His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 29

His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse

Chapter 29


I !icked my lips, unable to keep the smirk off my face. She had a fvcking point although I don’t think she realises I was no longer the person I was eight years ago… But I couldn’t deny she looked smoking hot standing her ground.

Although I didn’t know if I should be offended or impressed that she feared me more than an entire table full of Lycans.

Her eyes held Danciana’s and I couldn’t help but remember the words of the Shadow Wolf.. A sliver of unease flitted through me. No mere Omega could just hold an Alpha’s daughter’s gaze like that… One who was mated to a Lycan at that.

Draven let out a low whistle as Chasyn and Maryka exchanged glances.

Danciana let out a fake laugh, but it was obvious she was trying to gather herself. Not excepting my Little Mouse to speakup like that. I glanced at Dad, who was watching Evangeline with a faint smile on his face, a look of interest in his eyes.

His gaze shifted to meet mine, and he nodded slowly. ‘Perhaps this might not be that bad of an idea… She actually stood up to you for the Welhaven boy when no one else had the courage to… I included. Perhaps it was her innocence, and she didn’t know what you were capable of, or she has potential that we do not know of… But she is wolf-less Zedkiel. Perhaps that’s why she didn’t feel the power of your Lycan’s wrath.’

‘She doesn’t need a wolf to stand by my side.’ I replied through the mind link. And I was certain that she could sense my aura… He seemed to be musing over what I said, until Danciana spoke, drawing both of our attention back to the table.

“Then shall we test your knowledge? I mean, my sons deserve no less than an Alpha blooded female. Why should one settle for an Omega orphan? Let’s see if you even have the basic knowledge a Luna should have?”

My sons? I wasn’t her fvcking son, and she never treated me as one either. I looked at Evangeline.

Her lush br3asts were rising and falling, but she still nodded to Danciana’s question. My gaze dipped to her hands that she had clenched on her la*p. They were trembling slightly.

She may be acting confidently, but my Little Mouse was still nervous and probably terrified.

“Danciana, let’s not test her right now… ” Dad said, chuckling lightly, only for Danciana to shake her head, raising her hand.

“Oh, it’s all in good faith.” She responded, but I didn’t miss the glint of challenge in her eyes when she looked at Evangeline once more. I’d entertain her, but if she crossed a line, then I would deal with her. “Tell me what makes an Alpha’s mate a Luna or shall I say an Alpha Prince’s, Luna?”

This was bullsh*t. A standard Luna etiquette was something that we were taught, and I had a  feeling Evangeline probably did know the answer. If the Welhaven’s did raise her as it was rumoured. But a future queen, Danciana, was fvcking pushing it.

“I don’t really -” I was cut off when a shaking hand rested on my th!gh for a second, sending a wave of ple@sure to my d!ck.

I wouldn’t mind that hand a few inches higher and to the left… My eyes flashed as I looked down at the curvaceous doll beside me, but she was far too busy watching Danciana.

“I was taught that a true Luna is a woman who is sk*lled and strong, physically and mentally. One who stands by her Alpha no matter what. His greatest support when he needs it, one who is patient, graceful, and overlooks and takes care of the pack. Making sure that everything is in order, even when her Alpha isn’t there. One who will give him many pups too.” She smiled faintly.

“That is what the textbooks say, but I don’t think that comes close enough to what a true Luna must do, I believe-“

“Oh, look she has opinions, of course, honey, go for it.” Danciana chuckles and Dad shot her a warning look.

Wise move, because if she pisses me off, I won’t hold back from ripping her apart.

“Carry on dear.” Dad says as Alcazer refilled his glassonce again.

He was on his second bottle already… I guess the loss of his Luna was hitting him.. but she was just a woman, who cares. He could easily replace her.

“I believe that a Luna’s duty above all is guide her Alpha in times when he may not be treading the right path… a woman who is compassionate and caring to all. Yet one who is ready to take control if the Alpha isn’t around, to protect her Pack in his stead. A woman who isn’t only her Alpha’s greatest support but his greatest advisor and strength. An Alpha can’t reach his full position without his Luna by his side, and that’s why this tournament wants the future ruler to have a Luna by his side.” She finished.

