BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon Chapter 91

BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon

Chapter 91– Are You Not Scared? 


“Are you ready?” 

I nodded my head as I tucked myself into my blanket. Lucius stood next to my bed, staring at my lying form. 

“Again, whatever you are doing, even if you’re in the middle of your org@sm, if Father connected with you, transport your succubus back to the portal and back here.” 

“You told me that several times.” 

“I just had to. I don’t want you to get lost in your own ple@sure and destroy everything.” 

“Does my succubus form ignite a fire?” 

“Yes. And I’m not sure if that can be tracked, so you’d better not use it. You can control fire, right?” 

“I can.” 

“Then let’s go.” 

I didn’t reply anymore and closed my eyes, sending a message to my wolf that I would be gone but I would be back soon. And in just a blink of an eye, I felt my succubus form rise from my body, and soon I was watching myself sleep. 

Yes, I looked like I was just sleeping. 

Father had never entered my chambers except for that one time he took Adan from my room, so I was hoping he would not come here. It would be easier for me to go back to my body if he summoned me and if he was nowhere around my physical body. 

Lucius nodded his head and disappeared from my room, and I followed him to the portal we would use to cross to the other realm. 

Everything happened in a split second, and the next thing I knew, I saw Kingston 

sleeping on the couch in the living room of a small cottage. Lucius never told me why they were here. He simply said he had no idea, and I a*s*sumed it was one of those days when they were out on duty. 

He was moving on with his life, while I was still pining for him. 



The day went by swiftly. I was expecting Althea to come, but she didn’t arrive. I was glad we didn’t inform Patrea, or she would be worried by now. I was a*s*suming something came up that delayed the young witch from arriving here, but I was hoping it was nothing serious. 

I was also informed that Blade was not with her, and I had no idea where he was. 

Once I returned to my territory, I had to order someone to look for him. We didn’t see each other very often, but Blade would occasionally contact me and ask if I had any adventures for him. But he was quiet this time, and I a*s*sumed he was with Althea. 

I guess I needed to wait for Althea to get an answer about Blade. 

Lucius spent a few hours with me as I mastered shape-shifting. It was f*uc*king painful, unlike when I shifted to my wolf. But the more I tried it, the more I became comfortable with it, so I kept trying even after he had left. 

While I tried to focus on perfecting the sK*ll, Beast was doing a different thing in my head. He was looking forward to tonight. He was not in agreement about not telling Lucy that I regained my memory. He also wanted to reach out to Angel, only for him to be let down when Lucius told us that Lucy would not be able to bring Angel into her mind that it would be impossible for my wolf to connect with her wolf, and that she might not experience heat at all. 

I wanted to feel and connect with Angel, but I would take what I could have. 

Despite my annoyance with Lucius, I appreciate him doing this for us. We had a bigger task ahead of us, and seeing Lucy would be my biggest drive to keep my adrenaline up and keep me going. 

I miss my Omega.

I wanted to see her in whatever form was possible. 

I looked at myself in the small mirror in the bathroom as I dried my hair before moving to the bed. Anytime now, Lucy would be arriving, and I was ready for her. 

Kingston had no other option but to stay in the living room while Patrea built an enchantment in her room so Lucy would not feel or smell her presence, and she built a noise shield in my room to hold off any noise that we would make tonight. 

I was still not sure if Lucy would feel the difference between a sleeping me and an awake me. Because I was one hundred percent sure I would not be able to control myself once I saw her. But I promised Lucius I would try my best. 

‘We’re here. Get ready.’ Lucius dug into my head at the exact moment I lay in bed. 

I already turned off all the lights as he instructed, with only the full moon illuminating my room. 

‘I still f*uc*king don’t know how to pretend I’m asleep once I see her.’ I confided in him. 

‘Just f*uc*king do it.’ Lucius hissed, and I knew this conversation was over. Why the f*uc*k did I even tell him that? 

I shut off my mind and tried to control Beast because he was being restless in my head – but in a good way. He was excited, just as I was. 

My eyes were already closed when I felt a presence enter the room. A shadow hovered over my body. Even without opening my eyes, I could see my little demon peering down at me. 

She was still as beautiful as ever as she looked at me with sadness in her eyes. 

