His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 36

His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse

Chapter 36


Over a week later.

That night, I messed up.

For a fleeting moment, I saw her relax and rather than run from me, she had embraced our closeness. Until I fvcked it all up and ripped through her flesh. I don’t remember what exactly happened. I just know. that the urge to taste her blood consumed me and I had bitten into her. Then I remember her torn flesh and blood dripping down her br*ast as she stood across the bathroom.

But it was the look in her eyes that got to me.

The fear… the fear of the beast before her. The same fear I see in the eyes of everyone else…

I found her screaming on the bathroom floor and then she had lost consciousness, probably due to the blood loss. I wonder how much I had drunk and although I hated it; it rejuvenated me like none other ever could and I wanted more. So much fvcking more and I know I can’t. I had carried her to the bed and bandaged her up before I had wiped her clean, hoping she’d be ok.

When she awoke the following morning, her words still replayed in my mind as she stared ahead, refusing to look at me.

“I will help you win this tournament, but I need you to promise me that you will stay away from me.” There was no fear or worry in her voice. It was emotionless and hard…

Like always, I fvcked it all up.

I had agreed and since then I only meet her for her physical training even then Alistair or someone is always there. She’s improving, but at the same time, I feel as if she’s become closed off. Alistair handles the rest, and it was for the better. The only issue is, today was the day of our wedding if you can call it that. It will just be a short ceremony in front of the Alpha families and the high court. But it meant that we would have to act like a couple, something that is rather hard when your wife fears you… I wasn’t the only one to take a woman through an arranged marriage, but we should at least show we had an understanding between us.

I look in the mirror, fixing the white collar of my shirt.

“You look absolutely handsome, Alpha.” Alistair says, holding out my jacket.

I c*oc*k a brow but say nothing, as I allow him to help me into it. Somehow, he had become someone who was always around and now held the title of our a*s*sistant. Dad had been surprised when I said I had chosen him to help Evangeline and he had offered me to take an advisor of the court, but I refused. Plus, she is comfortable around Alistair, he’s the only one who receives her smiles these days and if it wasn’t for me knowing for certain that he didn’t see her in the same way that I did, he would be dead by now.

“Is she ready?” I ask, fastening one of the b*ttons on my black jacket.

His smile grows as he admires me, “Yes she is, and she looks as beautiful as you do handsome.”

I cast him a frosty glare before turning away. “Then tell her to come out. Did you let her know that we are to at least act like a couple?”

“I did… but maybe if the prince can himself…” He trails off when my eyes flash red as I glare at him through the mirror.

He may not know exactly what happened or what terms we were on, but the tension between us was clear. I avoided her, and we barely talked but right now, knowing we are about to face all the people in power… I realise it may have been a fvcking mistake…

“Evangeline! Ah, I’ll go get her.” He hurries off and I frown, fixing the cuff of my jacket.

I don’t know why I even agreed to this… but I had to, if I wanted to prove that I deserve that crown. Alcazer had selected a Luna too and had married her just two days ago. I didn’t attend, nor do I care who she is. I’ll scope out Evangeline’s compet*ition today. Ragnar would be taking his oaths with his chosen Luna today alongside us. Both of my brothers had selected their women at the ball. I knew both were of Alpha blood.

Although Dad had hoped that the rest of his sons would also compete, it didn’t look to be the case with just four of us, as well as the other Alphas’ sons. That made the contestants stand at eight. Two were still to marry, but they were going to get married soon. It should be pretty easy, but I didn’t trust anyone not to try to sabotage the others.

The sound of footsteps approaching came and I looked to the door of the bedroom to see Evangeline step out. My heart thuds in my chest as I stare at her. I wasn’t expecting her to look so….

“Doesn’t she look utterly ravishing my prince?” Alistair says, spreading her dress around her.

Yeah. She did. She isn’t looking at me though, her gaze on the ground. She’s wearing an off-shoulder blood -red dress that is completely covered in 3D roses and a very deep plunging neckline that shows off her br*asts. My gaze lingers and I wonder if she’s healed fully…

A wave of guilt rushes through me, but I refuse to delve into it as I slowly look up at her face. Her skin is glowing, her lips are painted a deep red, and her hair is pulled up in an elegant bun. In her gloved hands, she holds a bouquet of flowers.

“Leave us.” I say to Alistair, not missing the thudding of her heart as Alistair nods and leaves the room. I close the gap between us, stopping a few feet away when she tenses. “I won’t hurt you… at least you should know you will be safe in front of others… but as long as their eyes are on us, we need to act like a couple. Two days ago Alcazer took a wife, and today we’ll meet Ragnar’s too. You need to a*s*sess them, watch them, and make sure you don’t feel threatened by any of them.”

“Understood.” She says confidently and gracefully.

“You are their equal. There is not one person you need to fear as long as I am by your side.”

Our eyes meet and I know what she’s thinking… She fears me, more than anyone else…

Looking away, I slowly hold my arm out to her. She steps forward taking a deep breath before slipping her hand into the crook of my arm. I’m aware of her br*asts pressing against my elbow and once again the urge to ask her if she’s ok overcomes me but I don’t. I look down at her, admiring her one final time. Today she will be initiated into the pack too, meaning I would smell her blood… It is going to be difficult.

We head out of our quarters and down to the hall. This wasn’t a grand wedding, and despite the slight décor around the pillars at the entrance of the hall, there was nothing more. The severity of what was riding on this, clear in my mind. The guards at the door lower their heads before opening the doors.

“Announcing Alpha Prince Zedkiel Vilkas, and his bride to be Lady Evangeline Rose.”

They’re all here, the Alphas of the other packs, their families, and heirs. I see the Welhavens all turn. sharply, shock and surprise on their faces. I had made sure father didn’t announce to anyone prior who my Luna was to be, and it was obvious they hadn’t known.

My eyes fall on the Alpha pup, I can hear his racing heart, the way he’s frowning, his blazing eyes, as he stares at Evangeline with a look of jealousy and possessiveness. Then I make the mistake of looking at her, only to find she’s looking right back at him. Her eyes are full of sadness and that cuts through me, unleashing the raging inferno of anger from within me.

My eyes flash as a low growl leaves my lips, and the bastard’s eyes snap to mine. “If you want to live, keep your eyes off what belongs to me.” I snarl, making the entire room go deadly silent.

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