His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 02

His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Novel (Evangeline And Zedkiel)

Chapter 02


Entering the bathroom, I feel disappointed.

He said he’d be here…

I look in the mirror. Staring back at me is a woman who looks beautiful in a red gown, with black hair, tawny grey eyes, and pale skin, with a dusting of freckles over my slender nose and cheeks. I have more meat on me than the average woman. I prod the top of my arm, very consciously aware of the curve of fat there. Even my cheeks aren’t refined…

I am of age now but… I don’t have a wolf; will it make a difference to him? Is that why he isn’t here?

I grew up around Sinclair, and over the years, the admiration I felt for him soon changed to something more… I had even dressed up in the dress he purchased for me without complaint. Even put makeup on tonight too, hoping he’d realise I wasn’t just the little omega girl he had saved.

I fix my hair, smoothing my dress, about to leave the bathroom when my nemesis, Celia Huntington, the daughter of an Alpha of the Wolf Arrow pack, walks in with her two sidekicks.

“Look, it’s the omega trash who thinks just because she’s in a pretty dress, that she’s above us all.” Celia scoffs.

I don’t want to respond. If I do, it will only make her react worse. She wants a reaction, one I refuse to give her. After all, she is bitter since her boyfriend had tried to get it on with me.

Dark Falls is right in the center of six packs, and one of the few schools that all the packs sent their kids to.

“Aiy don’t ignore her! She’s talking to you!” Gwen snaps, grabbing my arm as I walk past them, forcing me to stop.

I turn and look at them. All three are gorgeous, and you can tell from their toned physiques that they are excellent fighters too.

“Well, she probably thinks she is going to get lucky now that she is eighteen.” Celia taunts, stepping closer.

“Wait, wait, does she think Sinclair would want her?” Janet jeers, making the other two laugh. “He’s not even here.”

I look down, waiting for them to just get their b*ull*ying over with, so I can leave. It’s easier if you just stay silent anyway…

Celia pinches my arm, her nails dig in harshly, I press my lips in a line fighting the urge to palm her perfectly straight nose. It wouldn’t be worth the beatdown I would get afterwards.

“Ah, look at that fat there! Jeesh! Work out a little fatty!” She hisses.

“Yeah, nobody wants a fat little Omega b*tch.” Celia sits. The other two keep glancing at the door, making sure no one comes in.

I do little workouts, but because I am an omega, I’m not really allowed to train with the warriors. Heck, I don’t think I’d be able to keep up anyway. Besides, I take enough beatdowns at school. Glad I’m almost done with that place. I’m not going to voluntarily sign up for extra.

“Is that what you’re hoping for, Omega, that Sinclair will take you as his, love and cherish you?” Celia laughs. I swallow, glancing away, and Celia chuckles. “Don’t delude yourself Omega, the only thing Omegas are used for are side b*tches, for the main b*tch to order around.”

“She doesn’t deserve to even breathe the same air as Sinclair.” Gwen mutters.

They keep their voices down, and I know why. I may be an Omega, but I am still adopted by Alpha Aeron. They don’t want to upset him, especially at his own mansion.

I know Celia doesn’t like me because I’m an Omega. Some Omegas are loved by high-ranking males and hated by ranked females. Where the Alpha may have a few favourite Omegas, the Luna or other females will treat the omegas like dirt. That is the life expected of me, that someday I’ll serve an Alpha or Beta if I am lucky. Maybe it is because I spent the last decade being taken care of by an Alpha family, but I don’t want that at all.

“Do you want to be my little b*tch Evangeline, I will gladly give you my sloppy seconds, you know; gotta give to charity and all good deeds and all that. Daddy always taught me to give to the less fortunate. Maybe I will even let you s*ck him off after he’s done with me just so you can taste what a real woman tastes like.” her friends laugh as she leans in closer.

I grit my teeth, trying not to let her words get to me, but it still hurts.

“Is that what you want? For me to take you as my charity case?” she sneers, looking me up and down. “And don’t forget to thank me when you’re down cleaning me off him, that’s all Omegas are worth, cleaning up after their Luna’s.”

Gwen giggles beside her. “I bet she would enjoy every second,” she sneers.

“Well, would you…” Celia trails off as the bathroom door opens, her scornful expression changing to a smile as she flicks her long hair over her shoulder, giving a smile to the woman who enters. “Well see you later, once again, enjoy your birthday.”

They turn and leave and I sigh, forcing a smile onto my face.

I slip out of the bathroom, knowing that Grandmother Philomena won’t be happy if I am gone for long.

Walking down the hall, I hesitate, really not wanting to return to the room of young women who don’t want to be around me.

Silently I turn and walk towards the garden, I could use some fresh air. The best part of being an omega was that your presence isn’t noticed.

“…Aeron I a*s*sure you, we need her gone.” comes Grandmother Philomena’s voice. It is filled with irritation and warning, and I freeze, unsure of what is going on. But something tells me this was not a conversation I should be listening in on.

Wasn’t the Alpha meant to be out for work?

Should I leave?

“Mother, I understand, but are you certain?”

“Of course, I am Son. Sinclair’s eyes have been on her for a while now… and I fear it might be more than just a s*e*xual attraction.”

“I don’t know, I can’t get my head around that. Evangeline is-“

I am about to tiptoe away when I freeze, hearing my name, and I place a hand on my chest.

“A beautiful young woman, and as much as I don’t care if Sinclair keeps her as his, on the side. An emotional attachment to an omega is dangerous. She needs to go.” There is finality in the old Luna’s voice, and I wonder if Alpha Aeron will agree.

Terror begins to seep into me as I wait, with bated breaths for his reply.

He won’t agree… right?

That pause feels like an eternity.

“You’re right, he is the only heir I have… I will have Evangeline gone soon. But do not speak a word to her, I will do it myself.

“Good and make haste. You know the charm of these Omegas.” She adds distastefully.

It takes everything in me to not break down. My world is crashing down. Just when I thought my birthday couldn’t get any worse.

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