My heart clenched. She was suffering. She probably missed me, in the same way, I was longing for her. 

The sadness made her look too innocent, despite being n@ked in her full demon form. The black veins on her skin were visible – everywhere in her body, including her face. Her horns were out, as was her tail. 

I’d never met a succubus, but I knew they s*e*xually attacked their prey while they slept. But she looked like she had no intention to do that. 

Wait! My eyes were closed, but I could still see her. Did I fall asleep? Was I dreaming? 

I saw her hand extend to my face, and I felt her fingers trailing down my forehead and along my nose until they reached my lips. 

There were no sparks. No heat scent. And it made Beast growl in my head. I had to rea*s*sure him that it was because she was in the succubus form. It made us not feel the spark or scent her, but she was still our mate. She’s ours. 

I was trying to pacify my wolf, but I couldn’t deny that it also worried me. If I could only see the mark I gave her, I would be more relaxed, but her red hair was covering her neck. 

“Adan…” Her voice came out soft, like a siren, luring me to sin. 

“You know my name…” I answered, not being able to keep my silence, but my eyes were still closed. 

“I know you. All of you, including your heart’s desire.” 

“Tell me then… what does my heart desire.” 


A smile curled on my lips, and I couldn’t pretend anymore. I slowly opened my eyes, and shock registered on her face as she floated away to the corner of my room, almost hitting the ceiling. I should be the one scared, but she was the one cowering. 

“Are you leaving?” I asked, trying to make my voice soft so she wouldn’t leave. 

“No. Are you not scared of me?” She asked. 


“I looked horrible.” 

“You’re beautiful.” 

“Have you been visited by another succubus before? Have you seen a demon before?” 

“You’re the first one I saw.” 

“And you’re not scared?” Her eyes rounded as if what I said was unbelievable. 

“No. I answered that already. Come closer, so I can see you.” 

I wanted to sit up, but Lucius told me to remain laying down. I had already broken one of his rules by opening my eyes, so I had to refrain from breaking more. Her demon form floated around the room. until it hovered over me. I could fully see her n@ked body, from her perky bre@st to her p*uss*y, but my attention was drawn to her face. 

“Why are you crying?” I asked. I wanted to reach for her and hold her, but I shouldn’t. 

“I just can’t believe I’m seeing you.” Tears trickled down her face, and they dropped to my chest. If I were not aware she was a half- demon, I would never have believed she was one. She was showing emotions more human than some of the cruel humans in this world. 

“Me too,” I told her, but I was not sure if she understood what I meant. 

“Do I fascinate you?” 

“Yes. You’re mesmerizing…” I let my tongue swipe over my lips, and I caught her staring at them as she swallowed hard. I took a moment to look at her staring at me before I asked again. “Isn’t a succubus supposed to have s*e*x with the man she visits?” 

She nodded her head. 

“Do you do this often?” I asked despite knowing the answer. I wanted to keep talking just to hear her voice since she had not tried to f*uc*k me yet. 

“Can I tell you a secret? This is my first time.” Her reply came out so soft and sweet that it reminded me of the time she was pretending to be a meek Omega.

“I felt honored,” I told her, my mouth tugging into a smile. Lucy was so f*uc*king beautiful in all her forms. 1 

A seductive smile curled on her lips, and I felt my d*ic*k springing to life. I wanted to grab her and kiss her already. But I had no idea if succubus kissed their victims or if they just f*uc*ked them. 

“Do you want to have s*e*x with a demon?” Her face lit up and was now full of mischievousness. 


As soon as the answer was out of my lips, the blanket covering my body was shoved off by an invisible f0rce, and the boxers that I had left on were ripped off. My naughty Omega was back. 

Lucy approached me like a hurricane, diving into me and crushing her lips against mine. 

I had no f*uc*king idea that despite seeing her like a ghost, I would feel her like she had her physical body. This was pure heaven. 

Her lips were still as soft and sweet as I remembered. Soon, I was kissing her back, and all the control within me just snapped. 

My arms sn@ked around her body, pulling her closer to me as my hand held her nape, holding her in place as I rolled us over the bed, pinning her body undermine. 

She pulled away from kissing me as her eyes widened and tears began pooling on them as if she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. I was not sure if she was realizing something or not.

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