BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon Chapter 81

BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon

Chapter 81– In Seven Cycles 


It had been three cycles [days], and my father had never left Kalmerus. All the time he was putting on that f*uc*king hologram to check on Stone, and it was now annoying me. 

He also knew Lucija was mastering sK*lls, and he would watch her from time to time. If I thought he would be bothered by Lucija acquiring advanced sK*lls, I was wrong. He looked like he was enjoying it. 

His action confused the hell out of me. But then I realized he probably wanted Lucija on his side. So he was pampering her, giving in to all her whims except for anything related to Stone. I wondered how long it would be before he would realize that Lucija never wanted to stay. 

Earlier, I went to see her while on training, and I found our father watching her with awe in his eyes. Lucija was able to seamlessly change her shape into that of other demons. We called this shapeshifting, and only royal and high- ranking demons had this ability. It took me a while to get this, but it only took a day for her, which was impressive. But then, she’s Lucija. 

The only thing was that this illusion could only fool ordinary demons or creatures, not us. I could still see part of her. Demons of the same blood could see the illusions perfectly created by a family. So I had no idea why she was focusing on this when she could never use this ability against our father. 

Aside from that, she could now manipulate minds and have someone else do her bidding without even having to open her mouth. I saw her one day playing with demons while she was sharing a good laugh with Father. If I didn’t know she was just acting, I would like to believe Lucija was more of a demon now than a werewolf. 

“Father,” I called out, drawing his attention away from the hologram he was watching. 

He raised his hand, motioning for me to stop talking, before returning his attention to the hologram. My eyes darted to it and saw him watching Stone as he walked out of the packhouse and slipped into a large car with two other people with him. Only then did he return his attention to me, and I pretended I was not interested in what I saw. 

“What do you need?” he asked.  

“Are you not going to do anything except watch that f*uc*king thing? Why are you so obsessed with Stone? Where is he going?” 

“Outside of his territory. Lucija is doing well here. And the last thing I want is for Patrea to interfere and bring his memory back.” 

“What are you afraid of? As if they could come back here without a demon taking them in.” This was actually my problem. I needed f0rces against my father, and I’d been thinking of ways to bring the witch back here, but I had no idea how without her selling her soul again, and I didn’t think she would be up for it. 

“Patrea knew. I was sure I told her once. But if she’s stupid, she won’t remember. But I don’t think she is.” 

So, Patrea knew the answer all along, and here I was racking my brain to find a solution. “What do you need? What are your plans exactly, Father? Before Lucija came home, you talked about cleansing her of her werewolf blood. I was wondering if we are still on that track or if are we heading in a different direction now?” 

“I don’t need to discuss this with you.” 

“Am I not trustworthy enough?” 

“Tell me, Lucius. Are you?” 

“Have I proven otherwise?” 

“No. Not yet. But I’m watching you.” 

“Watch all you want, Father. You know how I want your undivided attention all the time. But I’m sure you will find nothing.” I chuckled as I lit another cigarette. “So what’s the plan?” 

“After seven cycles, I will have Lucija go through a cleansing ritual. It will be a three-cycle process so she can transform into a full demon.” 

“You’re breaking too many supernatural laws on that one, Father. First, you need to K*ll her wolf.” 

“That will be the first step, yes. And I had broken numerous laws, but I’m still here. What another one could do?” 

“And the biggest one would be transforming her without her approval.” 

“That won’t be a problem.” 

“Did she agree already?” 

“No. That’s why I am keeping an eye on Stone. As long as he’s alive, she can never say no to me.” 

“Smart,” I told him, nodding my head as I flashed him an impressed smile while my brain was speeding off in different directions. 

Lucija’s werewolf genes were the only thing keeping her toes on the ground, once they were gone, I was sure her humanity would be gone too, and she’d become as rotten as all of us here. 

“So do you need my help with anything?” 

“Watch her and make sure she doesn’t leave the portal or use her succubus form to reach out to Stone.”

Holy Hell! Why didn’t I think of her succubus form? My stupid father just gave me a f*uc*king idea straight from his wicked heart. 

“Got it. But any other task that might be challenging for my brain or my sK*lls? Lucija has been on her best behavior for the last few cycles, so watching her is quite a boring chore. 

“I will need you to join her on her cleansing.” 

“What do you mean?” My forehead creased before I was able to control my emotion and flashed him a stoic expression as I continued to puff my cigarette. I already had an inkling, but I hope I was wrong. 

“I wanted the royal blood to remain strong in her veins. I didn’t want her blood full of fluids from other royal families. They can give, but I wanted more of our bloodline. I had already reached out to Guillermo and was just awaiting his arrival. You and he will lead the o*rg*y ritual for Lucija.” 

