His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 17

His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse

Chapter 17


A growl made my eyes fly open only to see Zedkiel down on one knee next to me, his eyes glowing red, his canines out as he glared at me with such rage and hunger that I felt my entire body tremble with fear.

What was going on?

It took me a few moments to realize it was night, I must have fallen asleep without realizing. My stomach was aching from hunger, I had barely eaten in the last two days. The room was cold, and I realized my body ached from the awkward position I had fallen asleep in.

He grabbed my elbows, yanking me to my feet, and pulled me towards the bed.

Bile rose in my throat as I saw him look down at the shirt I was wearing, one I had taken after he had left.

His eyes blazed as he tore it off, making me whimper in fear.

“I don’t want you hiding from me.” He growled menacingly as I tried to cover myself once more.

Why did you do that? When you got angry at Celia for doing the very same thing?

It hurt.

“Tell me Little Onega, do I repulse you?”

I shook my head, despite how terrified I was, but I knew he had seen right through me. A cold, heartless smirk crossed his lips as he slammed me back onto the bed, his grip tightening.

“Lies.” He hissed…

“My Prince.” I whispered, the image of him ripping Odette’s heart out made my stomach churn, and the thick blanket of fear wrapped itself around me once again.

He was a monster… a monster that was now watching me as if I was his next meal. His hand wrapped tightly around my neck, and my breath hitched as I felt his claws dig into my neck as he straddled me, pushing my head back onto the bed.

“Don’t lie to me.” He snarled viciously.

I nodded my head slowly, my eyes blurring with tears. Would he take me by f0rce or k*ll me?

“I-I’m scared… but… but you had many chances to k*ll me, but you haven’t… You protected me today. I’m.. I’m scared, but not like you th-think.” I whispered, I was terrified, but my words weren’t a lie. He had protected me from Celia.

For a fleeting moment, his eyes returned to normal. His héart was racing as he stared down at me as if unsure whether to believe me or not.

“Get away from me.” He hissed through gritted teeth, his eyes dipping down to my br*asts, as he ran his tongue over his plump lips.

My eyes widened in surprise at his words and as I observed him, I realised his entire body was tense and rigid. Why did he want me to leave? Why was he allowing me to leave? Was it a trick?

He leaned closer, brushing his nose down my neck. “You smell so good, Little Mouse, and unless you want me to r!p you to shreds…leave.” He almost purred, making my lips quiver. My entire body felt strange, and I was very aware of his manh00d pressed against my stomach. I felt… funny.

“Prince Zedkiel.” I slowly tugged at his hand that was strangling me, trying to get him to let go.

He was struggling, I didn’t know what was wrong, but he was fighting himself.

Were the rumors true that the third prince couldn’t control his beastly instincts? How could he be declared the strongest when he had no self-control over his Lycan form?

“Go.” He growled, his grip relaxed ever so slightly, and I managed to pull free, clambering back against the headboard before I quickly jumped off the bed.

He didn’t move, his hands were digging into the bedding, his heart thundering loudly and his eyes stuck on me. I hesitated, only for him to snarl, baring his sharp teeth at me. “Go!”

I turned, not looking back, as I ran to the bedroom door. Pulling it open, I rushed to the door that led out to the castle when I heard him swear and the sound of something breaking reached my ears.

I whimpered, my hands fumbling for the lock on the door, I just about managed to unlock it. My heart was thudding, but I was unable to bring myself to open it. I heard a vicious growl, making my head snap back towards the bedroom door once more. I stared at my hand on the door handle, hesitating.

Turning, I looked over my shoulder to the bedroom, where the angry prince remained.

Something wasn’t right… He told me to leave… But why was he behaving like this? He seemed to be struggling rather than out of control? Was he in pain?

Against my every instinct that was telling me to run and get far away from the ruthless monster who k*lled his own sister-in-law, I locked the door and turned around. I couldn’t leave him when he had helped me… I would repay the favour.

Would he get angry that I disobeyed?

I re-entered the bedroom, seeing him on his knees on the ground, his head in his hands. I hurried over, dropping to my knees beside him.

“Are you ok? Can I get you something?” I whispered; his eyes blazed as he turned his gaze to me.

“I told you to leave.” He hissed, his eyes on my neck, where he had dug his claws in. His heart was thundering, and I saw him !ick his lips.

I f0rced myself to place a hand on his shoulder, only for him to hiss, pushing me away. “Are you in pain.”

I whispered fearfully, refusing to run away.

“Like you f*uc*king care, I gave you the chance to leave.” He snarled. “Do you wish to d*ie?”!

I was already dead, wasn’t I? There was no life for me..

Gently I inched closer, “I’m your Omega, and it’s my duty to be here for you.” I managed to say, “Tell me what’s wrong?”

His eyes flickered back to their green-gold colour for a moment before a cold smirk crossed his lips, and he pulled me roughly into his arms. A scream left my lips as his back hit the bed and I landed in his lap.

“What are…” I was cut off when his arm sn@ked around my wa!st, his hand digging in, the other tangling in my hair as he pulled me closer.

Was this it? My end?

İ gasped when hiş tongue ran along the cuts on my neck.


A sizzling tingle of ple@sure rushed through me, my heart pounding as I felt myself relax into his hold, I don’t know why I did it but… it felt… good. I felt my c*ore clench, and my lips trembled as his tongue continued to run tantalizingly along my neck.

This felt…

The sting of my cuts mixed perfectly with the ple@sure of his touch, and I felt my c*ore clench and I had to bite back a sinful m0an. Bravely I gripped hold of his muscular arms as his hand tugged at the strap of my br*a.

Why did this feel so dirty… yet… so good?

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