His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 86

Continuation from His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse to

His Fated Obsession (Book 2) Chapter 07


‘He’s only angry because we disobeyed him.’ I tell Luna, who chuckles.

‘Yes, and he said he will punish us.’ She purrs. I raise my eyebrows, internally shaking my head. She’s a naughty one.

‘Of course, that’s the only part you remember.’ I reply. I hear Evelyn’s faint scoff and my heart squeezes.

She’s Zedkiel’s mate too. yet she has to watch us being intimate.

‘Don’t blame yourself, plus she can’t see everything like I do, like right now she can’t hear your thoughts.’ Luna rea*s*sures me.

‘I know, but I want her free.’

Luna says. ‘I understand.’

She falls silent as the Alphas and Alpha heirs troop into the room alongside the other members of the court. All of Zedkiel’s brothers are here, Danciana, the Luna Queen is beside Alpha Ambrose, a small frown on her face. Kash is here too… the king’s beta and more.

Looking at him now, to my surprise, he reminds me of Kash a little. How interesting… no wonder Kash is a powerful wolf. He must be of beta blood..

I’m getting many questioning looks and the murmurs regarding my hair are rising, even from those who had seen me step out of that chamber.

They had been so distracted by the mark that they hadn’t even noticed my hair until now.

Alpha Ambrose strides toward us and looks between us. ‘I will announce that the new ruler has been shown and abolish the tournament.’ He says through the link.

Zedkiel nods, and I’m not so sure it is necessary to mention, but I am happy to see the tournament being brought to an end. There’s so much more we need to do, and it was just an obstacle in the way, not to mention it is nothing but dangerous.

“Before Alpha Prince Zedkiel Vilkas heads the meeting that he has called, there is something I need to share. Earlier tonight, someone entered the chamber after performing the ritual bath.” He begins, and the room falls silent, all eyes on him, it was obvious that the word had not spread to everyone.

I’m certain that was at the king’s command.

“But there is no member of the royal family who has not entered.” Queen Danciana says quietly. Her eyes are sharp as she stares at the king.

‘She’s probably thinking Dad has another child.’ Zed’s voice comes through the link, and I can sense the amusement in his voice.

I bite the inside of my cheek, trying not to smile. I felt bad for the queen, and Zedkiel’s amusement was no less.

‘Well, just remember that you are not allowed to have any other women.’ I say, unable to stop myself, pouting slightly. His sharp eyes snap to mine, but before he can reply, the king waves the queen away.

“No, not a member of the Vilkas family by blood… but still a part of this family. I would like everyone to look towards the miracle of your chosen queen!

Luna Princess Evangeline Vilkas is our true queen, the ruler who will ascend my throne when I step down!” Alpha Ambrose says clearly.

The shock on their faces is something I won’t ever forget. Celia’s face has dropped, and I can see the shock and jealousy that’s written all over it, but it’s Sinclair’s face that makes my gaze falter upon him.

There’s regret in his eyes, and I almost want to scoff. He regrets letting me go because I’m now a queen. Power was all he ever Craved. I turn my attention to Zedkiel, my world…

Only one may survive… my hand tightens on his and he looks at me sharply, frowning slightly, almost as if sensing my sadness. He tugs me into his arms and brushes my hair off my neck, allowing everyone to look upon my mark.

“I don’t know what to think. Should I be insulted? She’s not a Vilkas by blood after all.” Ragnar says coldly.

“Well brother, seems like she’s special.” Draven smirks.

‘Are you alright?’ Zedkiel asks as everyone begins whispering and remarking on my mark.

‘Yes, it isn’t going to be easy to be accepted by all, I will need to prove myself.’

‘Absolutely’ I reply, raising his hand. I kiss it softly.

He gives a nod before turning to those gathered. “I thank everyone for coming, especially those from the Dark Claw Pack. Losing your Luna isn’t something small and, rest a*s*sured, I will find the culprit. I will not disturb you after tonight and allow you to mourn as a family and pack.”

Zedkiel frowns as he continues.

“The tournament is now over since our true ruler has been revealed… yet it is clear someone was trying to either k*ll my Luna, by attempted drowning and then when she was meant to be paired against Luna Vienna, may she rest in peace, Luna Vienna ended up poisoned by something that did not need to be internally administered.”

He frowns and my heart aches for her and her family. “If Evangeline sparred against her, we all know she would have been blamed for this. The Lendorns are valued allies of the Vilkas family and so the question comes down to who… and why…”

He gives my hand a squeeze and lets go as he steps forward. His aura surges around him as he scans the crowds.

‘Their heartbeats… any whose change? I need you and Dad to pay attention to those on the left and center.’ Zedkiel’s voice comes through the link.

‘On it’ I reply.

“Are you accusing us, Alpha Prince Zedkiel?” Franco asks sharply.

“Not at all, but I found the man that the poison was purchased from, and he’s here right now. Willing to speak for his life.” Zedkiel says clearly. A few hearts thud and my eyes flash as I observe them sharply.

“Franco, Alpha Darvin of the Moonshine Pack, Drystan.” I say hesitantly, my eyes flitting between the three.

‘Celia and Octavius Huntington’ Alpha Ambrose murmurs through the link.

‘And Cole…’ Zedkiel finishes coldly.

“There’s no way that you can trust the word of a random commoner, one who sells poison for that matter! He should be in prison for that matter!” Franco snarls.

“Why are you so worried Franco?” Zedkiel asks coldly before smirking icily as he begins to pace.

