His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 15

His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse

Chapter 15


I saw red. The urge to rip the girl who had attacked what belonged to me bled through me, and I attacked. Another vicious snarl ripped through the halls as I grabbed her violently and threw her across the hall. She hit the far wall with a satisfying crunch.

She cried out as Odette screamed, but I didn’t care.

They deserved more, I looked at my little Omega, who was hugging herself, trying to shield her exposed br3asts, which I wouldn’t mind admiring all night and day. Her clothes were torn ruthlessly, and it only made my blood boil further. I yanked my shirt off, throwing it at her before I turned to the slumped figure against the far wall.

Only I should be the one to see her body.

“P-please Zedkiel.” Odette whimpered, foolishly daring to step in my way.

She stunk of fear like always. Did she really think just because she was mated to my brother that I’d not hurt her?

How stupid.

My eyes flashed as I grabbed her by the neck. “She insulted what was mine, which means she insulted me. I’d step aside if I were you.” I warned, easing my hold enough to give her the chance to move.

I knew she had probably already linked Alcazer, but I didn’t really give a fvck. She slowly pulled out of my hold but instead of obeying me, she continued to block the pathway to her bleeding sister.

“Please let her go, she didn’t know! Celia was only trying to-“

“Someone is going to d*ie today, Odette. Step aside, or I won’t care who it is!” I hissed.

“I-it’s ok, please l-let her go?”

I clenched my jaw when my own Omega began siding with those who had insulted her. Her voice was soft, yet it did nothing to calm the burning inferno within me. The smell of blood was getting to me, and the urge to reap vengeance was taking control.

“Stay quiet.” I growled, my eyes blazing when I looked at her. She flinched, her eyes full of dread as she backed away, which only angered me more.

I turned my anger back on Alcazer’s b!tch of a mate, feeling my control spiralling out of control. She was shaking in fear as she glanced down the hall.

“You were foolish to not obey me.” I said quietly, my patience worn thin.

The sound of running footsteps approached, and I grabbed her by her hair.

“Were you trying to buy time?” I whispered coldly into her ear. She whimpered in fear, her entire body shuddering. “How foolish.” With those words leaving my lips I plunged my free hand into her chest, my claws coming out.

Several screams and a growl filled the air as I ripped her heart out. The smell of blood filled the air as it splashed across me and the walls around me.

Smirking, I let her dead body fall to the floor.

“No!” Alcazer shouted in horror as he ran over falling to his knees by his dead mate. He lifted her into his arms, his face ashen. “Odette! Fvck!”

The b!tch who had hurt my woman was staring at the dead woman, tears streaming down her cheeks as she clamped her hands over her mouth.

I would have much preferred it to be her dead body on the floor. I had heard the end of her conversation, and even with Odette dead… I was no less angry than before I k*lled her.

“Zedkiel!” Dad’s murderous roar of anger came.

I saw my little Omega back away, her entire body shaking with fear. She was probably far more scared of me now than she was before. I looked at the blood seeping out of the body below me, tossing her heart at the b!tch, who now struggled to her feet and stumbled over to Dad, limping in the process.

She gasped with pain, before breaking into tears. “‘Su -supreme Alpha, my sister…” She sobbed, only adding to my rage.

“What have you done, Zedkiel?” He growled at me, his face pale, fear and anger were both evident on his face before he turned to stare at the dead woman on the floor.

My eyes flickered to the woman now cowered behind him. “Ask the b!tch next to you; if she hadn’t disrespected me, this wouldn’t have happened.” I snarled, turning away, grabbing hold of my Omega’s arm roughly. She whimpered but didn’t struggle as I held her in my crushing hold.

Smart of her not to piss me off even further.

“You k*lled your brother’ s mate Zedkiel! You can’t just walk off!” He hissed.

Snarling, I turned back to him. “I swear, if I stay here for another minute, I will rip you all to shreds,” I growled. “She was a chosen mate, it’s no big deal! He can just take another.”

“All this over what, Zedkiel?” Dad asked, his gaze flickering to the Omega.

I snarled in warning, shoving her behind me, not wanting them to look at her. Just then, Chasyn and Ragnar reached us. “Watch it old man.’” I threatened.

“Zedkiel..” Chasyn murmured, a*s*sessing the situation, his face paling when he stared at Odette.

“The omega is still alive?” Ragnar murmured, more interested in the woman behind me than the dead one on the floor.

“Mind your fvcking business.” I hissed before turning, dragging my terrified little mouse with me as Alcazer let out an anguished cry.

I didn’t care. She deserved it… As for the b!tch behind it all, I could hear her sobbing and acting as if she had done nothing wrong. I wasn’t going to waste my time trying to prove her wrong; no one would believe me anyway.

We reached my room, and I tossed the Omega onto the bed. My anger wasn’t gone and I ripped my shirt off her, not caring for the tears streaming down her cheeks or the way she was shaking with fear as I stared at her torn top. There was a bruise forming on her cheek and I could see the scratches along her neck and arm, where it seemed like the b!tch had grabbed her clothes and torn them.

How dare she…

“Please.” She whimpered, covering her chest, as she clambered away from me. Her fear and disgust were beginning to irk me.

“Who was she?” I growled, my heart beating violently.

I could feel my father trying to mind-link me, but I kept my walls up not wanting to deal with sh*t right now.

“She’s so-someone from school… She… I-I promise I didn’t do anything.” She whispered.

“How long has she been treating you like this?” I snarled, making her jump.

“E-for as far back as I-I can remember. “

And it just carried on… but I knew the b!tch was the daughter of an Alpha… that would hold far more power than a mere Omega.

I looked into her tear-filled eyes, the urge to pull her into my arms and claim her consumed me, and I knew I needed to leave. So, I didn’t reply, simply glaring at her and mind -linking Antonio to retrieve more clothes for her from the Omega head.

Fools. Why the fvck didn’t she have any extras?

“You are not to leave this room until you are marked as claimed. I’m warning you, Little Mouse; dare defy me, and you will be the next to d*ie.” I hissed, turning and leaving the room. I slammed the door behind me and locked it before I shifted, snarling as I ran down the hall and jumped out of the nearest window.

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