BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon Chapter 59

BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon

Chapter 59 – Angel


Her name is Angel. The Goddess gave me an Angel to counter my demon. Even if she was not a real Angel, she was the closest I could be to heaven, and that was enough to keep my spirit high. The Goddess hadn’t forgotten about me.

“What took you so long to come out?” I was not angry at her, but my voice sounded depressed.

‘I am the other side of your demon power. When you suppressed it, you suppressed me. And you let it out in full f0rce tonight, and it gave me strength to reach you.’

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know.” It was the necklace all along, but what choice do I have? I didn’t want to bd

‘I’m not blaming you, what is important is that I am here now. You can’t have me without the fire, Lucy. You need to learn to embrace fire if you want to keep me.”

“I understand. But will you just be a part of me, or do I also have a physical wolf? Because there is someone, I want you to meet.

‘Beast…’ She whimpered, and I giggled. ‘I’m ready to come out whenever you are.’

“Now?” My eyes widened as I scrambled to my feet, brushing the earth from my pants.

‘Yes! We need to hurry! Your Alpha needs us!

“Oh, Goddess! I forgot!” My heart thudded loudly. I got so distracted that I forgot about Adan. But if there was anything, I didn’t feel anything strange yet. “Will it hurt when I transform?”

‘Nothing can hurt you, Lucy. A little pain but nothing compared to regular shifters.’

“How come you know so much if you’re just a baby wolf?” I tossed my shirt to the ground before I unb*ttoned my pants and pulled them down, leaving me in just my thong.

‘I’m not a baby wolf. You were given a wolf the moment you set out your first fire. I’ve been watching you since you were six and grew up with you.’

“Oh, Goddess! So, you’ve seen me having s*e*x? I’m ready to shift. Distract me so I don’t feel pain.” I crouched on the ground, my fingers gripping the earth as I stead*ied my breathing.

‘Yeah, all the time!’

“And who’s your favorite guy?” I asked as I felt a burn starting to coil in my stomach.

‘Beast!’ Of course, she would say that. ‘I can’t wait to play with him, Lucy!’

“Of course! And you will play with him! But first, we have a problem to… Aaah!” A sudden pain crept through my abdomen and crawled through my spine. My gums itched as my fangs erupted, and it didn’t take long before I felt my face elongate until fur sprouted out of my body. Angel was right, the pain was nothing I couldn’t take. Soon I was on all fours, and my jaws dropped open as my gaze fell to my paws.

I was a magnificent white wolf.

‘Are we all white, Angel? Or do we have another color…’ I think I already knew the answer, but I wanted to be sure.

‘Pure white, Lucy.’

My eyes watered, as I nodded my head. The Goddess gave me everything to make sure I would save a part of me for her. White wolves are rare, and they usually have a gift, and I was not sure if there were any such wolves in this lifetime. But then, my knowledge was limited.

‘Thank you, Selene.’ I mumbled in my head, thanking her for my beautiful wolf. Angel began walking around at a slow pace. Her steps faltered from time to time, but she kept walking.

‘You’re doing amazing, Angel… You’re so beautiful…’

‘There’s more to me than the white wolf you see. Do you want to see the other side of us?’


‘Will for your wings to come out.’

‘What? You have wings?’

‘Just do it!’

My eyes widened as I conditioned myself to let my wings out. Angel has wings? This will be amazing!

Soon, I felt something sprout from Angel’s back, and something flapped behind us before my wings cocooned Angel’s body, giving me a glimpse of her white wings. If my demon wings were pure black, Angel had white as snow. This was like having two personalities, but I was loving it!

‘Oh, Goddess! We are beautiful!’

‘Yes, we are! I’m ready to look for Adan and meet our father again.”


‘But I want to run, Lucy! I hope you don’t mind. We can fly another day. I want to use my paws tonight.’

‘Of course! I want to run too!’ I retracted my wings and gave her a signal to run. ‘Run, Angel! We need to find Adan!”

Her paws padded the earth before she made a convulsive spring forward and began running at full speed. My heart thumped loudly as her paws thudded against the ground. The wind was brushing against her fur as the night air filled my lungs. I felt one with the earth-like I finally belonged in this world, in this realm.

‘Angel… Is Adan our mate?’ I had to ask.

