His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 73

His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse

Chapter 73


I grip her hand as I scan the cave before me, it’s exactly the same as the last time I was here…

Its s cold that it’s biting into me, and I can feel her hand getting colder in my hold too. Her body temperature is dropping faster than is humanely possible. The sound of our beating hearts and the water in the lake is all that can be heard down here.

We walk across the rocky, jagged ground and for a moment I mull over if we should have taken the bath that is customary before entering this place…

Well, too fvcking late now.

I can feel it, the intense pulsating of power around us as we approach the lake. Do I slice my hand as we do for the ritual?

“It’s freezing.” Evangeline says and I look down at her. Her breath is coming out in visible puffs but the fact she is able to stand here and not be affected when people have d*ied trying to enter this place is impressive, but I’m not surprised.

She’s more than the average werewolf, which is why it’s only royals that can enter… because no one else makes it out, but this is just further proof of her true heritage.

Still holding her hand, I let my claws grow before slashing through the palm of my other hand.

“I summon you.” I say clearly, my voice echoing in the cave as I hold my hand out and squeeze it, letting my blood drip into the flowing river in front of us.

I wait, but there’s nothing. It’s said he can see what is within us… then he should know I have no ill intentions. I’m only trying to be the person this kingdom needs.

“Shall I try?” Evangeline suggests.

“Go for it.. especially if you’re linked to him. It might work.” I mumur. I feel a surge of energy ripple through the water as I create a cut with my claw along her palm, slicing open her soft skin.

The delicious scent of her blood fills my nose and my eyes flash. The urge to taste her hits me extremely hard.

What is this?

I stare at her hand, the scent of her blood hitting me hard. It’s even more potent than usual and it makes me feel dizzy. I watch her in slow motion as she raises her hand, letting the drops fall into the river.

Waste of blood.

Anger rises within me, and I yank her hand back, raising it to my lips.

“Zed…” She whispers, her heart pounding as she watches me. I run my tongue along the cut, savouring the taste of her blood. The urge to leave this place and fvck her as I drink from her consumes me, but I’m f0rced to remind myself why we’re here…

She reaches up, tugs me down and k!sses me passionately, I k!ss her back, not missing how her heart is thumping and I wonder if she’s scared but that thought vanishes from my mind when I see the look of want in her eyes when we break away.

She wants me as much as I fvcking want her. We face the lake once more, the cold reminding us of why we are here.

“We know of the scriptures, of the curse, the truth of our past. Please hear our call.. Raziel. The first Alpha and the love of Selene herself!” Evangeline says.

I glance at her sharply and then a powerful gust of wind swirls around us, its growls rumbling around us, and we both look across the river where the very same shadow wolf I saw all those years ago appears. His burning eyes are on us both as the river between us ripples and begins flowing faster.

“Raziel.” Evangeline says, lowering her head to the wolf.

I frown and I’m about to lower my own, when I feel Zerachiel’s rage as he refuses to bend to the wolf across from us.

His arrogance and hostility running through me.

“How dare you call me?” The Shadow Wolf growls, his voice tearing through my mind, and I know Evangeline can hear it too.

Her aura is rising and falling, the flickering of that white hue around her fading and at times I feel I can sense Evelyn’s aura, but the Shadow Wolf’s aura is far too intense to differentiate them.

“We have questions, starting with the warning you gave me.” I begin.

“The darkness which is beyond the reach of the moonlight will devour every living soul. The filthy blood of the impure is like a poisoned dagger into the heart of the realm. Son of darkness, away from my descendant, heed this omen.

When the day comes that you yield to the woman with hair as dark as night, lips the shade of cherry blossoms, with eyes the colour of the bird of night, and skin like milk, when you allow her evil to bleed within you… pay heed, for then, shall you bring doom to the world.

“Tell me, how is this possible? When we are meant to break the curse that you placed upon us.” I say, clear and loud. No matter how angry I feel, I refuse to mess things up right now. Her soothing presence beside me is helping in keeping me calm.

“I told you what I needed.” He says, his voice as dark and cold as a winter storm. His rage is as powerful as a tsunami.

“It’s not enough… is it true that I’m the reincarnation of your daughter?” Evangeline asks.

He turns his eyes upon her, and I can feel his bitterness and wrath.

“It doesn’t matter. Selene chose to put her children first and now you can all suffer for it.” He thunders and is about to turn when Evangeline steps forward.

“What if the curse is broken! What if there’s a way to free you of this punishment you have suffered for thousands of years – to be able to return to her?! You cursed us… Evelyn… right? You are the reason she has evil within her, right? Let’s fix this!”

I watch Evangeline, proud of her. She’s smart, and you can see it with the way she analyses things.

Her aura stops flickering and it’s now a powerful white as she watches the wolf from across the lake.

“There is no way for my curse to be broken! I am doomed to this life. Forever. To serve the fools of the very kind that I hate! You can break the curse on yourselves, but me? There is no hope! Even Selene has turned her back on me!” His voice rips through my mind.

“Ever wondered why? Don’t you think perhaps she’s hurting for what you did to her creation? To her daughters? You doomed us all, and you think she should willingly accept you?” I see. “You need to fix what you have done before even thinking of getting the chance at redemption.”

Evangeline’s heart skips a beat, and she looks at me, grabbing my arm. “What if…” She frowns as if second-guessing herself before she looks at the Wolf, who had already indirectly confirmed he is indeed Raziel.

‘No. I will not believe that.’ Zerachiel’s voice erupts in my mind. Let’s k*ll him for what he has done!’

‘Calm down, we need answers.’ I shoot back. Despite his hatred and rage, it feels good to know he is there, even if he hates me…

‘He will tell you to k*ll her! Do not believe him!’ He growls.

‘Well, if you fvcking talked we wouldn’t be here right now!’ I snarl.

‘What would you prefer I address you as?’ Evangeline asks Raziel softly.

“Raziel is fine… I do not deserve the title of Alpha or…” For the first time, beyond the splitting pain in my head from his rage and power, every time he talked, I sense the regret in him.

“Or?” Evangeline asks quietly.

A silence falls between us, but something tells me that this may be the start of him opening up…

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