His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 77

His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse

Chapter 77


Night has fallen and I feel completely numb.

Vienna was a mother to two children. She and Alpha Amar Lendorn had been together for quite a while and suddenly she was dead.

They say there was poison on her skin, so whoever did this could have put it on an object, touched her or some other means.

The first thing Zedkiel had said was, “Thank god, you forfeited, or this would have been pinned on you.”

It’s true. if I had stepped out to spar with her.. I would have been blamed. Someone is out there trying to thwart Zed and me from doing well in this tournament. Or worse, they are trying to have us removed, but hy?

“Drink something.” Lucia urges gently.

I’m currently sitting in the Omega’s lounge with her. Kash is watching me whilst Zedkiel is trying to help track down any clues. This time he refused to back down just because he is a contestant.

Everyone else was told to return to their quarters after a thorough examination was done that the substance was not on any surface or anything. The entire air was filled with a powerful sense of discord and fear.

Whoever is behind this made sure the scent was non-existent, and the powder itself was not something the n@ked eye would pick up and if you move t0o close, you would be affected.

Alpha Amar had suffered a heart attack shortly after and although it was first a*s*sumed it was the shock of losing his mate, it turned out that due to his proximity to his wife, he had been lightly poisoned. He is currently in the hospital wing.

I shake my head, feeling sick to my stomach.

“These games need to stop; this tournament isn’t safe.” I say, looking up at Kash as a few other omegas are gathered around the room, some talking in pairs or simply sitting around the large fire that burns in the hearth. The atmosphere is uneasy and I can feel everyone is on edge.

Zedkiel had made it clear Kash was to stay by my side and seeing how anxious I was getting in my room, he decided to bring me to Lucia and I’m grateful – I needed someone to talk to. Of course, first, the entire place had been cleansed and Lucia had been checked over too.

He rubs his shoulders, frowning thoughtfully. “We know that the King knows that, but it’s not that easy. War is coming, and if anything was to happen to the king – Goddess forbid, the kingdom’s stability is vital.”

“I know, but do you really think Prince Chasyn or Zedkiel will allow the kingdom to have a civil war for the crown?”

“No, but Zedkiel is the third born… they are not the only princes,” Kash mutters, quietly glancing at the doors that are closed, but the guards arę still near.

I sigh, wishing Raziel had shown-

I look up suddenly, and my heart thuds as I realize exactly what has happened here.

No wonder whatever he said in the Chamber was confusing. I had a feeling he had tried to mislead Zedkiel, but now I’m certain.

Raziel doesn’t want to let Zeihiel be known as the rightful king. So, he announces all other rightful kings like Alpha Ambrose when they come of age, but it is Zerachiel’s reincarnations that he refuses.

He’s made matters worse. For us all. There’s no time to delay. If Zedkiel is out there helping with what’s going on, then I need to do my part and I can start by taking a look at those scriptures immediately.

“Lucia, are you busy?” I ask.

“Not at all. It’s been lovely to see you again.” She says with a smile. “Why do you ask?”

“I need some help.”

“With what, I’m here?” Kash asks, casting Lucia an emotionless glance. Although he doesn’t let anything show on his face, it is obvious he doesn’t fully trust her.

“I need some help with some research.” I state, turning to Kash. “Kash, they say that the chamber gives the one who is the true king a vision. How do they prove this to others? I mean, they get a vision, but what about the rest of the people? How do they know the recipient of the vision isn’t lying? And I’m not accusing anyone, I’m just trying to understand how it works. The Royal family keeps the chamber and how it works, is quite a mystery.”

“The symbol of the king, under the moonlight. When they step out from the chamber, their back will hold the mark of the Lycan king.” Lucia answers quietly.

“And this is something the ‘chamber’ bestows upon them…” I muse.

Lucia nods. I know Zedkiel is the rightful king… If I can get Raziel to proclaim Zedkiel as the true king, then this could all be put to an end, and we can focus on the true threats growing at our borders.

“Yes.” Kash says. “Why?”

“Let’s go somewhere private.” I suggest looking between them. They exchange looks before giving me a nod.

Ten minutes later and I’m in an empty room that has been marked ‘clear’ with both of them waiting for me to begin talking. Taking a glance around the room, I sigh and look at them both.

“The chamber contains an ent*ity…” I begin.

