His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 80

Continuation from His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse to

His Fated Obsession (Book 2) Chapter 01



My wolf..

I look around and find that we are surrounded by brilliant white light. So pure… yet even with the blinding light, Luna glows brightly. Her aura radiates off her and her blue eyes are fixed on me.

I don’t know where exactly this place is, but it’s somewhere within my mind.

I reach for her, and she lowers her head. The moment I touch her, another wave of energy runs through me, and it feels like currents of live electricity jolting through me. Spreading through every fibre of my body.

Someone’s calling me, and I look around, knowing

I need to go.

“Evangeline! Fvck!” Voices from far away echo in my head.


‘I am here now, and no one can send me back. You were finally strong enough to unleash me go.’ Luna says. Her voice is powerful and melodic, each word hums through my bones and I feel her urging me out of my mind.

My eyes fly open to see Kash is in front of me, his hands cupping my face and his heart racing faster than I have ever heard it.

Lucia is holding my hand, her heart pounding as Isa stands behind Kash, her eyes wide with horror.

“I’m fine. Are you guys ok?” I ask scanning the room. The office is a mess, papers are strewn everywhere and the coffee table is to the side.

Alpha Ambrose’s chair has tipped over, his desk pushed up against the far wall.

“What happened..” I ask.

“You.” Kash says removing his hand and instead runs it through his hair. But he’s still staring at me.

“Me?” I brush my hair back only to freeze, slowly looking down to see my black locks are gone. In their place is white hair, as white as Luna’s fur…

“Her aura…” Isa says, stepping back curiously.

“What happened?” Lucia whispers, her hands trembling as she holds onto mine tightly, the other hand stroking my hair.

“I got my wolf.” I say quietly,

Kash closes his eyes, letting out a breath of relief. “If something happened to you, Zed would have k*lled us all.”

k*lled us all…

I know his rage… Zerachiel’s rage. If anything were to happen to me how would he cope? I try not to think of that and quickly stand up.

“How long was I out?”

“About half an hour, we’ve got everything.” Kash says, standing up. “Your aura will not go unnoticed though… you’re glowing.”

I don’t know what abilities I hold, and it didn’t matter. Unless we broke the curse, no amount of power will help us.

“It’s beautiful.” Lucia says in admiration, and I look at her, seeing a beautiful smile on her face.

“Thank you…” I say.

“Take a deep breath and try to imagine you’re pulling it in like it’s something you can tighten? It’s a bit like how you would s*ck your stomach in. It’s a similar kind of feeling.” Isa offers and I nod, doing as she says and I can feel it ease up, see the glow fade from my skin.

“I’ll try, thank you.” I say gratefully. “Well, I think I should go and take the ritual bath”

Isa picks up the bundle of undyed cotton that had been pushed into the corner too and smooths them out. They must have gotten there at some point when I was talking to Evelyn.

Kash is about to open the door when he hesitates. “Your hair….”

“Yeah, I think I need to cover it.” I agree, touching my hair.

“Zed is going to say we aged his Luna by stressing her out. Here, just put my jacket on.” Isa offers, picking it up from the floor. I accept it, pushing all my hair back and slipping the jacket, which is a little tight, on. It does the job and I pull the hood up.

“They’ll see it sooner or later, but for now I rather it not get out.” I say quietly. The women nod their agreement, and we exit.

The guards glance at us, both lowering their heads to me. Their hearts are racing, and I can feel their confusion.

They can sense my wolf…

I give them a nod, trying to pull my powers in as much as possible. Trying to grasp them completely, I hope I get better at this. I don’t want anyone feeling uncomfortable.

I walk down the hall to the bathroom.

“I’ll just put these inside for you.” Isa says as she enters the bathroom with the clothes and Kash leans against the door.

“I’ll wait here. I want you to head back to the office.” He says quietly to Isa, and I frown, knowing he means Lucia.

Isa sighs, placing the clothes on the railing for me, before she steps out of the bathroom and walks down the hallway back to the office.

I’m about to close the door when I pause.

“Kash, why don’t you like Lucia? She’s not done anything to make you hate her.”

“It’s nothing personal, but many of Zed’s family do not have the best intention at heart for him… an omega would do anything for her Alpha. …all Chasyn needs to do is ask her if he so desires and she would rat us out.” He says coldly, crossing his arms.

“Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. I don’t want to see your hostility or doubt towards her going forward. Am I clear?” I say, I don’t even feel guilty for being firm with him.

He frowns, but nods. “Yes, Luna.” He says icily.

I know he’s upset, but I can’t let him continue to treat her like that. Shutting the door, I take a deep breath and go over to the clothes where Isa has left me a list of how the ritual bath is carried out.

She does seem nice. I will ask Zedkiel outright if there was ever something between them, if Zed refuses to answer me, I’ll ask Isa herself.

I feel different. I can’t explain it, but I do. And my head? There’s a serene feeling inside, and I don’t feel I’m having to fight Evelyn from taking over.

She’s there, I can feel her in the corner of my mind, but I think Luna is keeping her back.

‘It’s the least I can do,’ Luna says, and I smile.

‘I didn’t think wolves had voices.’ I reply in my mind as I skim the instructions.

‘No, only I and Stella were powerful enough.’ She replies quietly.

‘Stella…” She didn’t need to tell me she’s talking about Evelyn’s wolf, I can feel her sadness.

‘What happened to her?’ I ask, my gut twisting when I remember Evelyn’s words… ‘I. I k*lled her.’

I can feel Luna’s sadness, Evelyn’s pain, from far in the corner of my mind.

Silence falls and I can feel a comforting warmth from Luna. Although I have just met her, it doesn’t feel like that. I feel she gives me the confidence and strength I have always been missing.

“I’m glad you are here..” I whisper, knowing no apology to Evelyn would ever make up for all I have done to her.

‘I’m happy to be here, too. It got upsetting to see you so lonely growing up… from here on. I’m here by your side. Forever.’

I smile as I undress and rinse my hands three times, as the instructions say. I continue washing myself as I talk to Luna.

I know a wolf is part of us since birth, and we feel their presence upon our shift. ‘Were you there, when that village burned down, when Alpha Aeron found me. Do you know what happened back then?’ I ask.

I feel her sigh ‘No, if we don’t have control of your eyes, then we can’t see what’s happening. I only heard what you did, but from a distance. Things became clearer when you turned eighteen and when you were in the pool… I managed to create a barrier around you, but it was so difficult.’

‘You did that… thank you.’

‘No need to thank me.’

I take a deep breath and step under the water… washing my pure white hair. I haven’t even looked in the mirror uncertain of how I look, or what Zedkiel will think.

I turn my focus to Raziel, wondering if I will be able to Sway him. No.. there cannot be any ifs. I have to sway him.

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