Carrying an air of dominance that sends a chill through the room. “Tell me Franco… why did you suggest the rule for the tournament that none of us should have the mind link?” He stops, turning his attention fully on the man.

Franco scoffs.

“Zedkiel..” Chasyn murmurs, concerned.

“So it is harder! I have no other ulterior motives, if that is what you are insinuating, Prince Zedkiel.”

He declares stubbornly.

I don’t like the man but something tells me he isn’t the culprit… with Zed’s attention on him; I scan the rest. Cole is emotionless, with just a serious expression on his face.

Darvin looks bored.. there had been a few others, but I don’t know. Did we miss anyone? What were the chances that the person was amongst us?

“Do you know one of the powers of a vampire?” Zedkiel says, his voice sounding dangerous.

Everyone goes quiet, uneasy filling the room and even Alpha Ambrose looks up sharply.

‘What does he mean?’ Luna asks uneasily.

‘I don’t know…’ I murmur, remembering the words of Raziel.

“What do you mean to say Prince Zedkiel..” Alpha Aeron says, his gaze flitting between us.

“Meaning there are ways to compel someone to answer me.” He growls, his eyes flashing when I step forward.

‘Zed… you can’t accuse people without proof. Bring in the man who had provided the poison.’ I say softly through the link. He looks at me with his burning red eyes.

‘Someone tried to k*ll you, Evangeline, someone has d*ied… I want names.’ He turns towards the doors that open and two warriors step inside holding onto a man who has a rather slim build.. an omega…

His face is ashen, and he doesn’t look well..  I think Zedkiel thinks the same thing as he crosses the hall. “What’s wrong with him?”

“I don’t know Alpha; he suddenly just became sick.

“And you didn’t think to let me know?” Zedkiei snarls venomously. “Spread out!” He shouts to the gathered court members.

I can hear his heart racing as he pulls the man in front of the gathering. He doesn’t want to lose this lead.. “Tell me, do you see the one who purchased the poison?” He snarls.

The man looks at the crowd before him, his heart thumping, fear rolling off him, but I can sense his agony. I don’t know what’s happening but the pain is crushing me inside.

‘What’s..’ I gr0an to Luna as I try to remain standing there.

‘I think.. it’s the link to all wolves as the goddess…’ She whimpers.

My eyes flash as I stare at him, this pain.. I’m about to speak when he raises his hand and points ahead. All eyes turn as the man slumps forward- dead. I run to the man, but it’s too late.

He’s gone.

“Get a healer!” Danciana commands, but it’s futile… Someone must have already given the order because soon I hear running footsteps.

“You..” Zed’s voice is low, and I turn sharply to look at who his gaze is fixed on.

“I did nothing… he’s- he wasn’t pointing at me!”

Cole thunders as he looks around and stares at Jeremiah who is standing next to him. “It was you! You were the one he was pointing at!”

“Me? I don’t have anything against anyone. I didn’t even compete in the tournament.” Jeremiah says, looking completely confused.

“I wouldn’t blame a prince.” Alcazer warns.

“Cole…” Zed growls.

“No! No, this is a setup!” Cole thunders.

“Throw him in the cells for further questioning!” Zed snarls. The two guards, along with Kash, grab him.

“No! no! I haven’t done this! I swear I have done nothing wrong! I’m not the one you are after! Trust me! The traitor is amongst you!” Cole snarls.

Somehow, I believe him…

“Place him in a holding cell until questioned. You are not to harm him or treat him as a traitor until we have more answers.” I command, making the room go quiet. My heart thuds as all eyes turn on me.

“Are you going to defy your Alpha, Luna Evangeline?” Celia asks pointedly. I didn’t mean to…

“Indeed, my question too. We should always remember our place.” Danciana adds haughtily.

I frown, feeling Luna’s rage but I bite my tongue. I didn’t mean to put Zedkiel down.

“She is the future queen. She holds more power than I, do as she says.” Zedkiel says quietly. “I’m done here.”

He turns and heads to the exit. My heart twists as I hurry to keep up, not missing the smirk on Celia’s face before hurrying out of the double doors.

“Zedkiel!” I call, spotting him heading towards the entrance.

He doesn’t reply, but he’s walking fast. I run to keep up and grab onto his arm just as he steps out into the heavy snow.

“Zed… I’m sorry I-“

“Stop apologising for everything you do, Evangeline.” He growls. “I was handling that, you shouldn’t have stepped into it.”

His words sting but I can hear the irritation in his voice. His eyes are burning red as he glares at me. “I was just…”

“Look, I get that your rank is now higher than mine, but if I’m handling something, do not interfere. I’m still an Alpha. You think far too much of most people, Evangeline. I know what I’m doing.” He snarls.

“This isn’t about rank, I just-“

“Let’s call it a night.” He says, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“So, this entire rank thing is going to cause issues now?” I ask, feeling upset.

“No, I just. I just- let me deal with the sh*t I’m dealing with my way.” He says coldly.

“Ok. I’m sorry.” I say quietly. I look down. I can’t tell him about me being the moon goddess.

“You need to head to bed. It’s been a long night.” He says, sighing.

“And you?” I ask softly.

“I’m going to deal with Cole.” He replies and, not waiting for a reply, he walks back inside. My heart thumps when he stops and looks over his shoulder. “Are you coming?”

“I thought you were going to go check on Cole…” I reply.

“Yes, but first I’m taking you to our quarters.” He replies pointedly, his anger seems to have eased up a little.

I can’t help but smile and I nod, hurrying over to him. He places his hand on my @ssas he leads the way…

We’ll be ok… I just need to tell him everything. Or almost everything..

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