‘I don’t know, Lucy. I couldn’t tell while I’m dormant inside your body. But we will find out tonight.’

‘Okay…’ My heart was crushed. A part of me wanted Adan to be our mate, it was my only guarantee he would never fall in love with someone else but me.

‘Will it matter if he’s not?’

‘No. I want him, Angel. And he told me tonight that he loves me…’

‘His words made you release your fire, Lucy. His words pushed me to come out. So, I know how you feel about him.’

‘I could feel Father,’ I told her. And as much as I wanted to reel in my feelings for Adan, the realization that my father was around was terrifying me, not for myself, but for Adan and his people.

‘Prepare yourself. I’m sure he won’t like it that you finally have a wolf.’ She reminded me before she hiked up her speed in the direction where we could sense our father. I hope we weren’t late yet and he hadn’t done any damage to anyone or the territory.

We were still running when all of a sudden I felt heat rising up from my skin, but it was not from inside of me.


No! Please, please! The thought of my father burning Adan almost drove me and Angel wild, and she was now running at top speed.

‘Lucien!’ I tried to connect with his mind. Don’t you dare hurt or K*ll Alpha Stone unless you want me dead!’

‘Lucija… Maybe I will if it will make you come to me.’

‘I linked my life with him, K*ll him and I’ll be gone too…’ I answered him while my heart was pounding in my chest as Angel rounded a corner and I knew we were nearing where they were. Just a little more, Adan. I’m coming!



I received a mind link that the new censor was showing signals of four supernatural beings with the same body temperature as Lucy, four hundred meters from the eastern border.

Lucien had finally found her.

Viktor advised that two of the bod*ies were emitting too much energy on the sensor, while the other two were also high but not as much as the first two. I knew one of them was Lucien, but who was the other? Having Lucien here was already too much, and having another one with his caliber would be a disaster.

But I wasn’t backing down. I would protect my territory and my Luna at all costs.

Viktor guaranteed there were no movements surrounding the four figures. They were just looking around as if waiting for someone or something to appear. I told Viktor to face them if he was up for it, or he could wait until we arrived.

Viktor was among the few trusted top warriors who knew about Lucy. And I wouldn’t take it against him if he refused my order. But he didn’t. So, he took four men with him to meet Lucien, while I made my way to them with Kingston on my tail. I was running on my feet while the rest were running in their wolf forms. Beast wanted to protect Lucy, but I had no idea if he was willing to take orders from me. So, I just let him remain inside my head since he wasn’t still speaking with me. If worst comes to worst, I will let him out.

‘Dad? Where are you?’

‘I’m meeting your mother halfway. She went home to the estate but she’s on her way back.

‘You need to return to the packhouse, asap!’

‘I know, son. Collin told me Lucy is on her way to the packhouse. I’ll just take your mother to Collin and I will meet you at the east border.

‘No need. Stay there. I want Lucy and Mom fully protected.’

‘And how about you?’ His voice sounded worried.

‘I can take care of myself.’ I replied, trying to sound calm.

‘You’re facing a different species, son. You can’t just slack off.”

‘Slack off is the last thing I will do. If we can’t hold them off at the border, I want Lucy and Mom with more f0rces around them, so please, let’s not argue about this.’

‘Fine. Just be careful. And negotiate nicely.’

‘I’m sticking to our plan, don’t worry.’ I cut off the mind link as soon as I sent those words.

We already passed the border and were heading to where Lucien and his company were based on Viktor’s instructions. If I were right, the shield the witch placed was effective. Otherwise, he would be inside the territory already. Viktor stepped out of his car, as well as the four with him when they saw us approaching.

And then I saw him. Even without Lucy’s description, I already knew who Lucien was. His aura was too strong. His eyes blazed red when they met mine before he toned them down, and they returned to their normal olive color.

Collin shifted back to his human form, as did the three wolves with us, and put on their clothes while I walked toward Lucien. I stopped ten meters away from him, where I was sure the shield was still between us.

“I was informed you were looking for me.” I stood straight and slipped my hands inside my pockets.

“And it looks like you were expecting me.”

Lucien took three slow steps forward with his hands clasped against his back before he flashed me a wicked smile.

“Do you know who I am?”

I nodded my head. “Lucien.”

“What’s your name?”

“Alpha Stone,” I replied.