My stomach churned as goosebumps rose from my skin, but I was able to hide them in one blink of an eye. Demons had no concept of incest. But never in my wildest, f*uc*ked-up mind did I ever see Lucija that way. 

Lucija would always look at me like the eleven-year-old girl who had complete faith in me to save her from the depths of hell. So how could I be the one to dig a deeper hole for her here? But I was sure Guillermo would never think twice. He had never seen Lucija the way I saw her. 

“You have become quiet? Cowering?” 

I scoffed and shook my head, showing disbelief while thinking of a good reason for my silence. “Cowering? When did I ever cower in the face of a good f*uc*k? You forgot that I am the Prince of l*st, Father. I was thinking of Guillermo. He’s coming home? What if he comes home with a marked female?” 

“He won’t. It takes a very special female to carry our mark without having it destroy her.” 

“Tell me more about it.” 

“Don’t outsmart me. I will tell you in time, once Lucija fulfills everything I want for her.” 

“Will it just be me and Guillermo? Who are the others?” 

“I will be requesting one Prince from each of the three other Kingdoms. I’m sure they would never turn me down. But I want Lucija to take her pick. I want her to enjoy it as well.” 

“In seven cycles, right?” 


More or less seven days in the human world. I needed to move faster because there was no f*uc*king way, I would f*uc*k Lucija or let her be Str!pped of her wolf. 

“Got it. Now let me go and get someone to f*uc*k. This f*uc*king o*rg*y thing is making my d*ic*k hard.” I said it without any emotion, but it made my father laugh so loudly. I guess he bought it. 

f*uc*k him. 

I disappeared in front of him and transported my body into my bathroom as my stomach totally turned and I thought I would vomit. I tried. But nothing came out. f*uc*king Lucija would never be an option. I needed to see Stone. 

In seconds, my body was transported to the portal that could lead me to Patrea. I had never transported my body from one portal to another this fast. But I had to catch Stone while he was outside his territory, where my father couldn’t see him. 

“Oh, spirits! You finally decided to show up after abandoning me for years!” Patrea and her warm welcome. 

“Oh, shut up, babe. It’s just for a few days. Missed me?” 

“I want to look for my granddaughter, but I can’t because I’m waiting for you to show up…” 

“Stop babbling. We need to go. Come here.” I motioned with my hand, urging her to come closer. 

“Where are we going?” She inquired as she approached me. 

My arm coiled around her body and held her waist, pulling her closer until her chest collided with mine as I let the limbo s*ck us both in. We ended up in the middle of the forest, a few meters from one of Stone’s borders. 

Her mouth opened, but I placed a finger on it to stop her from talking. “I will answer all your questions later. We are running out of time. Wait for me here no matter what happens, and I will come back. We are near Stone’s territory.” 

I thought she would complain, but she just nodded her head before I dragged my finger down her lips, w*etting it slightly in the process before withdrawing and s*cking it as her eyes widened at my action. 

I winked at her before I transported my body away from her. I was content to lick the finger that had touched her lips. Poor Lucius, f*uc*ked many females in the last three cycles, but all the time I had to think of her so I could have my release. I needed to put down my father so I could taste her already because she’s been f*uc*king up my libido. 

My body ended up in one of Stone’s borders, where a man jumped out of his spot when he saw me appear out of thin air, and his face paled as he stared at me without moving a muscle. And he looked familiar. He was one of the men around when we took Lucija home. This would make it easier. 

“Do you know who I am?” I asked, my voice cold and earnest. He nodded his head. 

“Where is Stone?” He swallowed but didn’t reply. 

“Let’s make it easy. I’m sure you know what I’m capable of. I know he’s leaving the territory today, so just tell me which border he will be crossing.” 


“I won’t tell him it’s you who told me. But Stone should be the least of your worries because if I get bored, I will cut off your tongue and set your pants on fire. Now talk!” 

“Eastern border.” 

“Name of the exact place.” 

I vanished in front of him and reappeared in front of Patrea the moment it was given. I knew I could have just taken her with me, but I didn’t want to take the risk in case my father’s eyes appeared on that border since it was the same place where we took Lucija last time. It was easier to explain myself being there alone than for him to find out I had Patrea with me. 

Patrea didn’t utter a single word, and it was something new, but I didn’t have time to worry about it because the moment we appeared 500 meters from the border, the sound of an approaching car erupted in the air. 

“Stay here,” I told her. My voice was so f*uc*king dry. Yup, I was in a f*uc*king drought beside her. 

I walked lazily in the middle of the rough road and waited for the car to appear, and just as I thought, even from afar I could see the silhouette inside the car. 

Stone was the one sitting in the passenger seat. 

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