BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon Chapter 58

BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon

Chapter 58 ~ Lucius


‘Father! I found Lucy!’ Lucius’ voice dug into my head, and in seconds, I appeared in front of the fiber while still pulling up my pants and buckling them up. I was in the middle of being ple@sured, but finding Lucija was more important than my libido right now.

“What the f*uc*k?” Lucius snickered beside me, but I ignored him.

My eyes were fixated on the glowing sphere showing in the fiber. The north. Never in my wildest dream would I have thought she would go north. I made certain that Lucija was never taught about human geography and that no such topics were ever discussed with her. So, when she left, I was sure she would go back to the same place where she grew up, and if she moved, she would just be in the surrounding cities.

Now it made sense why I couldn’t find her. Her location was glowing too brightly and had been glowing for some time. She wasn’t suppressing it. She was letting her fire out. I wondered if my daughter wanted to be found. Maybe she needed to be saved.

The glow eventually faded, but I had enough time to trace the location, though I could only see the area surrounding where she could be found. I wondered if she was in a mythical place with enchantments around her. It could be the only reason I was able to pinpoint her exact location, but it didn’t matter, I could swipe the area for her energy and I would still be able to locate her.

“Are you coming with me?” I asked Lucius as I continued to b*tton up my shirt.

“The f*uc*k? Are you not even going to finish off with what you started?” He snickered. I shouldn’t expect less from him. He would always go for his libido before anything else. Lucious was born with an uncontrollable power over l*st.

“The female in my chamber will still be there when I come back. Lucija, on the other hand, is a different case. Two years has been too long, and I don’t want her to slip away again.” I walked past him and grabbed my long coat from my seat, slipping it on before flicking my fingers, and two demons appeared with their heads bowing down.

“We’re leaving now. If you would rather stay here…”

“I’m coming! I’m coming!” Lucius snapped at me as he raised his hands in the air to stop me from talking.

My eyes glowed red as I hissed at him. I didn’t like being cut off when I talked, but I would deal with him later. Lucius was one of my sons, but I’d forgotten who the f*uc*k bore him and when he was born. All I knew was that he was the only one who was interested in helping me look for his sister.

All the others didn’t even care and even ignored Lucija when she was here. Not that she needed their attention. Lucija could keep to herself, and she would still excel at whatever I asked of her. That was why I knew that, aside from being my only daughter, she was special. And I wanted her back in my kingdom. I moved back to the front of the fiber, and my eyes zeroed in on the place where the glow was minutes ago.

“Get ready!” I said it in a cold tone, and I felt hands gripping the end of my coat.

As the ruler of Kalmerus, I was the only one who could teleport without using any demon portals, making it easier for me to travel back and forth to any places or realms I wanted to. My finger touched the point where the glow appeared, and soon our bod*ies were s*cked in by the fiber, and I just found us in the middle of the wilderness.

“Where the f*uc*k are we?” Lucius inquired while panning around there was nothing to see, but I could hear voices from afar.

“Don’t f*uc*king tell me you’re cold.” I mocked him as I swatted the remaining hand clutching my coat before hissing at the demon, who forgot he was not supposed to touch me at all unless needed.

“My apologies, my lord.” He bowed his head as he backed away from me.

I ignored my demon guard. He was new, and although he had been in and out of the realm, this was his first time traveling without a portal. It didn’t take long before the sound of an approaching car roared in the air. They might have felt our presence. Lucius stood beside me before speaking while our eyes were fixated on the approaching car. “There’s a shield prohibiting us from going further. Can you sense it?”

“I do. We are in werewolf territory, but it looks like they have witches on their side.”

“Is the shield strong?”

“No,” I scoffed. “A beginner’s spell. Nothing that I can’t break through, but maybe we don’t have to.”

“Of course, you won’t. Or Hades will be on your a*s*s.”

“I told you not to f*uc*king mention his name while we are in the other realm!” I snapped at him, gritting my teeth in annoyance.

Lucius remained quiet and just raised his hands like he always did when I reprimanded him.

Hades, the God of the Underworld, had the ability to see anyone mentioning his name. outside of his realms. It was the Gods’ and Goddesses’ way of determining who was revolting against them. And the last thing I wanted was for Hades to find out I was here and watch me. I didn’t want him to see me forcing Lucija back to the underworld, or using my power in this realm if my daughter refused to come with me in a peaceful manner.

“Good evening, gentlemen. May I know what brought you to our territory?” A man with brown-colored skin approached us with four men behind him.

“What’s your name?” I asked in a calm way.


“Viktor, I’m looking for Lucija.”

“I don’t have a list of the residents in this area at the moment, but I don’t think I’ve heard of Lucija. Does she live here or is just visiting?” The man was trying to be tough, but I could sense his fear. He knew who I was.

“Lucy perhaps?” Lucius supplied, and I just raised my brows.

“Luna Lucy?” The man behind him spoke, and Victor snapped his head to look at him, and the way he hissed at him didn’t escape my ears.

“Luna? I’m not aware she’s a Luna. What pack is this?”