Ragnar and Draven let out snorts of disbelief. But although I hated the fact that she just fvcking said we need a woman by our side to be whole, the remark about the tournament made fvcking sense…

Dad nodded, surprisingly he looked pretty impressed. I guess my idea wasn’t too shabby… with a little work. She might just surprise us all… Chasyn smiled slightly. “I think you have actually made a wise choice… although she may not appear all that she is… this will be interesting. Maryka, take care of her and guide her as best you can.”

No, I might trust his Omega, but I did not trust his Mate, fated or not, she wasn’t all that she portrayed. She nodded at Chasyn, smiling as looked at Evangeline.

“Oh absolutely, if Zedkiel is to marry her, that makes us sisters -in-law.”

“That won’t be necessary, they will be pitched against one another. Let’s not try to sabotage the other chances, shall we?” I remarked coldly, raising an eyebrow.

“I didn’t mean it as a compet*ition Zedkiel, you or I.. whoever will carry the Vilkas name forward.” Somehow, he always acted like he didn’t see me as a monster… if only I believed that. I wasn’t a fool.

“Make that three. I’m entering. By the end of the week, I will have a chosen Luna.” Alcazer said suddenly, his eyes flashing as he slammed his fist on the table.

“Fvcking hell, do you think you’ll find one?” Ragnar scoffed.

“There will be a ball Ragnar, perhaps you yourself can find one too. On other occasions, Zedkiel, I would say to you to take a look to however, with your track record, I don’t think that would help. This is the first time a woman is still alive for this long, After being in your presence… Perhaps this is what was necessary… you may claim her at the ball as yours and then we will hold the weddings immediately.” Dad said and I heard my Little Mouse’s breath hitch.

Her hands once again fisted in her la*p.

I nodded “Perfect.” I said smoothly. Reaching over I placed my hand over hers, stilling the shaking “Now if you will excuse us, I think I’m done.” Standing up I enclosed my hand around her wrist, tugging her from her seat. Her heart was thumping violently, and I knew I had to get her out of there before she broke down. That was enough bravado for one day.

I pulled her towards the door, not waiting for approval when Dad suddenly spoke. “Wait!”

I was at the door, one foot past the threshold. My eyes flashed red as I turned, looking at him over my shoulder. “That mark… that’s… you branded her skin… “

His face was pale as he stared at Evangeline’s back

I raised an eyebrow, a cold smirk crossing my lips. “Obviously… ” I replied before dragging her from the room.

“Zedkiel wait- That’s… ?” He trailed off, knowing I wasn’t going to bother answering to him.

I didn’t answer to anyone.

I strode down the hall, making her stumble, and I stopped in my tracks. She gasped, knocking into my arm and almost fell, but I caught her, yanking her into my arms and backing her up against the wall. She whimpered, staring up me, those eyes of hers wide with panic.

“What’s the matter Little Mouse? You were able to speak to an entire room of Alphas, yet now that you’re alone with me, you’re scared?” I asked, knowing my voice sounded harsh, gripping her chin in my free hand as I gazed down into her eyes.

Her lips parted, but she was unable to speak, and it only tempted me further. Unable to stop myself from slipping my thumb into her mouth.

Oh fvck..

Her eyes softened, and I felt her tongue flick my thumb before her lips slowly closed around it, making me fvcking throb. Oh, how I fvcking wanted those lips wrapped around my c*oc*k… I slowly slipped my thumb out, rubbing it along her bottom lip. “I’m waiting.” I growled huskily, and she closed her eyes, exhaling deeply.

“I’m sorry. I was only trying my best not to let you down.” She replied softly.

“And you didn’t fail… ” I murmured, my gaze dipping to her br3asts.

I wondered how far I could push her limits…

Seeing her in this dress… seeing her in anything messed with my head, and sometimes I had to leave the room, so I didn’t pin her to the fvcking bed and take her f0rcefully.

A slight frown crossed her face before she looked up at me. Gone was the panic and fear, now replaced with worry and confusion. “You said, in there about marrying me-” I placed a finger to her lips,

“Not here.” Even the walls had ears… I took her wrist, leading the way back to our quarters. This was something I was going to have to discuss with her and give her an incentive to get her to agree..

