His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 85

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His Fated Obsession (Book 2) Chapter 06


‘I am going to punish you Little Mouse for disobeying me.’ I say through the link feeling that connection and I’m satisfied when her eyes widen, a blush coating her cheeks.

Oh? So, she knows exactly what kind of punishment I have in my mind.

‘Lets bend the knee to our queen.’ I say to Zerachiel keeping my eyes locked with hers. I can feel his pride as he struggles before growling and pulling back. I take her hand as I go down on one knee and lower my head to her. Something I have never ever done, even to my father.

“Zed’” She whispers. Placing her hands on my arms. “Please don’t..”

I stand up slowly, our eyes meeting, before I turn to the others. “The true Queen has been chosen, which means the tournament is off.”

“B-but a-a woman is going to be queen?” Franco splutters earning a cold glare from Dad.

“If our creator, the goddess herself is a woman, then why can’t our ruler be a woman?” I snarl.

He shuts up instantly and Dad nods. “And she will have the guidance from Zedkiel and myself as well as the chosen court-“

“Chosen court?” Philip asks.

“Each king chooses his court, you should know that.” I say coldly. “Or should I say in this case the queen will choose.”

“King works, because you’re mine and you will choose.” She whispers, her fingers lacing with mine as she looks up at me.

She’s struggling with her emotions and I want to get her alone to ask her about everything. I don’t know what she’s going through but I can sense it.

However, before that there is something I need to do.

“Dad, call a meeting of the court, and the allied packs, there’s something I want to share.” I say, my eyes darkening.

“Did you find anything?” He asks me sharply.

“Perhaps, perhaps not, make sure all the Alphas are there too, especially the Lendorns. I want them all there” I say coldly before I turn to Evangeline.

‘Get dressed, then Kash will bring you to the throne room.’

Her eyes are filled with concern, ‘Zed… are you angry with me?’

‘Yes. You went in there knowing it’s dangerous’ I reply coldly.

‘No.. I…’ She looks away and I see the hurt in her eyes. ‘Ok. I’ll go change…”

I frown slightly watching her walk off and motion Kash to follow her.

“Congratulations.” Chasyn says to Evangeline as she walks past, removing his jacket and placing it around her shoulders.

“Thank you.” She whispers with a smile before she walks off with Kash, who casts a cold glare at Chasyn before he walks off.

There’s always been an issue between the two of them and although Kash always refused to tell me what it is, with Chasyn having no clue I have my own ideas…

I decided to head to the throne room beforehand, what I found isn’t enough to pin on anyone. But I was planning to weed them out, by acting as if I know more than I do.

It could go wrong, but I have my suspicions. The Lendorn’s are one of the closest and most trusted families of the Vilkas, for them to be targeted..

Someone is trying to weaken us from within and I plan for them to realise that we will not let it slide.

From now on I’m powering down on them all.

I pace the hall, there were two things that stood out when I went to track down any changes.

The paths out of the castle that were meant to be out of use, had fresh footsteps. Rather well disguised, but fresh.

Someone was using them to slip in and out of the castle, secondiy, only a rare few know of those paths and that narrowed down the culprits. Aside from the royal family there were only a few who would know and those are part of the King’s Court.

I tilt my head, my eyes flashing at the possibility that there is more than one, if that’s the case… I don’t plan to mention those footprints for now. If this plan fails, I plan to keep an eye on the paths…

But luckily we found the man who had supplied the poison and although he had no name, he said he’d remember their scent and aura… A person who is now in our custody.

Now all I need to do was bring him in at the right moment…

I pace the dark room, I hadn’t bothered to turn the light on because the moon shines through the windows, bathing the room in light. My footsteps echo on the marble floors.

The doors open and her intoxicating scent hits me before I even turn. When I do, my breath catches in my throat. She’s radiating that white glow, and in the darkness, with the moonlight shining through she looks… ethereal..

She’s dressed in a black dress that reaches below her knees, her white hair frames her face and her beautiful hazel eyes are looking at me with love and concern.


“You were fast.” I say quietly.

She nods, her heart thumping as she walks over to me and I close the gap between us pulling her close upon reaching her and she cups my face.

“I promise I didn’t want to take your throne, it’s still yours I-“

I c*oc*k a brow. “I really don’t care for the throne, yes I wanted to be king but that was to be able to lead our people to victory, to do the right thing and I’m sure I can do that by your side.” I say quietly. Is that why she’s so worried?

She looks surprised, “But I thought you were angry at me.” She whispers.

“I am, for disobeying me, you’re still mine regardless of your status. I don’t like to be disobeyed. Seriously Little Mouse, did you really think that I’m angry because you are queen?”

Wasn’t that obvious? Women and their minds are always a*s*suming something else.

A beautiful smile grazes her face, flooding with relief. “Thank the goddess… but there’s more, lots more. I need to tell you.” She whispers looking around.

I frown but nod. “After the meeting we’ll talk.” I say cupping her face as I kiss her softly, relishing in the moment I feared I would never experience again. I can’t lose her. Ever.

‘You got your wolf.’ I murmur.

‘Yes, her name is Luna.’ She whispers back.

A wolf with a voice? My woman is indeed special.

‘Hello. Luna.’ I feel her cheeks heat up, her heart thudding and I know her wolf liked that.

As much as I want to continue to k!ss her forever, the door is opened, interrupting us. The first of the court members are here.

Time to find that snake amongst us.

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