“Mystic Pack. I suggest you come back if you have more information about her. It’s also late at night, and I doubt if any home…”

“I want to speak with your Alpha. And before you tell me he’s already sleeping, I want to inform you that I can read through your lies. My pointer finger pressed into his forehead as his face paled. A vision of his lies came surging through me, but it was just a split second, for I withdrew my finger right away.

“You told your girlfriend that you loved her chicken cacciatore for dinner. What a shame! Why boost her ego when you don’t like it? She’ll just keep making it over and over and making you suffer.” I chuckled before it slowly turned into a low laugh.

His chest heaved as his eyes widened while he backed away from me.

“I’m waiting for your Alpha, or I will invite myself in,” I added, and the poor boy just kept nodding his head as they sat back in their car. f*uc*king cowards.

“Don’t tell me we’re going to wait? When did you change your style?”

I glared at Lucius while keeping my hands clasped behind my back. “If you kept your mouth shut and didn’t mention his name, I might already be creating chaos here.

Remind me not to bring you along next time.



I knew my father had arrived. I could feel him. But I also knew that convincing Adan to take me with him would be a lost cause, but that didn’t mean I would let him face him alone.

“Luna, we have to go.” One of the warriors Adan asked to walk me back to the packhouse held my arm. I nodded at him as we began to walk when a low growl erupted in the air and the hand holding me withdrew as if I were emitting fire.

I didn’t need to look back. I knew where it came from and why. Lately, Adan had been too possessive, but I really didn’t mind, I was just as possessive with him. But we needed to get going so I could stop my father’s plan — or at least prevent him from hurting Adan.

“Did he say Beta Collin would meet us?” I asked Blade as we walked away from the ruins.

“Yes,” Blade answered grumpily without even looking at me. His focus was on the female in his arms. I needed to walk away from them before Collin came, or I might not be able to get away.

“Is Althea awake?” I couldn’t see her since Blade was too tall.

“I’m okay, Lucy. I just need a little time to regain my energy.”

“Oh, thank Goddess! I’m sorry, but I just need to ask. The shield, is it up?”

“Yes. And the second one was completed as well… I’m sorry I couldn’t do the necklace.”

sh*t! Where’s my necklace? My hand flew to my neck, and it felt empty. But it doesn’t matter now. “We can do it some other time. I think I dropped the necklace on the ruins.”

“What’s the second one?” Blade asked.

I was about to tell him the truth when I remembered there were warriors behind us, so instead, I stopped in my tracks and moved away from them. “I need to follow Adan.”

“No!” Blade growled.

“Luna, the Alpha instructed…” I raised my palm, signaling the warrior to stop talking.

“You both can’t stop me. I’m sure you saw the fire I started back there. I will spare you from my fire. And I can a*s*sure you, I will save you from Adan’s wrath. I will tell him I cast fire on you.”

“Your father is here,” Althea stated as she tried to raise her head from Blade’s chest.

“Yes, I can feel him,” I answered her.

“Me too. I can feel a strong power.” Her hands clutched onto Blade’s shirt as their gazes met. “Let her go. Someone needs to tell her father he can’t hurt Adan, or everything I did today will just be wasted. And we might lose both Lucy and Adan.” Blade didn’t answer, and it was my cue to speak.

“Blade, you need to protect Althea,” I told him in a firm voice before tilting my head to look at the warriors with us. “All of you. You must all work together to ensure Althea’s safety. And not a word to anyone about what you saw in the ruins.”

I rolled my eyes because no one was acknowledging me while my voice was raised. “Boys, men, your words! What you saw in the ruins shall remain there!”

“Yes, Luna!” They answered in unison, to which Blade answered with just a rumble from his chest, but he was the least of my worries.

“That’s good enough. Now, make sure the whole packhouse is protected. Again, protect Althea and Luna Helena. Now tell me which direction Alpha Stone went?”

One of them pointed east, and I just nodded my head at him and turned around. I was already running away from them when I heard Blade calling after me.

“Lucy! Make sure you stay f*uc*king alive or Adan will skin me alive!” I just internally smirked as I sped up. If he only knew that if I ended up dead, there would be no one skinning him alive.

Soon, the air was blowing against my hair and skimming against my skin. I felt free for the first time — I was running without my necklace, running without anything suppressing my power.

Maybe it’s time to spread my wings so I can get to him faster. Since Father was already here, there was no sense hiding my fire. I closed my eyes and coiled my hands into fists as I ran at full speed, gearing up to launch my wings when a voice suddenly appeared in my head.

“Lucy…” It was clearer this time, and soon, instead of letting my wings out and flying, I stumbled and fell on the ground, my body rolling until I hit a big root, stopping me from rolling further.

“Aaah…” I grunted. And then something huffed inside my head until it turned into a whimper.

“Who are you?” I asked as I pushed my body up but remained seated on the ground. I already had an inkling who it was, but I wanted to be sure. And by the grace of the

Goddess, I hope I was right.

‘I am who you think I am, Lucy. I’ve been trying to reach you for a long time, but you never heard me…’

“Are you my wolf?” Tears welled in my eyes as I hugged my knees and pressed them against my chest.

‘Yes, I am your wolf. My name is Angel. It’s nice to finally meet you, Lucy.’

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