His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 58

His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse

Chapter 58


I look at her sharply, glancing back at the door before I crouch before her on the ground. There is no way someone like Evangeline can k*ll anyone, let alone the Oracle. The woman was one of the most powerful beings.

“Look, you didn’t k*ll her.” I say quietly, rubbing her arms comfortingly. I take a second to relish in those sparks as my hands rub her arms.

I don’t know how they came back but I’m glad they did… She’s mine..

“I did… I did it Zedkiel! I-I went to see her – to ask my question! Then- Then I k*lled her!” Her voice is panicky, and she’s beginning to tremble too. Her heart thundering like a galloping horse.

I can see the fear and regret in her eyes.

She didn’t k*ll her; I know that for certain, but she sure thought she did.

I don’t know how to convince her otherwise, and so I simply pull her close and wrap my arms around her tightly. I press my lips to the top of her head.

“Listen to me, you didn’t k*ll her. I know that and I don’t know why you think you did. But you aren’ta k*ller Little Mouse, alright?”

“Zed…” She whimpers and I car3ss her hair.

“Look I need you to do to me a favour? Can you do that?”

She tilts her head up and nods but it’s doing nothing to calm her anxiousness. I know what the Shadow Wolf had said, but I don’t believe it. She does not have darkness within her.

“I need you to not repeat this to anyone. Let me handle it.”

“No, they’ll know! They’ll realise I did it, and I did! I have to pay for my crimes. I have to…” Her eyes are filled with tears as she clutches my arms. “I didn’t mean to! I promise I didn’t!” She sobs.

For a split second, I feel a slight aura around her, but it vanishes as fast as it appears, and I’m reminded of the way I found her in the water..

There’s something about her, but neither of us knows what that is. This was why I wanted her to ask the Oracle about who she is.

“You said you went to ask your question; did you get an answer?” I ask her.

She nods, when there’s a knock on the door again, making my eyes flash in irritation.

“Coming!” I growl. “Tell me later,” I add to her in a much calmer voice, helping her to her feet.

“Wait, Zed I need to tell you-” She stops abruptly opening her mouth, but no sound comes out, she tries again, her mouth is open but once again she says nothing. She’s beginning to panic, and I canhear her heart thundering violently.

What is going on?

“Evangeline, it’s ok, we’ll talk later. You don’t need to work yourself up. Let’s see what Dad wants and then we’ll talk.” I promise her quietly.

“I-” She stops, and she’s shaking as she looks down, breaking into a fresh wave of tears. “Goddess… We’ll talk later. We need to go.” I say, walking over to the closet. I pull out a tank top and slip it on. I pause when I feel her delicate hands pull it down for me. Even though she’s terrified and having what looks like a damn panic attack, she’s still worrying about me.

“I’m healed.” The paste she made worked magic, and I was pretty impressed. I had seen the concern in her eyes, the fear and the worry, as she tended to me… She cares. She really fvcking does. I turn to look at her, cupping her face. “It’s going to be alright.”

She nods, and I brush my thumbs over her cheeks, wiping away a few of her tears, before I bend down and k!ss her softly, and fvck did this k!ss feel good… She wraps her arms around my neck, and I hold her tight. She’s shaken, and I’m not sure if she’s ok to go out there, but at the same time I can’t leave her alone, nor do I want to.

“I’m here.” I tell her quietly, before taking her hand and leading her from the room. I lock the door behind us, not trusting anyone. Even if these are guards I trust, with the Oracle dead it just shows there’s something powerful at work here.

Fifteen minutes later, all of my brothers are here in the grand hall with their Lunas. Danciana is also here, standing beside Dad, her face as ashen as most of the women here. Dad’s Beta, Jason, is talking to Dad about something.

“Any answers?” Dad asks him, tight-lipped.

He shakes his head and mutters something to Dad.

I don’t catch it as he’s close to Dad and had practically just mouthed it, but Dad nods and looks around. Jason gives us a nod before he takes his leave. The door shuts behind him with a thud that resonates through the room.

“As everyone knows, the Oracle is no more.” Dad’s voice is strained, and even Danciana is visibly shaken.

“We heard. How did this even happen?” Ragnar growls. “This is what happens when you let other packs into our midst. Them staying at this castle was a fvcking mistake.”

“It was for safety measures.” Jeremiah says quietly.

“Yeah, so we can keep an eye on them, right? Yet somehow the Oracle is dead.” Drystan says.

“Exactly, we can’t trust any of them.” Ragnar sneers.

“The same can be said for your new wife.” Alcazer snaps. “This isn’t the time for arguing.”

“I agree. We need to find out who did this and then have them punished for their crimes.” Chasyn says, tight-lipped. Maryka looks to be in a similar state to Evangeline, and I’m relieved that she’s not the only one visibly shaken. I keep my arm around her firmly as I remain quiet, trying to figure out why she thinks she k*lled the Oracle.

Can it somehow be linked to my Blood Ritual or her dreams? I didn’t want to think that.

“I’m going to go take a look down there, see if I can find anything.” I say coldly.

“No” Dad says, making me look at him sharply. I don’t like to be told what to do.

