BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon Chapter 70

BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon Chapter 70

070 – A Friend or A Foe?


My body jolted awake, making my eyes snap open as my heart thudded loudly in my chest. I sat up from lying down with my hands clutching my sheets tightly as I looked around. I’m still in the underworld, and something doesn’t feel right.

‘Lucius?’ He was my only connection in this place.

‘Damn it, Lucija! I’ve been trying to wake you up for an hour now!’ He snapped at me, and I knew it had something to do with Adan.

‘Where is he? What’s going on?’

‘No time to explain! Kosior dungeon, now!’

Oh, Goddess! Oh, Goddess! I shoved the blanket off my body and grabbed my robe, wrapping it around me before I closed my eyes and flicked my fingers, hoping against hope that I would end up at the right place.

In seconds, I found myself on the stairs. that would lead me to Adan’s cell.

The smell of blood, sweat, and flesh being burned was swirling around me, making my jaw twitch. I wanted to scream, but I composed myself. I needed to think and act logically, but I swore to the Goddess that I would K*ll whoever was responsible if something happened to Adan.

I didn’t waste any more time as I ran toward his cell. The blood I was smelling wasn’t ordinary blood – it was his blood, the same blood I was feasting on last night, but mixed with something else, something so strong that it was making my stomach churn.

No. Please. I tried my best not to think horrifying things, but I couldn’t stop my thoughts. We should have felt something if they hurt him.’ Angel spoke in my head, and she was right.

But then we were in the underworld, where everything could be changed with the flick of a finger. I had no idea how powerful my father was, but I was terrified – not for me, but for Adan.

I ran and walked until I reached the cells where he was being held. My mouth dropped open as my legs buckled at the sight of him. I couldn’t stop myself from falling onto my knees, but Lucius was quick to catch me, or my entire body would have stumbled on the dingy floor.

“What happened?” My voice broke. I didn’t care anymore that the prisoners. around me would find out that Adan was important to me. Nothing matters now but Adan.

I stead*ied my feet and rushed toward him, dropping to my knees as I looked at his horrible condition. He was unconscious, but he was breathing and his heartbeat was normal. His body was in a coiled position with his back on me.

I could tell he’d been whipped because his back was totally broken. There were too many gashes and cuts. Every part of him. was covered with blood, and I had no idea where to touch him because I was sure these hurt like hell. But why didn’t I feel anything? Tears were trickling down my face as rage surged within me. “Did Father do this?”



“I had no idea. I just went to look for him and saw him whipping him. I was too late already, he just kept hitting him.”

“Why didn’t I feel anything?”

“I don’t know.”

“Did he scream? Did he ask him to stop?”

“No. Not even once. He was keeping the pain to himself.”

My chest heaved, but I was trying to control my emotions. Patrea. Did Lucien ask Patrea to do something so I wouldn’t feel his pain? But I didn’t want to believe Patrea would betray me like this. She knew Adan was someone important to me. My gaze then fell on his wrists and ankles. He was not chained. I tilted my head to look at Lucius. “Help me…”

“Let him rest…”

“No… He’s losing blood. He’s going to d*ie. I yelled at him while I tore a part of my robe and began wiping his face. My heart ached at the pained expression on his face. My Adan.

“He’s not going to d*ie. Father made sure of that.”

“But he’s not healing! I can heal him. My wolf can heal him.”

“It would take time. There’s enchantment here. He can’t heal inside the tower.”

“Yes! Exactly! That is why I need you to help me… Let’s take him out of here.”

“Are you crazy? I can’t do that.”

“Just outside the tower, we’re not going to run away.”


I stood up abruptly and turned around, my hands clutching his forearms. “Please … Just five minutes.”


“I love him, Lucius… Let me help him.” My body racked from my sobs as I clutched my heart. “I’m begging you. Just this time, help me. Do you want me to kneel?”

“No! He’s not going to d*ie! Trust me!”

“I can’t just sit here and watch him bleed! I can’t! I need to do something! I will do everything you want in exchange for a few minutes outside the tower.”

“No… I’ll be in deep trouble if you get away.”

“You can trust me.” I wiped the tears trickling down my cheeks with my hand. “I might be a demon, but you can trust me. Anything, Lucius, in exchange for Adan.”

“This is going to be messy if we get caught. I’m sure Father will forgive you, but not me.”

“Please… I know I’m no use to you, I’m just me. But Lucius, you’re all I have here. I don’t have anyone who can help me.”

“You can’t run away.”

“How will I run away if he’s unconscious? I just want my wolf to heal him.”

“I’m not sure it will help. He used demon’s oil and wolfsbane.”

“I’m going to K*ll him,” I said in a low voice, but I could feel my eyes burning as my hands coiled into fists.

“Relax. sh*t! Fine, I’ll take you outside. Calm down your fire.” Lucius’ voice softened as his hands gripped my arms. Lucija, look at me.”

I titled my head up and met his eyes. “You need to control your fire. He will know you’re awake if you let out a fire, and then I will not be able to take you outside.”

