His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 07

His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Novel (Evangeline And Zedkiel)

Chapter 07


“Prince Zedkiel.” I turn when grandmother Philomena steps forward.

No grandmother! He might hurt her too!

I quickly get up, wanting to pull her away. He needs someone strong to save him, not her!

“G-grandmo-” She raises her hand, her eyes flashing as she looks at me warningly.

“Enough.” She growls at me, a noise I had never heard her make towards me before.

I felt a pang of hurt but say nothing, she is disappointed in me… I have messed up again.

“Prince Zedkiel, if I may?” Grandmother Philomena speaks clearly, no ounce of fear in her voice or even a stutter.

Zedkiel stops in his tracks.

“My grandson has foolishly insulted you, and on his behalf I apologise to you.” She says clearly.

He turns to her and raises one of his brows.

“And how will one apology fix his insult?”

Insult? What did Sinclair do?

“Not an apology… a compensation.” Grandmother continues as I pray someone comes to her side, I don’t want Zedkiel to hurt her. “A prized possession of the Welhaven family. An omega I raised as my own.”

My heart sinks as my head snaps towards her. No! No, this wasn’t happening! She means me!

“G-grandmother, pl-please no!” I beg her in a panicked whisper, clutching her arm with shaking hands. I can feel his gaze on me, like a beast before it devours you.

“Behave.” Grandmother Philomena warns, pulling free.

Terror encases me as I look at Sinclair with tears pooling in my eyes.

Help me…

“Grandmother, I don’t think-” Sinclair looks at me in panic. My heart races, my breathing shorter as fear writhes through me.

“Do you accept this compensation?” Grandmother cuts him off, looking at Zedkiel while motioning toward me.

“Mother.” Alpha Aeron says from behind us.

I run over to him, tugging at his sleeve.

“Please don’t give me to him, I’ll move to the servant quarters, or I’ll leave! I promise I won’t be any trouble! Please, Alpha.” I beg, my eyes sting with unshed tears. Alpha Aeron grabs me, his arm wrapping around my shoulders, his fingers cupping the back of my neck and I lean into the safety he offers. He squeezes my shoulders as he would his child.

“Son!” Grandmother Philomena’s voice cuts through the air like a sword. “Do not make matters worse.”

They seem to be exchanging words through the link, before I feel Alpha Aeron stiffen, he slowly rubs my back and just when I thought all will be ok, he slowly pushes away from me.


I ch*oke, losing his warmth. He looks down at me, sympathy in his eyes, he cups my cheek softly, but I can tell he isn’t going to argue as he looks away from me.

“Please…” I murmur, my voice sounding so small and broken. His gaze drops back to mine, his eyes soften and just when he is about to speak, Zedkiel beats him to it.

“Fine, I’ll accept the omega as compensation… next time I won’t be so merciful. Cross me again… and you will d*ie.” His threat isn’t empty, and I knew he would follow up on it.

Sinclair looks angry as he glares at the ground, his chest heaving… but he can’t do anything…

“A-Alpha…” I plea once more, looking at the man who had taken me in, helped raise me as I clutch his sleeve.

Please. Save me once more. Please? Just this once and I would never ask for anything again.

I will do whatever they ask of me.

But when he gently brushes my hands off that were now clutching his suit, what was left of my world comes crashing down around me.

“I’m sorry. There is nothing I can do.” He says, turning and leaving the hall.

I stand there under the blinding light of that hall, like a deer caught in headlights.

“He’ll k*ll me,” I whisper, looking around at the guests, but no one speaks.

Each one stares at me coldly as if I deserve this. Not one offering any form of defence or protection.

I see Celia smirking from where she stands close to her sister. Grandmother Philomena’s cold expression as she shakes her head in disappointment at me.

No one cares…

And why should they? I was just an Omega.

“Evangeline.” Sinclair is about to approach when Zedkiel blocks his path.

“She belongs to me now, and I don’t give you permission to talk to her.” He growls, turning, he advances towards me and this time he looks me over a lot slower.

Like a product to use and toss aside.

I shudder under his gaze.

No, I can’t give up, I have to try to save myself if no one else would.

“C-can I g-go to-to-”

“Speak properly.” He snarls, making me whimper in fear.

“C-can I go to ge-get my things tonight. I-I’ll c-come in the morning.” I whisper.

I need to run away.

He raises an eyebrow taking hold of the back of my hair, he leans in taking a deep whiff of my neck. It takes everything not to move away from his touch.

“I’m no fool, little mouse. You’re mine now.”

“She’ll be dead by morning.” The guard says as I’m pushed into the prince’s room by his command.

“Pity, she’s so young too, to think the Welhavens raised her and just discarded her…”

I fall to my knees on the cold floor of the Prince’s quarters. I place my face in my hands, sobbing into them.

What did I do to deserve this? I really did try to be the best I possibly could, but it wasn’t enough…

Wiping the tears away, I look around. This can’t be the end, I have to do something, for myself.

Forcing myself to my feet and after scanning the room, I notice it doesn’t have a window. I hurry to one of the three doors on the other side of the room, the first is locked, and I rush to the second, not giving up.

Luckily, it opens and I step inside, realising I am in the prince’s bedroom. To my relief, I see this room has a window. It is the only thing that doesn’t match the modern interior of the room with its sharp pointy dome-like shape, and the intricate metal design around the edge of the dark frame.

Please open…

I didn’t know how, but I am sure he won’t come up so soon… if I can get away, I will leave Dark Falls immediately. I’ll go far, far away. I’ll live amongst humans. I’ll get a job or something, anything will be better than staying here to be k*lled.

With shaky fingers, I brush away my tears, pulling at the window handle. It opens pretty easily, and relief floods me, but the moment I look down I feel sick. It is high… extremely high.

“That or stay here and d*ie.” I tell myself, stepping away from the window. I remove my heels, pushing them under the bed before I roll my dress up to my knees and return to the window.

Yes, I’m going to do this and I’ll get as far as I can.

I am trying not to give in to the emotions and the pain I am feeling. Not only that, but I am running on adrenaline, the only thing rushing through my mind is to survive as I begin climbing down the castle wall…

I reached the Welhaven manor , which is dark and silent, and I wonder if the Alpha family has returned. I hope not… I enter and quickly hurry to my room, relieved that I don’t run into anyone, and quickly change into a hood*ie and leggings.

Finding my sneakers, I pull them on, quickly grabbing a few items of clothing and the small stash of money I had saved. It isn’t much, but it will get me a room and food for a few nights. For a second I look around the place that had been home for the last ten years, one final time.


A place that no longer wants me.

s*cking in a shaky breath, I wipe away the tears that brim my eyes. My emotions that are wreaking havoc inside of me are barely held at bay threatening to break their damn.

Turning I leave my room, sneaking to the staff quarters. The wooden key box that holds all the staff car keys id in sight, but I have to be careful no one hears me…

I’ll take Josie’s car, she is out of town anyway, no one will notice for at least a few days.

I’m sorry for stealing Josie…

Grabbing the keys I slowly sneak out into the rain that is now pouring down. Ready to get out of this place and save myself before he ends up k*lling me too…

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