BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon Chapter 95

BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon

Chapter 95 – Althea’s Heat 


My body was still shaking as I moved to the backseat of the car. There was a car behind us with four people inside, and Dalton mentioned they were his men as well. Alpha Stone wanted to make sure we reached him in one piece, so he added. extra security. 

But I didn’t see or feel any threat. The problem was within me. 

Blade told me in passing about heat, but I disregarded it. I wasn’t a shifter after all, so it shouldn’t be affecting me. But the moment the full moon peaked, the burn inside me began slow and tolerable at first, but it kept getting worse. I was trying to quietly chant a spell to take out the stomach pains, but it wasn’t working, and now I was having a cold sweat. 

I had no idea what to do anymore. My stomach was burning, but my c0re was it was on fire! The thing was, worse only one person kept flashing through my mind. 

Blade. But he was nowhere to be found. I was relieved Dalton didn’t seem to notice anything. He just kept driving, but if this thing kept going, I might be f0rced to touch myself. But that would be the last thing I would do. Not here. Not in anyone’s presence. 

“Are you okay?” Dalton asked as our eyes. met in the rearview mirror. 

I could see the sweat on my forehead. I looked bad. “Do you think you can stop somewhere? I need to pee.” 

“Can you wait for a minute or two? I will just have to find a good spot.” I nodded and darted my gaze to the rough road outside. We were already on the forest line, out of the city. If I only knew this would turn out badly, I should have delayed my arrival. Or I could have stayed in some cheap hotels in the city and proceeded with the travel once this was over. 

But I didn’t know it would hit me. And Alpha Stone’s instructions were clear. He needed me as soon as possible, and Patrea was with him. So I didn’t waste time and asked permission from the coven sisters to bless me with spirits for a safe journey. I’d been in Fortuna Coven for a few weeks. Blade brought me there, and they didn’t hesitate to accept me as soon as they were able to sense I wasn’t a dark witch. I guess the latest spell didn’t turn me to the dark side. 

Blade stayed for a couple of days, but he was eventually asked to leave. They did it politely, and Blade understood. I was lost and didn’t know what to do. A part of me wanted to stay with my own kind, but there was a voice inside me that didn’t want to be far from him. 

I a*s*sumed it was the mate bond. So I asked him if he wanted me to come with him, and he said no. It was enough. He didn’t want me. He was just doing his job. I might be his second. chance mate, as he said, but I was sure I was nothing in comparison to his first. So I let it go. I let him go. 

Moving on was hard because no matter how much I told myself he was not the right person for me, my heart longed for him. But he was right. I am young and have a full life ahead of me. I shouldn’t be wasting it on someone like him. 

He was old. And grumpy. His hands were rough, and his kisses always hurt me. I was not even sure if he knew how to hold a female with care. He probably just grabbed them and threw them around. 

I might not be made of glassand flowers, but I wanted to be well taken care of. I’d been alone for a long time, so I guess it was not too much to ask for someone to be gentle and to take care of me because I would be willing to do the same. 

But he was right. He was not the one for me. I could still find the one for me. If not now, maybe one of these days. 

“I think this place here will do,” Dalton spoke, bringing me back to the present. 

I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t realize the car had stopped. I let out a deep breath and prepared myself to go out. The pain was still unbearable, but I had to move. I really wanted to touch my p*uss*y now. 

I opened the door and listened as Dalton instructed me which way I should go and that he would give me ten minutes all to myself before he would follow me if I didn’t come back. I asked for fifteen minutes instead, and he agreed. 

I only hope I can find my release in fifteen minutes. 


Trigger warning

– I will try to be subtle, but if you’re not comfortable (if you read my books, you are then aware of how unmated males go crazy with female heat), you may skip the rest of the 

paragraphs in this chapter until the next asterisk. And this is also a reminder that we are in the North, where no rules exist. ( ***) 

I walked quietly towards the bushes when the car following us halted and the doors opened. But I didn’t look back. I heard them ask why we stopped when all of a sudden, loud growls erupted in the air, and it made my heart stop. 

I stopped in my tracks and tilted my head to look back at them, only for my eyes to widen and my heart to drum loudly as if it were jumping out of my chest. 

All four of the men from the other car were looking at me with their eyes dilating. I couldn’t figure out if what I saw in their expressions was hunger or a thirst for death. All I knew was that they all saw me as their prey. For what reason? I had no idea. 

“What the f*uc*k!” Dalton bellowed and it woke me up from my shock and saw the men were heading toward me. 