“I want to K*ll him.”

“Not now. We will talk again. Do what you need to do with Stone first. Now breathe easily.”

I nodded my head as I mumbled, “Thank you.”

Lucius crouched beside Adan and motioned with his hand for me to come closer. His hand went to Adan’s wrist while his other hand clutched mine. Soon, we were s*cked into limbo, and our bod*ies dropped into the dusty ground.

“Ouch!” I yelped as my eyes widened when I saw Adan’s body drop with a loud thud. “Oh, Goddess!”

“It’s nothing. I’m sure he didn’t feel that, “Lucius said while dusting his pants. Now I need to leave you here. Connect with me if you’re done. Five minutes.”

“Can you stay? What if someone comes?”

“Then you’re on your own. I have to deal with the rest of the prisoners to make sure they won’t talk. Now hurry up!” And then he was gone.

I crawled to where Adan was. We were exactly at the back of the tower, where big bushes were covering us from the walkway. No one could see us unless they peered through the bushes.

‘Angel, how do you feel?’

‘Better. I can breathe better here.’

‘Do you think you can heal him?’

‘Let’s try. I can feel Beast too. He’s awake. He’s trying to heal Adan.’

‘Oh, thank Goddess! Can you ask him what happened?’ I swallowed and licked my lips before I adjusted Adan’s position, dipped my mouth into his back, and began licking his wounds.

He told me an Alpha could heal wounds and cuts, but fated mates could do it to each other as well. And I was relying on that. I knew his wounds, especially the big ones, might not close in, but I had to try or at least heal the ones that I could.

‘Lucy, wait!’

‘What’s wrong?’

‘Wolfsbane,’ Angel said as she whimpered in my head.

‘Do you want me to stop? But we need to save him…’

‘Don’t stop, but you need to spit out whatever you can so I don’t ingest all of it.

‘All right,’ I nodded and resumed licking Adan. I could taste his blood and whatever was mixed with it. Some were dried blood already but I was not repelled at all. All I wanted was to save him from more pain when he woke up.

‘How is Beast?’

‘Weak. He tried to take all the pain while Father was whipping Adan, but he was too weak, so Adan took most of it. But he’s trying to heal Adan now as much as he can.’

My eyes watered as I pulled away from Adan’s body and placed my hands over my face as I stifled my sobs.

Even at his weakest, Beast tried to help him. He didn’t abandon him this time. Adan told me Beast had never helped him when he was in pain for the longest time now, but it seemed he had forgiven him already, and although I wished it didn’t have to be under this circumstance, I was glad they were finally back together as one.

I wiped my tears and was about to lick Adan again when Lucius appeared out of nowhere.

“Is the five minutes over already?” I asked, my brows furrowing.

“No. But just Father left Kalmerus.”


He nodded his head. “He’s still looking for the witch. He had her scent. He was able to trace her room in Stone’s packhouse and he got hold of her scent.”

“Oh, Goddess! Did he tell you if he hurt anyone from Stone’s territory?”

“No. He didn’t.”

I let out a sigh of relief before my gaze fell back to Adan’s. “Can I take him to my room?”

“I’m not sure it’s a good idea.”

“I won’t tell him you helped me.”

“He will still find out.”

“I will tell him I f0rced you. I promise I’m not going to put you in a bad light. I don’t care what Father will do with me anymore, but he can’t hurt Adan again.”

“You need to control your anger.”

“Have you ever been in love?” I asked him, ignoring his last statement although I tried to calm my nerves.


“Demons don’t do love, right?” I chuckled sarcastically as I answered on his behalf.

“Who says that? I fall in love too often. I fall for every woman I f*uc*k. But once I’m done with their p*ss!es, I move on and search for another one to love.” He raised his hands and shrugged his shoulders as if this was the best explanation for this topic.

“One day you will fall in love. And when you do, you’re going to do everything for the person you love. Even if it’s painful, even if it will hurt you, just as long as they end up okay.”

“Like what he did…”

“What do you mean?” I asked, my forehead creasing.

“Forget about it.”

“What did he do?” I growled at him.

“Relax. Let’s get him to your room, and then we can talk again.” His hands reached for my shoulders.

“Stop hiding things from me!” I snapped at him as my eyes dilated.

“sh*t! Can you calm down? I’m not the enemy. I’m on your side, Lucy. I will explain but not here. Calm down.” closed my eyes and tried to breathe easily. Controlling my anger got easier when I have someone reminding me to calm down.

‘How’s Beast?’ I asked Angel.

‘He’s resting now. He feels better outside. Me too. Can we stay here instead?’

‘Adan can’t just lay here on the ground, but I will think of something. I want to clean his wounds, and maybe I can ask Lucius to take us out again while Father is out.

‘Okay. But do you trust him, Lucy?’

‘I don’t have a choice at the moment, Angel.”

‘I know. But be careful with any Information you give him, especially about the witch. If they find her, she can d*ie and so is Adan.’

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