“An ent*ity?” Kash repeats, c*oc*king a brow.

“Raziel, the first werewolf… he’s in there… That is his prison on earth.” I say quietly.

Lucia stares at me shocked. Just as her phone beeps and she takes it out, her heart skips a beat before she slips it back into her pocket. Lately, my hearing has continued to heighten.

“How would you know?” Kash asks.

“Trust me, I know.” I reply.

“So, what did you want help with?” Lucia asks, sounding confused.

“Zed and I asked the king for all the notes and articles he has regarding the original scriptures. I was hoping that you two can help me go through them to see if there’s anything more than what we know already.” I declare as I begin pacing. “I will fill you in on everything that we already know.”

“I dislike paperwork but sure, I can help but will you really trust Prince Chasyn’s Omega?” Kash says bluntly, “I can get Isa to help.”

“I have never been asked by Prince Chasyn to share anything with him and I never have.” Lucia says, lowering her head to him, and I frown, seeing there’s a sadness which isn’t usually there in her eyes.

Is everything alright?

“Hmm. I still don’t trust her. I think you should let Zed decide.” Kash says firmly.

I frown slightly and shake my head. “No. I trust her. I don’t need to ask Zed. Yes, we can have Isa helping too.” I state, making them both stare at me and I realise how rude I must have sounded! “I… I just mean I trust her.”

Kash smirks. “Don’t apologise. You spoke like a true queen.”

I smile back apologetically and glance over at Lucia. She’s looking down and I feel guilty for how Kash has been brushing her off. “Kash, can you mind link the king and ask him if he’s able to give us access to any of those right now? Although I know he may be busy, say it’s urgent.”

“Yeah… sure.” Kash says glancing at Lucia for a second before he turns away.

She’s playing with the sleeve of her shirt, but I can see the worry in her eyes. “Is everything alright?” I ask her, concerned.

She smiles and nods. “Yes, of course.” I tilt my head and I know there’s more to it, but with Kash there I can’t really push it.

“I’m here if you do need to talk.” I say, wanting to be there for her as she is for me. Even if we rarely see one another lately, I smile, looking down at my bracelet.


“You know, I am a Gemini,” I say.

She nods, a genuine smile crossing her face. “I know, your birth month.” She says, holding up her own wrist adorned with her bracelet.

“I’m an actual Gemini… a twin or I originally was One.”

‘Until you took it away from me.’ Evelyn’s voice comes bitterly.

‘Took what? How?’

Once again, there’s no reply and it only makes me more frustrated. How do we fix this?

“Like the daughters of Selene?” Lucia asks, bringing me from my thoughts.

Kash suddenly turns back to us, his eyes sharp as he looks at me. “Not like the daughters of Selene.

Evangeline is the reincarnation of Selene’s daughter… One of the mates of the Lycan Zerachiel. Correct?”

“Correct.” I reply as I slowly begin telling them everything that we learned, I don’t mention when exactly we went to the Chamber of Truth but I knew Kash probably knew that anyway, but he didn’t add on it either and soon I had filled them in on almost everything aside from Evelyn k*lling the Oracle.

They both take several moments to understand it all and let it sink in. Kash is the first to recover from the shock.

“So, we need to see if we can find any clues to break this curse that may be overlooked in the scriptures. Correct?” He says.

I nod, tapping my chin. “We just need to see if there’s anything else that can help that might have been overlooked”.

Kash nods, “The more eyes, the better.” His eyes glaze slightly and I know he is being mindlinked.

“So you have a voice inside your head?” Lucia asks curiously.

I smile wryly and nod. “Are you certain she’s your twin? What if you have a Lycan and she is your Lycan?”

“No… I am an Omega. Despite my powers seeming to be manifesting, I still hold the scent, build and abilities of an omega.” I say just as Kash looks at us both.

“The King said he’ll have the documents and books in his office. We are welcome to look at them there. Let’s go.”

I nod, determined to get answers, not only from those scriptures but from Evelyn too. Enough time has been wasted, almost as if it’s what she wants, what Raziel wants… time is running out and by nightfall, I’m determined to enter that chamber once more.

One way or another, I will make Raziel speak. For me, for Evelyn, for Zedkiel and Zerachiel and, above all, for our entire race.

Tonight, I will follow the ritual of those who enter the chamber and bow down to the original werewolf and ask for guidance that he owes his daughters.

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