His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 14

His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse

Chapter 14


We both turned, startled to see the prince standing there, luckily he was fully dressed, but somehow I was extra aware of his chiseled body and the way he filled his shirt out… knowing exactly what he was packing under it.

Oh my god, not that kind of packing! I meant his muscles, arm muscles!

“Alpha Prince Zedkiel.” Dolores bowed her head graciously, but I could smell the fear coming from her. Like everyone back at the ball, she feared him… I shouldn’t get too distracted either… He was a beast, a monster who would k*ll instantaneously.

“Give her the very best, I don’t want to see her in anything less than appealing.” He said coldly, his eyes on my bare legs.

I pressed my thighs together, tugging at the hem of my shirt, hoping it covered enough.

“The very best.” Dolores’s attention turned to me before she looked back at the prince. “Of course, my prince… Your insignia then, in what item would you prefer she wear it, a broach, a necklace or perhaps a-“

“I’ll deal with that, just get her the clothes.” He snapped coldly before he left, the room suddenly became more breathable, and even Dolores exhaled.

She looked at me and it was as if she were observing me for the first time. “Perhaps, for now, you should wear… these, and in time, I will get what the prince has asked for. We may need to send someone shopping for you…”

“But you have many clothes here.” I didn’t want to owe them anything.

“The prince has made it clear that he is claiming you.”

Claiming me? The words made me uneasy and when she passed me the tiniest red knickers and a br*a that I don’t think was going to cover much. “These?”

“Yes, the Prince’s orders.” She said, a flash of an expression I couldn’t understand flitted across her face before she snapped her fingers. “Go change.”

I didn’t argue, if it meant he’d let me live… Wearing these clothes wasn’t too bad. At least I had clothes that weren’t his.

Ten minutes later, I was regretting my positivity.

The br*a did nothing to hide or hold anything, only pushing my b00bs into my face. The red peplum top she gave me was so tight I was sure if I had a glassof water it would burst from the seams, and the trousers she gave me… well let’s just say they were so fitted, that the tiny knicker outline could be seen from behind.

“Madam, I think these clothes are a few sizes too small.” I mumbled as she shoved a box into my arms roughly. The corner jabbed into my arm.

“No. They’re not. Now put those on.” She commanded, and I didn’t bother complaining as I opened the boxes and looked at the black patent heels.

I slipped them on, hoping I didn‘t have to wear them all through the day. They weren’t comfortable at all.

“Dolores I have the latest!” A slim man exclaimed upon entering, from his soft pink pants and his silk shirt to his perfect boots, I knew this man was a lover of fashion.

“What do you mean, Alistair?” Dolores asked sharply.

The king may be expecting the princes to take brides soon, especially since fated mates are so rare. “Do you know what means, my sunshine?”

Sunshine? Dolores was anything but a sunshine….

“It means we need to make sure we have the finest clothing and party planners ready just in case.” She replied briskly as she sighed, tossing her pen onto the file.

“Yes, that or…” His gaze fell on me, and he looked me over. “Oh, I like that outfit “

Dolores looked at me as if she had forgotten I was even there. “Move along, I’m sure you haven’t eaten.

Go to the kitchens and ask for Charlie, he’ll help you with the prince’s rot a and tell you all you need to know. Tell them I told you to get some lunch!”

“Thank you, Madam Dolores.” I said lowering my head to her before I hurried out of the room, very aware of my fitted outfit. I wondered what else they were talking about before Alistair trailed off, but the last I heard before the door shut was Alistair whispering.

“No Dolores, no Luna means they are out of the tournament race.”

The door shut with a resounding thud, echoing off the stone walls, and I frowned as I made my way to the kitchen. The tournament… it sounded like something I had heard of before… wasn’t that what Alpha Aeron was discussing a few weeks back?

I just wish I had paid attention… What exactly had he said.. I mused, my mouth set in a thoughtful pout.

I gasped when it suddenly came back to me.

“Oh of course! Because none of the princes had been given the sign to be the next king at their rituals… the Supreme Alpha King would hold a tournament and the winner would take the throne!” I snapped my fingers, proud of myself for remembering.

“Well, well, well, look at the dirty little slvt we have here.” I froze when none other than Celia’s voice came.

I turned to see her with her sister Odette, both wearing similar smirks on their faces. Although Celia’s was far uglier.

“She’s alive.” Odette whispered as if it was the most shocking thing in the world. Then again, I guess it was.

“He probably found her so disgusting he tossed her out, I think I’m right. She doesn’t even smell of him!” Celia hissed.

“If he took her, she’d be dead.” Odette whispered.

“Excuse me.” I said not wanting to entertain them for any longer.

“Hold up, you little b*tch, we aren’t done.” Celia hissed, grabbing my arm, and pushing me against the wall causing pain to rush through my shoulder. I hissed, trying to stop myself from yelping. “Just because you’re wearing designer brands now doesn’t mean you’re anything more than someone made to clean up after a real woman.”

“Celia.. she’s wearing designer clothing… we shouldn’t-“

“Oh Odette, she probably stole them from someone. How dare you!” She slapped me across my face, and to my horror, she grabbed my sleeve from the shoulder and ripped my top violently as she laughed.

“See? First Sinclair didn’t even want you, now even the prince doesn’t!”

That stung…

She slapped me again, and I flinched, as she r!pped my top, even more, revealing my br*asts. “Stop it!” I shouted, covering my br*asts as I backed away.

I scanned the hall frantically, but I was alone, and there was no one to help me.

“Celia..” Odette whispered warningly, her face pale as Celia didn’t care, simply slapping me once more.

Suddenly a terrifyingly menacing growl rumbled off the walls as a dangerous aura swirled around us, and it was almost as if a darkness fell over us. All three of us turned as Odette whimpered, backing away in pure fear. Whilst Celia was frozen in shock and somehow, somehow, for the first time since meeting him, I felt relieved to see hím.


However, when he spoke, a shiver of terror ran down my spine.

“How dare you touch what’s mine.” He hissed, his voice shaking with pure rage that made all three of us tremble with fear…

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