His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 75

His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse

Chapter 75


She tastes divine, The feel of her l!ps against mine is an addiction, something that keeps pulling me for more. Her jealousy only adds to how hot she looks. I like seeing her voice whatever bothers her and even more when it’s her possessiveness of me. Knowing that its her staking her claim satisfies me.

I k!ss her hard, ravishing her mouth with my tongue as I rip off whatever item of clothing she’s wearing from he perfect body. She gasps when her bre-asts are free of their confinements. Moving back, I tear her p*nts off too, appreciating her as-s in those tiny p*nties before they too are gone, leaving her lying there entirely n*ked, an image of perfection.

I grab her bre-asts, enjoying the feel of her large, firm bre-asts in my hand, her nipples already hard as she sighs with ple@sure. The urge to taste her blood is calling me..

It can be pleasurable if she allows me to, even if it is fvcking taboo…

“Tell me Beautiful. do you trust me?” I ask, breaking away from her l!ps as I run my tongue over her ear and down her neck. A soft m0an escapes her and she nods.

“Words..” I murmur, as I squeeze her bre-asts.

“Yes. I do…” She whispers, tugging my head up and staring into my eyes. “Why?”

“I want to have a taste. You’ve teased me enough.”

I run my hands over her wa!st and h!p before returning to her bre-asts. “And I can’t get that scent or taste out of my mind.”I say as I svck on her neck slowly, twisting her nipple in my finger teasingly.

Her heart is racing in excitement, but she’s considering it.

“Ok.” She whispers and I smirk, my eyes flashing and as much as I want to bite into her neck and taste her blood, I’m going to play…

I make my way down her body, k!ssing and touching every inch of her body, not leaving any part untouched as I worship the body that I’m going to devour in more ways than one tonight.

I reach her pvssy but instead of devouring it as she parts her legs, I flip her onto her stomach before pulling off my own top and throwing it to the ground.

K!ssing her over her shoulder and down her back as I play with her bre-asts from behind. She wriggles beneath me, her ar0usal only making the hunger within me rise. I pepper k!sses down her back, running my tongue between her as-s. A satisfied m0an leaves her and I squeeze her as-s before making my way up her back again.

This time I pause, letting my claws come out and create a single cut along her spine from her neck, stopping just above her as-s.

Her heart’s pounding but she doesn’t pull away, as she lays there, her head resting on her arms.

I l!ck my l!ps, relishing in the three scents that I fvcking love the most. Her own, which has become my obsession, the smell of her ar0usal that intoxicates me and the sweet scent of her rich blood that brings out the hunger within me.

I run my tongue along my l!ps as I ma*s*sage her pvssy, slowly l!cking her between her as-s up to where the blood has begun trickling down between them.

A low growl escapes me as I run my tongue up her spine, l!cking up every drop as her wound begins to close.

“How was that?” I ask her quietly, k!ssing her neck.

“I liked it.” She whispers, and I can feel her cheek heat up at her admittance.

“Perfect,” I whisper, getting off her. I walk to the draw and take out a small dagger, spinning it in my hand as I turn and look at the Woman on the bed.

I hesitate, remembering her nightmare of me k*lling her.

She’s rolled over onto her back, her eyes on me as I place the knife down on the edge of the bed and slowly remove my p*nts. Her eyes flash as they look me over, and she l!cks her l!ps with desire. I pick up the knife and her gaze falls on it.

I get on one knee on the bed, wrapping my other hand around her neck and k!ss her softly.

“The only time I will ever cause you pain will be that which is connected to ple@sure… remember that.” I say quietly, looking into those hazel eyes.

She nods, her hand wrapping around my wa!st as she reaches over and k!sses me.

“I know.” She replies.

For a second, her aura darkens, her eyes flashing black, but it’s not for long as her light energy exudes from her, and I slowly push her back onto the bed.

Things are about to get messy…

I place the knife to the center of her bre-asts, keeping my eyes locked with hers as I break the skin, running the blade down to her pubic bone. I glance up at her but her eyes are shut as she sensually parts her legs. I run my knife lower until it reaches her pvssy, stopping when I reach her l!ps. I squeeze them together, letting her blood spill over them.

So fvcking beautiful…

“Fvck Zed…” She whimpers. I lean over her, k!ssing those l!ps before I make my way down, staring from between her bre-asts, lapping up all the blood.

Intense ple@sure courses through me and the urge for more only grows. Her m0ans and whimpers of ple@sure only fuel me as I don’t let even a drop go to waste. Reaching her pvssy, which is now stained a pretty red, I run my tongue over every inch before I plunge my tongue into her hot c*ore.

The taste of blood mixing with her juice makes me growl and I slip my tongue out and twirl it along her cl!t as I shove two fingers into her.

She cries out as I move back and with the knife, create a deeper cut along her lower stomach. The red liquid stains her cream skin in the most beautiful way… I toss the knife down, pressing my hand above her wound, and let the blood pour out faster.

She whimpers as she arches her back, and the liquid leaks down between her th!ghs and over her pvssy.

“That’s it, baby..” I growl, smearing the blood over her stomach.

“Fvck Zedkiel…” She whimpers as I continue to fvck her with my fingers, my own hands are covered in her blood and I go down on her again, l!cking up all the blood that is running over her pvssy and th!ghs before I begin my a*s*sault on her cl!t. She cups the back of my head, pushing me against her, her m0ans becoming louder.

