

My eyes met Althea’s and I was expecting her to glare at me, but she just placed a finger against her lips, silencing me. And I couldn’t help but focus on her slightly pouted, plump lips, and think of the many things I could do with them.


I backed away from the barrier and stood at a safe distance behind Kingston and his warriors. My d*ic*k was f*uc*king painful, and I was sure it would take a while before it would calm down.

I was not even sure if Althea was doing this on purpose because her every move felt like she was seducing me, only to leave me hanging like a f*uc*king teenager with a boner. I closed my eyes and stead*ied my breathing. I was too old for this. I shouldn’t be letting an 18-year-old make me feel like this.

Althea began her ceremony, and everything was ordinary until I noticed a slight shake coming off her hands. The first ritual didn’t shake any part of her body. Was it really part of this?

My eyes darted to Stone and he looked like he was panicking as he pulled Lucy into her arms. Lucy looked like she was also convulsing.

What the f*uc*k was happening? My heart pounded inside my chest as my gaze shifted between Stone and Althea.  Only then did I realize I couldn’t actually hear anything that was happening on the other side of the barrier. I stepped forward at the same time Kingston did, and we ended up slamming our arms on the barrier wanting to break it. He was cursing, and so was I.

“Put the f*uc*king shield down!” I roared, trembling the ground below, but no matter how hard I pounded on the shield, it refused to break.

Althea’s nose began to trickle with blood. It was too much blood, and the memory of losing my mate right before my very eyes came flashing back. No! No! Not Althea!

My eyes watered as I slammed the barrier the hardest, but it wasn’t doing anything. I moved to the other side, where I could only see Althea’s back, and began slamming there. The whole globe on which she set the barrier was engulfed in a tornado of dry leaves and dust, and soon I could no longer see anything inside.

And then a fire glowed from the middle but I couldn’t see everything.

“Althea!” I bellowed, shaking the ground again, and all of a sudden, a big flash appeared in front of me, and the barrier shattered like broken glass, but no debris fell on the ground. I rushed forward and caught Althea just before she hit the ground.

“No! No! No!” I kept mumbling, crouching while holding Althea’s upper body. I could hear her faint heartbeat, but she was lying unconscious in my arms with too much blood coming from her nose.

“Althea… wake up…” I was begging, and my voice was breaking as I wiped the blood off her face using the torn fabric from my shirt.

Her body jolted, and my hold on her tightened while my eyes widened. I let out a breath of relief, only to panic again the moment she gasped for air and began coughing.

“Can’t breathe…” She was flinging her hands around. I caught them before I tilted her upper body into a sitting position as I crouched in front of her, my hands holding her arms as I tried to catch her eyes. “Breathe easy, breathe with me…”

Althea looked lost, but she followed my lead, and soon she was breathing at a slow pace at the same rhythm as mine. My hand went to cup her cheek, caressing it gently with my thumb as we continued breathing in sync with each other.

“You’ll be okay…” I told her, but it felt like I was trying to pacify myself.

She closed her eyes and nodded her head. I didn’t waste any more time. I scooped her pet*ite body off the ground and carried her in bridal style, ready to take her away from this place, when Stone walked toward me, tugging Lucy behind him.

“I need your help, Blade.”

“No. I will only look after Althea.”

“I know that, but take Lucy with you to the packhouse. I have warriors coming with you, I just need to go to the border with Kingston. Collin is meeting you halfway.”

“Did my father arrive?” Lucy asked.

“No. I just want to make sure the security is up.”

Stone was lying. I knew him well enough to know when he was lying or not. The uncomfortable way his upper lip twitched and his refusal to meet Lucy’s eyes gave him away.

Lucy’s father had arrived.

“Go, now. I’ll be at the packhouse in thirty minutes.” Stone cupped the she-demon’s face, kissing her briefly before pushing her to my side. “Blade, I trust you.”

I nodded my head and signaled the three warriors around us to start moving. One of them held Lucy’s arm and guided her to move. “Luna, we have to go.”

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