His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 79

His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse

Chapter 79


I lower my barriers, letting all my thoughts and emotions spread through me. I feel the darkness rise, then the stormy havoc that begins to whirl around my head.

“Then.. if I tell you everything, swear me an oath that you will be the one to d*ie… Once the curse is broken, if you manage it, and free me from this prison you put me into, promise me that you will let me live one life… Make me an oath that you will give your life to end this curse!’

To d*ie… to leave Zedkiel… The crippling pain of heartbreak rushes through me, but I know I can’t be selfish. I need to do what is right..

‘You have my word, you won’t d*ie, Evelyn, I will take the fall. I will lift the darkness from your soul, and sacrifice myself to end the curse of the Eternal God. I promise you by Selene and Zed… I will willingly d*ie for you. You deserve to live too.’

Her power surges in my mind. Her cackle of happiness and victory is deafening as it screams so powerfully in my mind. My eyes are closed, but still a single tear slips down my cheeks.

I will break the curse, even if it does cost me my life.

My breath catches in my throat, and the crushing pain of knowing my days with Zedkiel are now numbered, breaks me.

But even with those thoughts burning in my mind, I am ready for her, ready for her to tell me everything that she knows.

‘Start at the beginning.’ I say quietly.

‘Oh, dear sister… I intend to.’

I wait patiently for her to begin and I hear her sigh heavily, sensing the weight she’s carrying as she lowers her walls.

‘It all began after the curse was placed upon us… it awoke a darkness in me, one that sought havoc and destruction… I wanted to see them all dead.

…but for him… I tried… so hard… Let me start from before that.. We were simply two sisters mated to the Lycan King. He loved us both, or so he said. I was of Alpha blood despite being second born, I had our father’s ability. but you- you had all of Selene’s essence, her light, her beauty, her talent and being a pure Omega, you were the cherished prize…”

I can sense the resentment in her voice. It was clear before the curse there was bitterness within her.

I remain silent, listening to her.

“Where I would accompany Zerachiel on escapades and battles, it was you he worried for, you who he yearned to return to, to where you looked after the people and our kingdom. We were both his Lunas. …but you were the one seen as his true queen… Even the people noticed it.’ She spits.

‘I’m sorry.’ I whisper, only to be met with a scoff.

‘He loved us both, but it was as clear as the light of the moon that the one he favoured was you… The one he took to bed far more… The one blessed with a wolf created from moonlight itself.. A wolf so white, one cannot even look at it for long. You, my precious Omega sister, were the chosen star of the kingdom and Zerachiel’s favourite. Sweet, selfless and strong. What more can one ask for?’ She sneers.

What can I say to that? It’s of a time I don’t know of, memories of a life long forgotten, and it only makes me want to know even more of how everything came to be, how it is today…

‘Although I gave him three children, you gave him seven, and with each one… he doted upon you more and more. I remained silent. Of course, the lonely nights spent hoping that tonight he’d come to me became more and more frequent… With the growing discord, we all knew that war was coming.

Oh, if only I realised that I would be the undoing of all.. I once again got the short end of the stick.’

‘What do you mean?’ I ask breathlessly, my heart thumping as I await her to continue.

“What do you think? I’m the one who was bitter and dark. I made the mistake of going to our father’s call… from his prison down in that place now called the Chamber of Truth, but there… he cursed me! And in doing so, brought about the destruction of Zerachiel. The one whose love which was all I wanted… not only was I his least favourite mate… but I was now also going to be his end.’ She takes a shuddery breath, and I can hear the pain that is bleeding into her anger.

‘Bound by a curse, what could I do but end him… but you – our little innocent Omega queen herself destroyed me-‘

‘How can that have been possible? Why would I do that? There’s no way that I-‘

‘Shocked you didn’t even try to help me?! I knew you just wanted him all to yourself! And of course, there is a way! You were powerful enough to destroy me! With Selene in banishment, who do you think is the rightful Goddess?!’

My heart thuds as my mind freezes up. She chuckles darkly.

‘Yes dear sister, with our precious mother locked away in the realm’s most powerful prison, you are the one who holds the Goddess’s power! You are the Moon Goddess! Your precious white wolf is the embodiment of Selene herself!’

My mind is spinning.

‘I may have been cursed by the very first Alpha, but you held the power of the one who created him, in your confidence you destroyed me, but remember the Eternal God too had cursed us… just as you have finally discovered and so, my spirit remained… and what better host than the body of the one I shared a womb with, one who I have a link to, and share a mate with?’ She chuckles and I can’t reply, my mind spinning.

She continues. ‘Through you, I was able to be with him again… those visions you see.. he never would have been able to k*ll you. What you see is me in your body, a body that was no longer yours. Locked away in the abyss of your mind Yet our mate.. all he could think of was that his precious queen was gone and before he k*lled me… he rejected me.’

The pain I can feel is too much. I can barely breathe.

‘Where is my wolf, then? Aren’t I just an omega?’ I ask, trying to focus.

She ignores my question regarding my wolf. ‘Why do you think Omegas are so cherished? Allow me to tell you… because although most of the scriptures are lost, that stated that the very first queen was an Omega… Stories of respect for our omegas still managed to come down through time.

Throughout history, omegas were considered prized possessions. You were Zerachiel’s greatest possession, you were his obsession and to this day, that has not changed. yet to prevent history from repeating itself, he always tries to keep you away, but the hybrid prince does not have that power to stay away from you.’ She scoffs. ‘All Zerachiel wants is for you to be safe.’ She chuckles darkly.

My head is pounding as she carries on, even when I don’t think I can take anymore.

‘There, dear sistêr, now you know.’ She finishes. fall silent, my heart pounding violently.

Time is ticking, but this time round, I am determined to end the centuries of suffering, to end the heartbreak Zerachiel suffers, the curse Evelyn is inflicted with… End Raziel’s despair, and Zedkiel’s pain..

I will accomplish it all because I am the daughter of Selene and not only that… but… I am the Moon Goddess. I will succeed.

A powerful, brilliant white light erupts in my head, and suddenly, I sense a third presence within my mind. A pain sears through my forehead, starting from the centre of my temples, and spreading through me, down my neck to the tips of my fingers.

A surge of power rushes through me and then I see her, a blinding white wolf, so powerful and majestic as she pads across my mind. Our eyes meet and she lowers her head.

“It has been too long… Evangeline… My name is Luna, and I, I am your wolf.”

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