BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon Chapter 78

BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon

Chapter 78 – A Taste of Her


I appeared in the exact room where Patrea was. It was morning in the human. world, and the witch had just come out of the shower, based on the way her hair was still dripping w*et. And, yes, I did catch her in her towels. Although seeing a portion of her skin gave me a l*st rush, I tried not to show how much she was affecting me.

“What are you doing here?” She snapped at me as her grip on her towel tightened.

“Checking on you,” I answered nonchalantly.

“Oh, spirits! Leave me alone, Lucius. I didn’t wish to leave your realm just for another demon as annoying as you to follow me around.”

“Instead of quacking like a duck, why don’t you turn around and go back to the bathroom and put clothes on? Unless, of course, you want to put in a show for me!”

“For you? Until hell freezes!”

“I can make it freeze in hell today… Don’t challenge me if you’re not going to do your end of the bargain.”

I slightly bounced to my feet and glided in the air before moving my body to lay down in her bed, but I was just floating over, not touching her sheets, and placed my arms behind my head as I smiled smugly at her.

Riling up the witch had been the highlight of my boring day, and seeing her in her towels was the biggest bonus. Nothing could go wrong today.

“Cut the crap and just say what do you want this time?”

“Waiting for a little show?” I answered, a smug smirk crossing my face.

“Spirits, Lucius! I’m too old for this game. In case you forgot, I’m in my 50s. I’m not a teenager anymore. So, flirting doesn’t work with me.”

“Seriously? You’re 50?” I feigned a gasp. In case you’re not aware, I’m two centuries old, so you’re still very young in my eyes. Teenager, I would say.”

“What do you want?” Her voice was louder now as she gritted her teeth in annoyance. The veins popping in her neck and the way the water dripped over them were making her look s*e*xier.

“Aside from taking those towels off…”

“Out!” She yelled, finger pointing to the door and I couldn’t help but laugh out loud before I flicked my fingers.

In seconds, her towel was gone, and she was fully clad in regular, tight-fitting jeans and a light-colored, floral blouse that accentuated her flawless skin.

“If you just put on clothes right away, then you could have avoided tempting the devil.”

“Well, if you have the decency…”

“I don’t have.” I cut her off. “No one taught me about decency. But if you’re willing to be my teacher, I can a*s*sure you that I will make a very good student.

She turned around and grabbed another towel before she began drying off her hair and headed for the bathroom. “I don’t have time for you and your games. Leave.”

I was expecting her to shut the door, but she left it open as she fixed herself in front of the mirror by the sink, which was visible from where I was.

“Where are you heading?” I asked, ignoring her words.

“None of your business.”

“If you plan to go to Stone’s territory, then I suggest forgetting about it.” I rose. from lying down and sat in a crossed- legged position, still floating over the bed. I was enjoying annoying the old witch in front of me.

“I’m not your puppet.”

“I am your guardian angel.” I clasped my hands together and raised them parallel to my chest before I let a ring of fire build a halo around my head.

“Stop annoying me, Lucius. I don’t have time for you.”

I snapped the fire out and got back on my feet. I walked toward the bathroom and stood beside her, unfortunately, I couldn’t see myself in the mirror. So I only see just her on the worthless piece of glass.

“I’m serious. Father is watching his territory, and if he sees you there. He will just cut you dead.”

“I’m not scared of your father.”

“I know that, but you should be scared for your life. You didn’t last this long just to end up dead after one day of freedom from the underworld.”

“I might not like demons, especially your father, but one thing I knew about demons, and your father exhibits that, is that they never take back their words. He promised Lucy he would never touch me or Alpha Stone.” She answered, her eyes looking at the mirror as if she could see could she actually see me? I wondered if she sees my demon form.

“You missed the loophole on that. He will never touch you unless you cross him. Getting into Stone’s territory and telling him about Lucy is crossing his path.”

“So, what do you suggest? Just back off and leave this couple to be destroyed by the evil lord? No, thank you. I’m not a demon like you. I want to help them.” She glared at me through the mirror.

“Ouch! You’re hurting my demon ego.” I chuckled before I raised a hand to stop her from saying more. “Wait! You can see Me in the mirror?”


“What do I look like?”

“You looked exactly how you wanted me to see you. And I bet you know that.”

“So, I looked too f*uc*king s*e*xy, dashing man with crimson eyes, perfect white teeth, and a K*ller smile?”

And then I saw it a smile curled on her lips before she turned to the side to face me so that I couldn’t stop myself from grinning, wickedly.

“You have yellow teeth and a crooked smile. You looked like Krampus to me.”

“Well, that means s*e*xy in my world. No wonder she-demons are throwing themselves at my feet.”

“Don’t try to distract me. Tell me, what are you planning? Are you rebelling against your father?”


“So, you want to be on Lucy’s good side.” She scoffed as she crossed her arms across her chest.

“Let’s just say Lucy needs me.”

“Now, you’re being a good brother. Why should I trust you?”

“Because you have no one to trust besides bad, old Lucius. It’s either you go on to whatever your plans are blindly, or you have me on your side and I can give you whatever my father has in mind. I can keep you safe.”

“And in return, what do you want?”

“Nothing. Yet.”