I didn’t waste any time as I turned my body around and launched onto my feet, running away from them in the direction that led me further inside the forest. 

I kept running and kept asking myself what I had done wrong. I chanted a spell to create a barrier between them and me while I ran. It was the only thing stopping them from reaching me, but then the forest ground was so wicked that it made me tumble on a protruding root. I landed face down on the ground, shattering the shield I created. 

Soon, I was grabbed in all places possible. I had no idea which was hurting me the burn in my stomach or the most harsh way they were grabbing and pulling me. 

I saw Dalton come and try to knock off his men, but he was only one. 

Everything happened so fast that when a louder growl overpowered the chaos around me, I was almost unconscious. I could feel the cold air on my skin. It only meant my dress was ripped apart. 

Tears trickled down my face as I kicked and punched everywhere, not even sure if I was hitting anyone. I opened my mouth. to begin another spell to knock them off, and at that exact moment, the man hovering over me was pulled away from me, and in seconds, his head was cut off from his body and rolled on the ground. 

I was not able to finish my chant as I screamed. I had seen death, but not because of me, and not of someone with his head cut off right in my face. 


I was still shrieking as blood splattered around me, including on me when my body was lifted off the ground. But this time, instead of the pain of being grabbed, the touch overwhelmed me in a good way. The burn in my stomach lessened, but the throbbing in my p*uss*y heightened. 

“Blade…” My voice came out throaty. My hands coiled around his neck as I rested my head on his shoulder, and my legs wrapped around his waist while his one hand held my a*s*s. All the fear I felt as they were attacking me just flew out in the air. 

“I got you. Hold on tight…” His voice was deadly. It had been a week since I saw him, and he was still as cold as ever, but it didn’t matter. I knew I was safe now. My hands clutched onto him tightly as I pressed my body closer to him. Tears trickled down my face as I tried to numb myself from the noise around us. Blade was still in combat with them while holding me securely in his arms. 

I needed to help him. I prepared to begin my spell when I felt a surge of pain surge through my whole body, from my neck down to my spine. 

A shriek escaped my throat until it turned into a M0@n. He bit me! It was painful and pleasurable at the same time. My hold on him tightened as I tried to keep my mind in the right frame. 

I tried to find answers to what was happening while trying to control myself from M0@ning loudly. 

“Alpha Blade,” Dalton said as he approached us. My eyes snapped open as I stared at the vast forest in front of me. Alpha Blade? 

“How many were dead?” Blade asked. 

“Just one. Two are heavily injured, but nothing fatal.” 

“Send someone to pick them up. We’ll go once they arrive.” 

“Yes, Alpha.” 

“Blade. My name is Blade.” 

“Yes, Blade.” 

“Can you look after them? I will have to check on my female but grab some clothes for her in your car.” He was talking with authority, and Dalton was just moving like his puppet. 

He was still clutching me tightly, and the moment Dalton walked away, his tongue swiped over my neck, where the pain was coming from, and it immediately sent a shiver down my spine. I bit my bottom lip to stop myself from M0@ning, but I couldn’t stop my hand from crawling into my c0re, and I began rubbing myself with my fingers over my underwear. 

“What are you doing?” He snapped at me. 

“None of your business…” My voice came out needy, but I was too aroused to care. 

I knew Blade would never touch me. This man had as much control as a computer, which means he had no emotions at all. So I’d better satisfy myself on my own. 

“f*uc*k! Stop that! I can smell you!” 

“Then leave me alone!” I said this while I continued to rub myself, one arm still clinging to his neck. 

“I will. You don’t need to keep pushing me away.” 

I was about to snap back at him, but he beat me to it. “Stop that or Dalton will smell your arousal!” 

But instead of stopping, I began rubbing myself more and M0@ning closer to his ear. I was not sure if they were affecting him, but he did this to me, so I shouldn’t be the only one having to control myself. If I were being really mean, I would rub my front into his, but I didn’t want to be pushed away or dropped, so I just had to be content this way. 

Blade grunted as his hold on me tightened. His hand on my @sswas digging into my skin, but it didn’t bother me at all. Every part of my body that he was touching was sending a shiver of ple@sure down my c0re. 

Dalton came back, and I silenced my M0@ns. Blade grabbed the clothes he handed us and turned around as he walked us in the opposite direction. “We’ll be back.” 

I closed my eyes and dropped my head to the nook of his neck. I didn’t want to look at Dalton. I didn’t want to see anything on his face that would make me feel embarra*s*sed at the moment. 

Reality slowly crept in – I was in heat, and Blade just K*lled one of Dalton’s men because of me.

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