His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 71

His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse

Chapter 71


Zedkiel reaches up and switches the shower off before grabbing a towel and lightly towelling my hair. I look up at him, watching his emotionless face. His face is as sharp and cold as always, and his eyes are hard but… there’s so much more to him than he gives away…

I don’t miss the way he rubs my hair tenderly, his fingers brushing the stray strands back before he slowly towels my body dry. He pats the towel lightly over my injuries that are almost gone, somehow, I’m healing fast.

He brushes his fingers over them, his eyes flashing red before he moves away.

I observe him, and although he hasn’t said anything since I confessed, he doesn’t need to. That k!ss he gave me, said far more than words ever could. The way he took care of me. Everything he has done for me, openly, vocally, and silently. They all mean so much more.

I step closer, my gaze dipping to the soaking p*nts that now cling to him and emphasise a certain part of him that makes my stomach flutter.

“Are you in pain?” He asks, his red eyes glaring at my healing wounds.

“I’m fine.” I say, knowing what he’s thinking.

“Good… Don’t let someone so meaningless get to you.” He replies, wrapping the towel around me and tugging me closer.

“Yeah, I know. I was just holding out hope for something that was never there… I keep thinking that what happened was something that there is no other solution to. Maybe she didn’t want to do what she did.” I murmur softly, tracing the ridges of his chest and abs.

“Now you know.” He says, threading his fingers into my hair. He tugs my head up until I’m f0rced to look into those gold-green orbs. You don’t need people like that in your life.”

I nod slowly as he lets go of me, leading me to the bedroom and pushes me onto the bed. My eyes rake over him and I bite my lip. A cold smirk crosses his lips but he turns away.

“As much as fvcking you calls to me, we will have to leave soon.” He says quietly, taking out some clothes for the both of us.

“Are we going to the Chamber?” I ask, my heart skipping a beat.

A place made for only the royals… but a place I’m going to enter… Remembering the scriptures, I frown thoughtfully… Am I really the reincarnation of the Moon Goddess’s daughter.

‘Are you still questioning that?’ Evelyn’s voice sneers in my mind.

‘Of course, it’s no small matter.. but she had two daughters, right? A-are you the other one?’ I ask hesitantly.

There’s silence, but with it, there’s a terrifying anger that seems to burn through me.

No reply.

“Evangeline. Focus.” Zedkiel growls, crouching down in front of me.

I take a deep breath, nodding, but something about her reaction tells me something happened. Why else did she get so angry? Raziel cursed his own offspring… She’s the evil inside of me… the curse.

I shake my head. This visit will help us greatly, I’m certain of it. There’s something inside of her that she cannot move on from… and I need to figure it out, before it’s too late.

‘Tell me what happened?’ I try again, but theres nothing but that powerful rage and darkness, followed by emptiness.

I blink, staring at Zedkiel and shake my head, trying to clear it.

“What happened?” Zedkiel asks as I slowly pick up the bra from the pile of clothes he’s placed there for me.

“I tried to ask her a question.” I say, sighing softly. “This curse, this entire situation… I asked her if she is the other daughter…”

He runs his hands up my th!gh, frowning slightly. “We do need to talk, all four of us…”

I nod my agreement. “Yes, we do. If the moon Goddess had twins that she mated to Zerachiel…

Then does that mean we somehow became one after that? How does it work? How did she become a part of me?

He stands up, removing his w*et p*nts and putting on some dry ones. “I wonder too… But the scriptures mean you and your counterpart, sometimes they play on words. For a second, I did think that perhaps somehow, she is your Lycan, but that makes no sense. Your father was a werewolf, and your power isn’t one of a werewolf, and on top of that, you both have two different auras.”

I frown, listening to him. He has a point and I don’t think I’m a Lycan, that I am certain of.

“In the pool, when I saved you, I saw your eyes.

They were milk-white, with a faint white aura wrapped around you, then when she takes over it’s the opposite… from the black eyes to the aura. You two are two different ent*ities somehow  fused as one… Maybe Evelyn will have the answer to that.” He says.

“Yeah, if she tells me.” I respond with a nod.

A sudden thought occurs to me, and I look at him. Does that mean that he isn’t only my mate?

An odd emotion squeezes at my chest and he turns sharply, watching me. “What is it?” He asks, pulling on a top that covers those delicious abs.

I shake my head before I quickly busy myself with getting dressed.

“Will we leave for the chamber soon?” I ask, changing the subject.

He nods at my question and glances at his watch.

“Kash and his sister will be covering for us, but we have to move soon.”

Kash has a sister?

I nod, not arguing, and quickly run my fingers through my hair before I stand up and pull it into a hair tie.

We leave our room with one of the two guards following us, and although I know it’s someone Zedkiel at least approves of, it doesn’t mean they will allow us to roam without their presence.

We leave the castle and I’m beginning to feel extremely curious as to where we are headed but I’m soon given the answer to my question when we stop outside the entrance to one of the courtyards that lead to one of the many gardens. Entering the gate we head to the bottom of the gardens and Zedkiel opens a second gate, and we are greeted by Kash and a beautiful woman who I’m certain must be his sister, standing in front of a gorgeous stone pillared area, which has a few lanterns hanging from the ceiling and ivy climbing up the pillars. There is a circular table at the centre laden with items.

“Zed, you made it.” Kash says, raising the two bottles he holds.

“I got the chessboard.” The woman says with a wink.

Zed glances back at the guard. “We will remain in this garden for a few hours. Stay outside.” He commands.

“Yes, Alpha.” The guard bows before he walks back out and shuts the gate behind him.

Zedkiel watches him before walking over to the woman and giving her a quick hug. One that she returns rather happily, slinging both arms around his neck, something that sends a flare of jealousy through me.

Who is she? And I don’t mean her name.

Her grey eyes are on me, her platinum and purple hair falling in front of her eyes. She’s average height, with a slender toned body, bre-asts that are slightly larger than average and she has her nose pierced. She’s in ripped white jeans and a tank top.

A small smile crosses her lips as Zedkiel lets go of her.

“So, this is the bombshell that captured your attention.” She says, walking over to me and holding her hand out. “Hey, I’m Isabella, but please, call me Isa.”

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