“Why not? We all know I’m the best at handling stuff like this. Whilst the rest of you won’t get your hands dirty and will wait for your men to handle it and’ probably miss vital information, I’ll go there myself.” I say coldly.

He’s quiet, and he looks at Chasyn for a moment.

He nods at him before turning to me. “Zedkiel..”

“What is it?” I snarl.

“Let’s have a word in private.” Dad says, “Danciana, you and the Luna Princesses may leave.”

“She’s staying with me.” I snarl, my arm tightening around Evangeline’s wa!st.

Dad sighs but nods as the rest of the women leave.

Most of them seem to be relieved to be able to get out of here. My brothers remain behind until Dad speaks again.

“Drystan, Draven, you two leave, too.” They frown in annoyance before they leave, unable to refuse his command. The moment they have gone, Dad sighs as he looks at me. “I need you to stay calm.”

“I’m fvcking calm. What is going on?” I snarl.

“Where were you this afternoon, Zedkiel?” Alcazer asks, and a tense silence fills the room, making my eyes flash when I realise what they are insinuating.

“Watch it and find fvcking proof before accusing me!” I thunder about to grab him when I stop.

No… I need to think this out.

I rather they blame me before their attention turns elsewhere.. if Evangeline had visited her… there’s a chance her name could get dragged into this. I can’t let them even know that we have visited her.

“Zedkiel didn’t do it!” Evangeline says defensively.

I can see the fear in her eyes.

“Stay out of this.” I say firmly. Our eyes meet, and I give her a warning look.

Her chest is heaving, and I can sense her irritation, which she’s directing at herself. She’s blaming herself and it’s obvious.

“Zedkiel, if you had anything to do with it, I think you should tell me now.

“I have nothing to prove.” I say. “I think you need to let me go down there and find out exactly what happened.”

I really don’t think Evangeline is capable of this. There is no way she could put up a fight with the Oracle herself. There must be clues down there, or something that will give me answers.

“I’m going down there, and I’d like to see who stops me.” I snarl coldly.

“Zed…” I ignore her, as I grab her wrist and pull her from the room.

“For once, listen!” Ragnar shouts.

“Fvck off.” I snap back.

“Zedkiel, it’s a horror scene.” Dad says.

I stop in my tracks and look back at him. “I think you forget I’m the only fvcking nightmare around here.”

“Zedkiel..” She clutches my arm, and I can feel her fear.

“Zedkiel” I look up and I almost smile when I come face to face with someone I have been waiting for, to return. Someone I consider a friend.

“Kash.” I say looking at the tanned man in front of me. He has several tattoos, dark hair, and green eyes. Even though he’s in a suit, you can still see he isn’t someone to mess with. He is the son of Jason Lane, Dad’s Beta.

He smirks, closing the gap between us and hugs me. I slap his back and he steps back, his gaze falling to Evangeline.

“I’m gone for what? A couple of months and you’ve married.. Hey, I’m Kash.”

“Nice to meet you.” Evangeline says, leaning into me. She’s still worried.

This is probably the one person I’ll trust her with more than anyone, even my most trusted men.

“I know you just got back and as much as I want to catch up on all you’ve found out.. Keep an eye on her, I need to check something.” I say quietly. I was the one who had sent him away…

He frowns but nods, running his fingers through his black hair. Something that told me he doesn’t bring good news.

I give Evangeline a squeeze before I walk off, heading down towards the Oracle’s quarters.

The place is teeming with Dad’s strongest warriors Jason is here, too.

“Alpha Zedkiel, I would recommend you to stay back.”

“I don’t take orders from you.” I growl, pushing past him.

I make my way down the hall. The smell of blood reaches my nose and I falter. It’s the same scent that I caught off her… it’s so much more potent but it’s the same.. It’s not something that anyone could pick up… but blood…it’s a part of who I am, part of what I crave.. I can smell someone by their blood alone if need be.

The atmosphere down here is dark and there’s an odd aura lingering in the air. The unease and fear that seeps off everyone only seem to add to it.

They all move back as I make my way to the Oracle’s room. But what I see is not what I was expecting. It’s far from it.

I hear my own heart thud as I stare at the scene before me. Not one inch of the floor is not coated with blood. Yet mixed with the blood, there are charred rivets of black marks along the walls and floor. There are burn marks and symbols marring certain parts of the walls and most of the furniture is destroyed. Signs of a strong struggle. Powerful magic was used here. Dark magic, too.

“Alpha don’t go inside.” Someone mutters, but I ignore them, stepping inside and that’s when I see it. On the far wall near the hearth is the most disturbing thing of all.

There, against the wall, is the body of the Oracle, hanging n@ked on the stone wall. The thing that is keeping her pinned to the wall are the large dark iron nails hammered into her wrists and up her arms, spreading them apart. Her eyes are open as her head is strangely upright despite her being obviously dead, the look of pure horror etched forever into her face.

“What the…”

I don’t know how the fvck she got there, or what is powerful enough to defeat a woman of her calibre, but one thing I am one hundred percent sure of, is that there is no way on earth that Evangeline did this.

It’s just not possible.

This is the work of something far darker than even me.

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