His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 04

His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Novel (Evangeline And Zedkiel)

Chapter 04


How could I be so stupid? How could I let myself believe he could truly love me? I felt foolish, I am what everyone says, what Celia said. I am a nobody, and I will never be anything to Sinclair other than someone to fill his bed on request.

I take a step back from him, needing some distance so I can think clearly. “B-but do you mean as yours, on the side?” I whisper.

His gaze softens, and he sighs, stepping closer and grabbing me by my waist, he pulls me close.

“Of course. I care for you, but we both know you can’t be a Luna, or even bear pups. So, you should consider yourself lucky that I will still keep you. No one else will want you, but I still do.” He says softly. “I’m sorry if I scared you tonight, Evangeline, I just… you look beautiful. You’re my little omega.”

His words stung, and somehow, I feel like the man I admired was vanishing, but then why is his gaze so soft?

Maybe I am overreacting…

Deep down I don’t believe that though, I am hurt.

The sound of footsteps approaching came, and Sinclair’s eyes flash with irritation before he steps away from me. I, on the other hand, feel relief wash over me as Grandmother Philomena comes into view.

“Ah there you are, Evangeline! Come, I have a gift for you.” Her eyes flicker between us both before she motions at me to hurry, and for the first time in my life, I am thankful to get away from Sinclair.

I follow Grandmother Philomena not even realising I am shaking slightly. I had imagined my first kiss a thousand times, but it wasn’t how I had expected it…I never imagined it to be filled with so much torment. How I had dreamed of kissing Sinclair a thousand times, yet now that I had, it hurt worse than the wishful thinking. For so long I wanted him and thought he would love me, I was naive as he doesn’t love me. He loves the idea of me as his side wh*re and nothing more because I am an Omega… an object for him to use when he couldn’t be bothered to ple@sure himself, right?

His apology niggled at my mind and the urge to run to my room filled me.

“Step up!” Grandmother Philomena says curtly.

“Yes, Grandmother Philomena!”

I hurry after her brisk stride until we end up in the room, where I heard her and Alpha Aeron talking in.

“Right so the gift is, tomorrow evening there is a ball at the Alpha of Alphas castle, and of course, we are invited. I actually think it would be befitting for you to come, too.”

My stomach sinks, so soon, they are getting rid of me so soon. I wouldn’t even be graced with a chance to say goodbye to the only home I have known. If it was not for the conversation earlier, I wouldn’t have been worried… but taking me to a ball on a full moon where all werewolves are more restless and hungrier… I know it is how they are planning to rid me of the pack.

“Grandmother, wi-will it be ok if I come? I mean, I’m just an Omega?”

“You will be fine, you will come as my a*s*sistant, and you are easy on the eyes. No one will mind. I will have your clothes sent to you, I expect you to be ready at nine in the evening, sharp!” She says, her tone leaving no room for argument.

“Yes ma’am,” I reply, lowering my head to her.

“Now off you go, enjoy the party, I shall head to bed.”

I turn, and pause, a part of me wants to ask her what will happen to me now that I am a wolfless Omega, but I can’t gather the courage, and instead leave the room and bid her goodnight…

The following day I woke up exhausted, I hadn’t slept well, and had tossed and turned all night spending most of the night watching the shadows cast on the roof from my open curtains. I don’t know how I will face Sinclair after that, will he be angry at me for doing what I did? He has always been so good to me…

I sit up, clutching the duvet to my chest. My bedroom is on the far end of the house, and with no direct sunlight it is one of the chillier rooms of the manor. Now I wonder if I was placed over here intentionally, so as not to disturb the future Alpha.

Knowing I can’t stay in bed, I decide to spend the day cleaning after last night’s party. What better way to avoid Sinclair than this?

Hours pass, but I don’t stop, making sure I clean every window in the mansion aside from Sinclair’s and the Alpha’s room. I was finally finishing the attic window, when my gaze falls on Sinclair, who is in the training grounds behind the Manor gardens. He is shirtless as he trained with one of the warriors.

I watch him, my heart squeezing at what happened last night, and I sigh softly, slowly getting down from the stool I used to reach the skylight window. I sit down on the stool and drop the cloth into the bucket, gazing around the attic.

Boxes are piled to the side, as well as some crates and suitcases of things that were never used.

I am going to have to face him at some point.


I flinch at Grandmother Philomena’s voice, and I quickly grab my bucket and cloths and rush from the room.

“Y-Yes?!” I call, hurrying down the steps, flinching when I stub my toe on the corner of the wall. Pain shoots through my toe and foot, and I barely hold back the curse I want to let fly from my lips.

I hurry around the corner, my feet padding on the wooden floor, before I came to a skidding halt when I see her climbing the stairs and heading toward me. I slow my pace, wary after last night.

“There you are,” She tutted, as she looks over at me with disapproval. I try to flatten out my clothes, wiping the dust, not wanting her to be disappointed in my messy state.

Her frown deepens as she looks at my bare feet and my hair, which I knew must have cobwebs in them from the attic. I awkwardly shift my weight from foot to foot, while her lips purse, her disappointment clear.

“Go shower, I have called a beautician to fix you up… You know Evangeline, I have invested a lot of time into your upbringing. You may be an Omega, but you have had the upbringing of a lady, do well to remember that. I don’t want you to disappoint me tonight.” I drop my gaze, feeling her words cut deeper than usual, they sting as she scolds me like I am a naughty child.

“Yes, Grandmother.” I reply, clutching my bucket tightly. She sighs as she comes over and slaps my shoulder.

“What did I say about slouching?”

“S-Sorry!” I stood up straight, sticking my chin out, fixing my posture and squaring my shoulders.

She nods toward my room. “Better. Now go.”

I hastily rush off, unable to stand her judgy eyes – wanting to escape. Grandmother Philomena has never been so snappy with me, I wonder if her worries are getting the better of her? Or is it that I am a disappointment, and she was now truly seeing me, seeing an Omega, and not the girl she raised as her granddaughter?

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