“Stone… Have you marked my daughter?”

“Not yet.”

“May I know why?”

“I wanted to visit you.”


“I’m not lying. It’s up to you if you want to believe it or not.”

“Where is she?” The man behind spoke, he looked bored already.

“At my home.”

“I want to see her,” Lucien added.

“Not until we agreed upon something.”

“If you think I will negotiate with you over my daughter, you’re mistaken.”

“Your daughter is my mate.” Chosen. So, this was not a lie either.

“She doesn’t have a mate.”

“She does. Did you forget she’s half-werewolf?”

“Won’t be long. Now give me my daughter and I will be out of your way.”

“No. Lucy is staying with me.” I answered firmly but kept my voice calm.

“Don’t make me use violence, Stone. If you think you can match up with me…”

“I never thought I would match up with you, sir. But Lucy doesn’t want to…

“Give me my daughter, now!” He roared as his eyes blazed with red. And soon the empty space between us ignited, forming a line of fire that made me step back from the heat radiating from it because it was burning my skin, but I kept my face stoic.

He might have set the fire on the boundary of the shield.

‘Stay calm, buddy.’ Beast spoke in my head, and although it was just three words, it was enough to give me back my confidence.

“You think you’re wise enough to stand a barrier for me? I could destroy the enchantment in seconds.” He scoffed, crossing his arms against his chest.

“I never doubted that. Let’s talk, Lucien. Man to man. We both have Lucy’s best interest at heart.”

“Who do you think you are, Stone? I’m itching to drive this into your heart.” He gave out a devilish smirk as his hand began crumbling an invisible thing in his palm, and I saw smoke arising from it. But then his expression changed. His face paled, but it was gone in a second, and the smoke from his hand subsided.

Something happened. I was still contemplating my next move when all of a sudden, I heard movement from the bushes a hundred meters away. Leaves rustled, and a wolf’s paws were thudding loudly against the ground as the wind blew my way.

My heart suddenly changed its rhythm as it began thumping loudly, but for a different reason now.

I smelled her. My mate. A part of me should be terrified at the thought of finding my mate, knowing I wanted no one else but Lucy. But I wasn’t.

The intoxicating scent I was smelling at the moment, the one that was making me salivate, was the same scent Lucy emitted from the first time I saw her. Only this time, the smell of wild freesia and moonflower came in full f0rce.

It was stronger, thicker, and more mouthwatering, pulling me into an abyss so deep that it made me forget I was facing a dangerous supernatural being.

My head snapped in the direction where the smell was coming from, and my face lit up at the scene in front of me. Almost a hundred meters away from me was a beautiful white wolf running at full speed in my direction. Her eyes were blazing crimson red. And I already knew who this wolf was.

My eyes watered as an overwhelmed smile tugged on my lips.

‘Our mate found us, buddy…’ I whispered to my wolf, hoping he would share this moment with me.

‘Yes, she did. Time to claim our mate, Stone.’

A growl reverberated from my chest as I said the word I’d been telling Lucy all the time, but this time I was saying it with conviction, knowing I had the full right to claim her.

“Mine!” I growled at the same time Beast growled in my head. ‘Mate!’

I didn’t care what was happening around us Lucy is mine!

My feet moved on their own, and I just found myself springing forward to meet her beautiful wolf. Angel. Befitting for my queen, my little demon.

I was running so fast, ready to wrap the white wolf in my arms, when all of a sudden, her wolf shifted into her human form, and soon, a very n@ked Lucy was running toward

“Adan!” Her face lit up as she spread her arms open at the same moment her wings

erupted from her back, and it didn’t slip my ears that the crowd surrounding us gasped, most likely from my men, but nothing could stop us from this moment.

As soon as we closed the distance between us, Lucy jumped on me. Our arms wrapped around each other, while her wings cocooned us in a comfortable embrace. And then I just felt us swiveling slowly as our bod*ies were being lifted off the ground. My mate was putting on a show.

My hands cupped her face – both our eyes were watering with tears, but they were also showing relief and happiness, and our lips were tugging into a wide smile.

“Mate… You’re mine, Lucija Valerie Foster.” I told her with love overflowing in my chest before I crushed my lips against hers. I knew it.

I knew she was mine from the moment I saw her at the Omega Feast. The more reason that Lucien could never separate us now.

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