“I’m not buying this. You’re all devious. Next thing I know I’m selling my body and soul to the demons again. So no, I would rather work alone unless you tell me what you want to get from this.” She talked in one breath as she walked out of the bathroom, and I followed her into the middle of the small room.

“Fine. Maybe I just want a kiss.” There I said it.

And it made her stop in her tracks and turn around to face me. Her eyes widened before they squinted and I knew she was about to throw tirades so I beat her into it.

“And my father’s throne. Help me, and I will help you – sky and hell are the limits.”

She let out a deep breath before she swallowed hard, hands on her hips, as she looked at me as if I were losing my mind. “Well, getting your father’s throne. is deemed more doable than getting a kiss from me out of my free will.”

“I had to work harder then.” I winked at her, which made her throw her hands up in the air, looking more annoyed now.

“As long as you don’t f0rce yourself on me or use demon powers to do whatever you want, then yes, we can work together.” I wasn’t expecting that. I thought I would need a lot of convincing to make her agree.

“Yes, no f0rce. No demon power. Just all me and my kissable lips.”

“Are we really doing a deal over a kiss when there are bigger matters that we need to focus on?”

“Such us?”

Her eyebrows raised as she extended a hand for a handshake. “I need help too. I want Lucija out of the demon world…”

“Yes, I will help you with that.” I took her hand, grasping it tightly against mine.

“.. for me to be able to reverse Adan’s memory loss without your father K*lling me or Adan.”

“Yes, I’ll help you, but you can’t decide and do things without consulting me. We need to plan it out. You can’t just go there and do that.”

“Sounds fair.” She nodded her head before continuing. “And I want you to help me find my granddaughter?”

“Your what?”

“My granddaughter. I don’t owe you any more explanation. Your words, Lucius.”

“Fine. I will help you find your granddaughter.”

“Then it settled. I will help you take down Lucien. In exchange for helping me with those.” She gripped my hand tighter, and we shook hands.

“Yes. It’s settled. Deal…” I smiled at her, but my words were cut short when a glittery smoke rose in between our entwined hands and engulfed them.

My eyes squinted as a hiss escaped my throat. I had no plans of double-crossing her, but I totally forgot she was a f*uc*king witch and could do contracts that bind on her own witchy ways.

“Relax… If you have no plans to betray me, then you have nothing to worry about.” She smiled at me as if she was mocking.

“You should have at least informed me.”

“I’m just protecting myself.” The glittery smoke disappeared, and she was about to tug her hand away, but I stopped her, gripping her tightly. “What?”

“We’re not done with the contract yet.” She raised her brows but she did stop pulling her hand.

“You forgot about the kiss.”

“Kiss? Seriously?”

“However, I changed my mind. After I helped you, you will let me f*uc*k you.” I told her smugly.

“What? It was just a kiss earlier…”

“A demon needs a little motivation.”

“It’s easy for you to do all that is in my conditions…”

“Are you scared of me?”

“No. I’m not.”

“So just agree with it. I’m risking my life to help you, my father can wipe me out in an instant if he wants to. So?”

“How about I let you f*uc*k me after you help me but only after you have taken down your father? If he remains on his throne, then you can’t have the f*uc*k you want.”

“Will it still count if Lucija or any of my brothers take him down with my help?”

“Conniving. You still want to wash your hands clean of K*lling your father.”

“No. I’m just smart enough to use capable resources.”

“So you don’t trust yourself that you’re capable.”

“Accept it, witch. So, we can move on.” I hissed, my patience running thin.

“Fine. Fine. One night with the demon prince.” She shook my hand firmly, and I waited for the glittery substance to float again, but there was nothing.

“Don’t trick me. Where’s the thing floating earlier.”

She rolled her eyes before she let it appear and coil a silvery glittery rope around our hands before disappearing.

“Satisfied?” She asked as she pulled her hand away, and this time I let her go.

“So what will happen to me if I don’t meet your expectations?”

“Try it and you’ll find out.” She answered nonchalantly before she sat on the bed. “So when can I see Alpha Stone?”

“Give it some time. We need to make sure Father is not in Kalmerus. Then I will come here and take you to his territory. But aside from that… I want to tell you exactly what you need to do once he decides to speak with you.”

“Are you sure you’re not Lucien’s puppet?”

“I’m one of his spawns, but I’m definitely not his puppet unless I pretend to be in his presence. I want the throne, Patrea. And I will get it, no matter what it takes.”

“But you can’t touch or hurt Lucija, Stone, or my granddaughter. And me. Are we clear?”

I stopped in front of her and bent forward, my finger curling under her chin as I titled her face up to meet my eyes. “I don’t know who the f*uc*k is your granddaughter, but you have my word that I won’t touch or hurt her, not Lucija or Stone either. But you, my dear witch, are another story. Because I will definitely end up touching you. If you understand what I mean?” I winked at her before disappearing.

I had to leave because I had the f*uc*king urge to kiss her. I had found numerous females irresistible, but this attraction I had for her was something I couldn’t explain.

Or probably because she’s a witch and she was immune to my natural charm, so I was having a hard time accepting it. But maybe once I get a taste of her, I will forget her and move on.

But that was one hell-long journey to take I had to take Lucien down before I could have a taste of her.

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