I’m fvcking lost in her too. The ple@sure is far too intense not to consume me.I can feel Zerachiel’s emotions, and his satisfaction in seeing her like this.

“I’m going.. Ah, fvck!.. oh… ” She trails off, saying something incoherent as I feel her tighten around my fingers. A scream of euphoria leaves her as her juices squirt from her, mixing with the blood. The perfect c*oc*ktail of the two most delicious tastes ever. Her back arches and she lets go of my head, gripping the sheets beneath us as she rides out her release.

I move back, still fvcking her with my fingers as I admire her.

She’s beautiful… that expression on her face as she’s lost in the throes of ple@sure is breathtaking … I slip my fingers out ma*s*saging her pvssy and leaning over, I k!ss her, plunging my tongue which is coated with her juices into her mouth.

“Taste yourself, Baby… you’re fvcking delicious.” I murmur.

She whimpers as she slowly pushes me onto my back. “My turn” She whispers.

I c*oc*k a brow, not arguing when she wraps her hand around my c*oc*k. She’s still trembling from her own release, as she runs her hand along my sh@ft, about to run her tongue along the tip when I stop her.

“Come here,” I gr0an as ple@sure rushes through me at her touch, like electrifying sparks of e*cstasy.

She pouts and I smirk as I sit up, making her turn and lift her on top of me.

“Oh, goddess.” She m0ans, her face is now level with my c*oc*k as her s3xy as-s is in front of mine.

I hold back a gr0an when she wraps her mouth around my c*oc*k, sending ple@sure rushing through me like a fvcking explosion. For a moment I can’t focus on anything but the way this feels… I squeeze her as-s before ma*s*saging her pvssy.

She’s fvcking good. She finds her rhythm pretty fast, the natural instinct clear in the way she’s driving me fvcking crazy by running her tongue along every inch before she wraps those lush l!ps around the tip.

“That’s it, Baby, you got this.”I gr0an, my own finger rubbing her cl!t before I begin eating her out.

She m0ans, her mouth still stretched around my c*oc*k. Ah fvck…

I’m so fvcking close, and I begin meeting her thrusts, at the same time plunging my tongue into…

“I’m near…” I growl, as she speeds up and I reach down, grabbing the back of her head and shoving her down on my c*oc*k.

The s3xy sounds of her slurping and choking on my d!ck are a fvcking turn-on. I’m on the edge, hanging on the brink of pure fvcking e*cstasy and then I’m tipped over and I slam down her throat, releasing my load into her as she gags, pulling back, her hands pumping my c*oc*k until it becomes flaccid in her hold as I release every last drop.

“Fvck.” I curse, my heart still racing from the aftermath of my release. I spank her as-s, lifting her off me and turning her. I tilt her pretty face up.

She’s a hot mess, from the smudges of blood that are all over her body, the hickeys and my milky white cvm that managed to get on her neck and chest. She l!cks those raw red l!ps clean as she looks at me with lust and love, like a good little princess waiting to be praised.

“You’re a natural… I fvcking loved that.” I murmur  huskily.

“That was delicious.” She murmurs.

“Fvck yeah it was.” I say pulling her onto my lap as I begin k!ssing and svcking on her neck.

I’m already hardening under her. She grinds against me, m0aning as she reaches down and wraps her hand around my semi-h@rd sh@ft.

“Fvck me Zed.” She begs, k!ssing my jaw as she guides my c*oc*k inside her, m0aning in satisfaction as she begins to ride me without even having to be told.

I can’t help but smirk at her confidence as I tug her head back roughly and look down at her bouncing t!ts.

She braces her hands behind her on my th!ghs as she continues to hold her rhythm. I run my hand up her stomach, letting what remnant of blood there’s left, rub over her bre-astS as I fondle them, before wrapping my arm around her wa!st, the other tangling into her hair as I yank her head to the side and sink my teeth into her neck, on the opposite side to where her mark would sit.

She lets out a m0an, one that blends with my own.

I’m unable to hold it back… as the delicious hot liquid fills my mouth. ple@sure and strength rejuvenating me. This – This is fvcking better than I could have imagined.

I’m fvcking hard as I thrust into her, slow and deep, each time I’m burying myself deep into her as she meets me, grinding down onto my c*oc*k. Her nails dig into my shoulders, her m0ans getting louder. The illicit sound only driving me crazier.

I no longer have control over this. The ple@sure combined of fvcking and drinking from her heightens and I’m so fvcking close. So is she; I can feel her walls clamping around my d!ck.

And the moment her release hits her, I slam into her hard and fast, releasing my own load into her and coating her walls. It takes all my willpower to pull away from her neck, but I do, k!ssing her neck and shoulder as we both get our breath back.

That was fvcking heaven..

She locks her arms around my neck, and I press my forehead to hers as we stay there, I’m still buried deep inside of her, our hearts pounding, panting for air, our noses brushing against the others, the refreshing aftermath of our lovemaking consuming us.

“I may not know what it means to love… but if it means doing anything to protect them, to see them happy.. that you would k*ll for them and even d*ie for them.. want to be with them every passing minute of each day, to fall asleep with them by your side and awake every morning to their smile.

Then I’m definitely in love with you, Evangeline somehow… without even knowing it I’m yours.”

Her eyes meet mine, her heart thumping wildly, her emotions clear in those gorgeous eyes before a beautiful smile graces her face and her l!ps mould against mine in a burning k!ss as she murmurs the words that hold so much power within them.

“I love you too, Zedkiel…I do with all my heart and soul..”

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