I didn’t know her enough, but there must be something she wanted, something I could give her in return to step up to the challenge. She had it in her. She just needed to break out of that shell of hers.

Unlocking the door, I stepped inside, tugging her in before locking the door after us and switching the light on.

She exhaled deeply, looking as if she had just fought a war. Understandably as Danciana was a pretty dangerous and daunting opponent for anyone not at her level. So, I gave her a couple moments to collect herself, by going and sitting on one of the sofas.

From here, the view of her was fvcking fine…

“Come sit down.” I commanded, making her eyes snap to me before she came over to me hesitantly. Her posture was submissive again, but out there… she had held a confidence in the way she carried herself…

Her hands were now clutched in front of her, only squeezing her br3asts together. I patted my th!gh, making her eyes widen. I smirked, but didn’t retract my command. She hesitated for a moment before she inched closer until she was within reach, and I pulled her onto my th!gh.

She squeaked as she gripped my shoulder, so she didn’t go knocking into my face. Not that I’d mind getting buried in these cushions.

“I’m an Omega m-my Prince, I don’t-“

“I told you I hate that title. So, until you help me become King, you can call me Zedkiel or Zed, whatever.” I replied, snaking my arm around her and placing my hand on her th!gh. I grabbed her throat with the other, tugging her closer. “Call me that once more, and I will bend you over and punish you.” She tensed but didn’t move, staring into my eyes. She nodded slowly, but I didn’t miss the way her cheeks took on a pink hue, as she bit down on her lower lip.

For a moment, we simply stared into each other’s eyes and the urge to k!ss her grew. That was until she looked away.

U-understood… but I can’t be your chosen Luna … I don’t even have a wolf. You will set yourself up for failure if I’m the one by your side. She said quietly, her eyes shadowing as she became lost in her thoughts.

Frowning, I sat back, running my hand up and down her th!gh. I released her throat, running my knuckles down her bare arm. She wasn’t resisting as much, and I was certain she enjoyed my touch.. “In this world, we can achieve whatever we want, if we are ready to go to the extreme to attain it.”

“I don’t understand how… I don’t have a wolf.”

“That will only hold you back if you let it. Don’t think about what you are lacking, but what you have.” I said. “Not having a wolf is not a good enough excuse.”

She shook her head, “I always fail those who believe in me… This is a bad idea… I am a good cleaner, nothing more. I can clean for you!”

What was it with this woman and cleaning? I raised an eyebrow. “Well… if you’re so into cleaning, maybe you can use that tongue of yours to clean my c*oc*k.”

Her cheeks flushed as she stared at me, appalled.

“Ok, maybe it was a little cra*s*s… Umm, I meant clean stuff…” She trailed off, as I slipped my hand up between her th!ghs, dangerously closer to her molten c*ore.

She bit her lip, her br3asts heaving.

“I wouldn’t mind returning the favour.” I purr dangerously, my eyes glowing red and in a flash, I had her flipped around. Pushing her onto the coffee table as I hooked my arms under her th!ghs simultaneously, hooking my ankles around the table legs and dragging it close as I stared down at her. “Tell me, little Mouse, shall I reward you for your bravery at dinner?”

Her eyes widen as she tries to press her th!ghs together, while she lay there on the coffee table, like a snack waiting to be devoured. I ran my hands up her lush th!ghs, watching her br3asts rise and fall, her heart racing as I slowly pushed her dress up… inch by inch, keeping our eyes locked and just when I’m about to push it right up, the most delicious, intoxicating and enticing scent hit me.

My eyes blaze and for a moment I close them, the smell making my head feel lighter and ple@sure rush south. It was like nothing I had ever smelt before, and I knew exactly what it was Her ar0usal… no matter how much she was trying to resist… her body wanted this…

“Seems like I just got my answer, Little Mouse.”

I whispered seductively, “The choice is yours; do you want me to devour you and show you exactly how good I can make you feel until you are left begging for more? Or shall I leave you all turned on and h0rny?” I taunted. Her bottom lip quivered before she slowly relaxed her legs, giving me the go-ahead. Her heart was still thundering, her cheeks flushed pink as I pushed her dress right up to her h!ps, gazing down at the tiny thong she wore, which was completely w3t…

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