His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 01

His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse

Chapter 01


My eighteenth birthday. A night that should be memorable, one that every werewolf waits for. For me last night was meant to be so important. Being that I am the weakest of the pack, my options are already limited, but after last night things just got worse.

I am Omega. I am the lowest on the food chain, prey. A nobody.

An omega is only good for two things; to serve as a pup carrier or a plaything for a wolf who wanted me. That’s what’s expected anyway. As an omega we are meant to be meek and submissive, and most of all, compliant.

“Happy birthday dear.” Grandmother Philomena says, placing the beautiful cake in front of me. The cake is covered in black fondant with red roses of edible icing.

The glowing candles on the cake dance before my eyes, blurring into glimmering spots as I look at the cake. Something that is meant to be a happy moment for me really isn’t…

Last night I didn’t shift, although I should have…

Of everything, I didn’t expect this. When I stood under the moon, nothing happened. I didn’t even feel her presence… I was devastated. Without my wolf, I am useless, even as an Omega. I wouldn’t survive the Alpha’s knot, nor would I be able to carry a pup.

Sure, Alpha Aeron said it might just be the fact that there may have been a mistake in my date of birth, as I had lost all memories of my past… but Grandmother Philomena had taken me to the oracle years ago to determine my age. Surely she couldn’t be wrong.

No matter how shaken I was, I simply smiled at the Alpha and nodded, although I knew no one believed that either. I am just a failure, I bet they regret even taking me under their wing.

But what hurt me most was the look of disappointment on Sinclair’s face when I didn’t shift. Sinclair, the Alpha’s son and the man I yearn for, he even took me to buy this dress a few days ago, but all that excitement was for nothing.

Last night, when I didn’t shift, he had silently turned and left, and I don’t blame him.

The distant chant of “happy birthday” from a room full of fake friends, still reaches my ears, despite being consumed by my emotions and thoughts. I can’t shut them out completely, and Grandmother Philomena had organised this for me, I have to show her that I’m grateful.

“You’re eighteen, congratulations Evangeline, here cut the cake.” Someone passes me a knife, and I hear myself thanking them.

It isn’t a big party, just a few young men and women that Grandmother Philomena had invited. It still feels like too many people, this was the first time that I am actually getting a party after all.

I’m surprised she didn’t cancel, especially since I never got my wolf, but I guess it was too late to cancel. My eyes scan around the vast space, looking for him.

Where are you, Sinclair? You promised to be here…

I am scared that he is disgusted with me since I never got my wolf… It still hurt to know he had just turned and left yesterday.

Usually Alpha Aeron, Sinclair and Grandmother Philomena would give me a present, and we would have dinner together, something I cherished. Despite the fact that Alpha Aeron was a busy man leading one of the most powerful packs in the country, he still made time for me.

“There you go, dear.” Grandmother Philomena smiles endearingly as she feeds me a bite of cake.

“Thank you, Grandmother Philomena.” I smile as I eat the cake.

Chocolate, my favourite.

“Smile child.” She murmurs as she gives me a hug.

Am I not acting normal? Of course, with guests, she wouldn’t want me behaving like I was miserable. I am being ungrateful… She is throwing me a party, yet here I am acting all gloomy.

I look around the room, smiling gently. But inside, I still feel uneasy and am chastising myself for upsetting Grandmother Philomena.

This is a room full of people who know I am not one of them, I am just an Omega, and they are all ranked she-wolves, but of course, they would want to attend. What better chance to get a glimpse of, or spend time with Sinclair, than this?

I scan the room looking for him, and my heart skips a beat at just the thought of him.

Why isn’t he here?

Although I am different, I never let it get to me.

“Go mingle.” Grandmother Philomena orders and I have to obey.

Taking a deep breath, I ventured into the midst of the guests.

I walk through the crowds, thanking people for coming and for their gifts. They are pleasant to me because Grandmother Philomena has eyes everywhere. After a while when Grandmother Philomena leaves the room, I walk over to the refreshment table and help myself to a refreshing iced drink. I am so disappointed that Sinclair isn’t here… he promised me.

“Evangeline.” I turn to look at the group of she-wolves who have approached me.

They are all older than I am, in their early twenties, and luckily, they aren’t some of my bullies. I can see Celia across the room, talking avidly, or more like showing off to the others. But she is a high-ranked she-wolf after all.

I move a little further over, hoping they want to help themselves to food and not bother with small talk.

“Hello.” I say, smiling politely at the women in front of me.

Two of these are of Alpha blood, and I lower my head in submission.

“Where’s Sinclair?” One of them asks, helping herself to a drink.

I sip my drink, quickly. “I don’t really know. I’m sorry.” I say, looking around.

Another two roll their eyes, whilst one of them shakes her head. “Can you call him? We were really hoping he’d be here.” My hands begin to tremble with nervousness, and my eyes are darting around. It is no surprise they were here for him.

No one showed up for me, only him, and now I am wasting their time. Another reason for them to dislike me. Yet still, my eyes prickle, knowing the one person I thought would never let me down did. Sinclair broke his promise.

“I’m afraid I don’t know where he’ll be.” I mumble, feeling awful.

“Obviously, you’re just an omega. She has no right to call him Katya.”

“So, we came for no reason…” Katya murmurs.

“I’m sorry. Excuse me…” I say politely, trying not to let my emotions show. It hurt when they said that… I am a person with feelings… I get it; no one wants to come to my party. I don’t either.

Unable to handle more of their snide comments and judgy eyes, I excused myself, no one really cares, carrying on with their conversations without even sparing me a glance.

“Great. I came here for him.” I hear one of them complain to the others.

“Same, why else would we attend an Omega’s party.” A third whispers.

“Shush, you don’t want Lady Philomena to hear you.”

I left the hall disheartened. I wanted Sinclair here too. He promised me, but I haven’t seen him since last night at all.

It hurts.

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