His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 18

His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse

Chapter 18

My mind was feeling foggy.

“Fvck…” He gr0aned, the flick of his tongue now changing to a k!ss. My heart was thundering as I remained straddling his lap, allowing him to k!ss and svck on my neck. I felt him hardening beneath me, making me feel a thrilling spark course through me.

My body seemed to have a mind of its own, conflicting with my mind. Despite the wounds he had made, it didn’t hurt, and soon both of our hearts were calmer, although the fact our chests were still heaving, I could sense his anger had calmed.

His hand which was wrapped around my wa!st, now ran over my bare back, making me gasp. I suddenly realised I was topless, something the prince seemed to be enjoying, his hands ran up my wa!st care*ssing the side of my br*asts and making my cheeks burn.

When his thumbs brushed my nipples, which were stiff against the skimpy lace, I yelped moving back a little.

“M-my prince…” I whispered, trying to shy away.

He growled, resting his head back on the bed, his chest still heaving as he looked at me with his normal gold-green eyes.

“I told you to run. Why did you disobey me?” He asked, looking into my eyes, despite leaning back and moving slightly away, he still held my wa!st tightly.

I looked down, would he get angry if I spoke?

“You helped me today.. I wanted to…” if I said help, he might shout that he didn’t need any help. “I didn’t want to leave you alone.’”

He raised an eyebrow, almost disbelievingly, as he stud*ied me keenly before his eyes dipped to my lacy br*a, glimmering red once more.

“Hmm, but you disobeyed me Little Omega… and now you’re going to be punished for that.!”

My heart thumped but I wasn’t scared, I don’t know if it was the way his hands ran up and down my wa!st or if it was the glint in his eyes… cold… yet was that amusement? Whatever it was, there was nothing in my head screaming danger, save the throbbing monster beneath me that I was trying not to think off.

“P-punishment?” I asked quietly, wondering if I should try to get off his lap. This wasn’t appropriate, I was just his Omega, I shouldn’t be sitting here like this!

“Yes… I’ll go easy on you..” He murmured, his eyes flickering to my br*asts, as they blazed red. “You will sleep with me tonight. In this bed. N*ked.’”

My face drained of colour as I stared at him.

“N-n*ked?” I whispered, he smirked, his fingers going to the front of my p*nts.

“Yeah, you can keep the lingerie… not that it hides much.” He murmured, pinching my n!pple. “That or you let me fvck you. So, what will it be, Little Omega?

My heart thumped as I stared at him. “I… I’ll sleep n*ked.” I mumbled, my cheeks burning, as he slid the zipper down teasingly.

“Perfect, now lose the p*nts.” He commanded, his tone was arrogant and cold, his aura suddenly seemed to return with full f0rce, and I slowly got off his lap, remembering the tiny p*nties that the Head Omega had given me.

Even though the light was off, I knew he could see everything. Maybe if he saw my little tummy, or my fat th!ghs he’ll realise I’m not for him… I slowly peeled the p*nts off, placing my hand in front of my vag!na, crossing my legs in an attempt to cover what I could, knowing the sheer fabric hid nothing.

He stood up, rubbing his shoulder as he let his eyes rake over me. “Perfect.. now run me a bath, I’m feeling fvcking tired.” He whispered into my ear, making my heart pound.

Didn’t he say he wanted to sleep in the same bed as me? Now did I have to walk around like this?

I nodded meekly and backed away towards the bathroom, shutting the door behind me before I svcked in a shuddering breath as I quickly put the plug in and opened the hot tap.

Maybe if he took long enough in here, I could quickly pretend to sleep by the time he was done!

Yes, good idea, Evangeline.

I looked around, but there didn’t seem to be any oils or anything to add to the bath… I’ll make sure to ask for some to be ordered. Someone was meant to tell me about what was expected of me, perhaps I can ask them for things I could use for the prince. If I ever get the chance to live that long.

As I waited for the tub to fill, I set a towel to the side and the body wash and sponge on the side of the tub, just in case he wanted to use them.

Did he get in trouble for k*lling Odette? What happened to Celia? She would surely hate me even more now.

I felt a shiver of fear at the thought of what she’d do if shę ever got me alone. While scanning the bathroom, I admired the stone-coloured tiles and the gold accents, thinking it was a stunning room.

The lighting was warm, and I just imagined having a nice bubble bath in here or even a shower in that huge walk-in shower.

Oh, how luxurious. I spotted the large mirror on the far wall, looking at the claw marks on my neck.

They were deep, yet he had l!cked off all the blood.

My cheeks burned, and just then my eyes fell on my rather ample behind in this ridiculously tiny underwear. I looked horrifyingly shameless!

I was about to grab something to cover myself when the door opened and Zedkiel stepped inside, shirtless and undoing his belt. I quickly stood up, my eyes widening when he dropped his pants, and I scrunched my eyes shut.

I heard him approach, his sedvctive scent filling my nose, and my heart thumped when his fingers ran down my stomach, making me svck it in.

Wait no don’t do that, let him see it!

I tried to relax it hoping he was put off, but he didn’t stop his tantalising tracing.

“Unmarked.” He murmured, making my c*ore clench when his fingers ghosted along my lower stomach sending another rivet of tingles through me.

I scrunched my eyes tightly closed.

He can’t see me. I can’t see him. He can’t see me. I can’ t…

But how do I ignore his touch when it was making my c*ore react strangely.

“Beautiful…” He whispered, and my breath hitched when his hand brushed my pvssy.

“One day… you will be mine.” He whispered into my ear, his warm breath car3ssing it as his fingers ran up my th!gh. “Open your eyes, Little Mouse.’” He growled.

I cracked one open, keeping my eyes fixed on the floor, spotting his black boxers on top of his p*nts, and I quickly snapped my gaze to the ceiling before I saw anything else. I was relieved when he moved back and stepped into the tub, turning the tap off.

Wait, wasn’t it too hot?

Oh well, he’s fine! Thank the goddess! Now to run away from here!

“Ma*s*sage my shoulders.” Came his cold command just when I was about to walk backwards out the door. I froze, my heart thundering as I stared at the man who sat in the tub, his arms spread across the sides of the huge tub, his head tilted back as he looked at me with arrogance and power…

A look that was clearly challenging me to defy him…

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