His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 88

Continuation from His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse to

His Fated Obsession (Book 2) Chapter 09


I don’t know what he’s hidden from me and a part of me doesn’t want to believe that there even is anything. He should have told me everything when he returned, to know he has been keeping something from me… someone who I thought has no secrets from me.

I trust Kash with my life and more, from him and his half-brothers who are all of beta blood, if I were to take the throne Kash would have always been my choice for beta. I trusted him and I hope I still Can.

He’s standing there, a deep frown on his face.

“What are you not telling me?” I ask. My voice is deadly calm, my eyes burning red as I watch him carefully, my aura surging around me as it takes everything not to simply lash out and attack him.

“I. It’s not what you’re thinking and to be honest you can’t trust them, Zed.” He answers me quietly.

“I’m not asking you to give me your advice. I’m telling you to fill me in on what you have kept from me. My patience is depleting fast, Kash.

Answer me now!” I snarl venomously.

He closes his eyes, and I can tell he’s agitated, as he brushes his hair off his face.

“Alright, hear me out. Before you jump to conclusions, you need to listen to everything I say.” He counters, and that is enough to tell me I won’t like whatever he’s going to come out with.

“Yeah? Now? You could have said that when you returned!” I thunder.

“Zed. calm down.” Evangeline whispers, rubbing my shoulder and neck. Her touch is calming.

“I know but I also know how irrational you are. I was thinking of a way to deal with things without it coming to this.”

“Coming to what, exactly?” I ask icily.

“Look… I was captured by none other than the Vampire Princess Ziahra..”

Princess? I thought I was the only heir… I glance at Evangeline and she’s frowning too.

“A princess?” Evangeline asks.

“That’s what she said…” Kash looks uneasy and I c*oc*k a brow.

“Keep talking. Seems like there’s more.” I reply coldly.

“I just.” He looks away and I observe him. “Is there something about this woman that you want to share?”

“She… She claims that you are one of them.”

“I’m a hybrid. This was something you should have told me.”

“Yeah, I know I just… ” He sighs, reaching for the bottom of his shirt. He winces before he pulls his shirt off, and I c*oc*k my brow until my eyes fall on his shoulder. There’s no blood or injury, but the entire shoulder has a black disgusting patch that seems to be latched onto his skin, the surrounding skin looks dead, and I can see the angry veins spreading from the patch, slowly creeping around his neck.

“You were bitten.” Evangeline gasps as she jumps up from her seat. “I saw you’ve been rubbing your shoulder. Why didn’t you say anything?”

She’s by his side, worry clear on her face and I don’t know how to react knowing he’s poisoned… how was he poisoned? Why isn’t he healing?

“How the fvck did that happen?” I ask, “Why haven’t you gotten it checked?”

“I have… …but…. it’s not curable. Once it spreads to my entire body…” He places his hand over it but it doesn’t cover it all as he looks away.

“Then what?” I ask, my stomach twisting.

“Then it‘ll take my life.”

A soft gasp escapes Evangeline before silence ensues as those words sink in. Until my own anger flares up.

“What did they fvcking use?!” I snarl, standing up, hating his casual tone as if he’s fvcking discussing the weather. He’s my closest friend, I can’t lose him. I sent him on that mission. If anything happens to him…

My heart’s thundering. He refuses to answer me, determinedly glaring at the ground, his eyes turning black as his wolf surfaces.

“You were bitten..” Evangeline says softly, her eyes sadden as she places her hand on his shoulder.

I look at her sharply, my heart thudding as Kash gives a small nod.

Bitten… meaning… I stare at her, trying to make sense of it. Bitten.. meaning by a vampire… did that mean…

‘I’m fine… your bite didn’t poison me.’ She says through the link, understanding exactly what’s on my mind.

But it could have… I was always told it was forbidden… I could have poisoned her…

There has to be a way to cure you and I will find it.” Evangeline says firmly, her eyes flashing with determination. That white aura around her spreads and again she doesn’t look… human… there’s something about her…

“How did you survive if you were caught.”

“Well, she’s as cruel as she was beautiful.” He scoffs and I c*oc*k a brow. “She wanted information, and I wasn’t going to give it to her.”

“Is she the one who bit you?” I ask.

“Yeah.” He frowns, his eyes flashing. Ziahra.

I don’t know why, but there’s a curiosity that is rising within me…

“What did she want to know?” Evangeline asked, touching Kash’s shoulder, gently prodding it. I see him flinch, and she removes her hand instantly. “She.. wanted to know about Zedkiel?” She asks him. He nods.

“They said, if you were handed over to them, then they will fall back… and if you were not relinquished over to them, they will destroy everything.” He answers her quietly.

“And you didn’t think that this was something you should have told me!?” I growl,

I could sort this sh*t out! I would go and-

“Yeah, I didn’t tell you, because you’re doing what I knew you will! Right now you’re thinking about going, right?!” Kash growls, his eyes flashing with irritation.

Fvck it.

“And if I am?” I snarl.

I can hear Evangeline’s heart thudding and I glance at her sharply, but she’s pale.

“You can’t go Zed. I’m with Kash on this…” She whispers.

“What I do has nothing to do with anyone else.” I growl. “If there’s a way to stop this war and I’m that answer, then what’s wrong if I go meet them.”

“Because Raziel told me that this would happen!

Everything will be ruined Zed!” Evangeline pleads suddenly, as she rushes to me, but I don’t want to hear it.

“I can handle myself; we can put a stop to this war Evangeline! All I need to do is go there.” I growl, frustrated. This can all be resolved, people don’t need to d*ie if I go. Kash warned me of their numbers, but I need to resolve this!

“Zed, she isn’t wrong. What if something happens to you?” Kash growls, stepping forward until he stood beside Evangeline – No, beside his Queen and Luna…

“Zed, Raziel sees…” She stops, and I can sense her struggle as she glances at Kash and then at the floor. She shakes her head, sighing.

She’s their queen… I’m her mate. it’s my duty to protect her and them… if I went, we could avoid all of this.

“Nothing will happen to me, and if it does..” I leave my sentence hanging.

I have to try, because now more than ever, I want things to fvcking be sorted out. I want to be able to spend my life with the woman before me…

“No.” She says, shaking her head. “You can’t go Zedkiel, let’s arrange for a public meeting or something.”

“And you think both sides are going to agree to that sh*t? No, they fvcking won’t Evangeline, the two species have been at war for far too long.”

“But they tried! They reached out through Kash! They let him live!” She exclaims. “We can try it.”

“No. They want me, and I will go to them and try to make amends. You yourself said it’s worth a try! To reach out and try to stop the goddamned war!” I growl.

“I know I said that! But I don’t trust them enough to have you go alone!” She snaps.

Them.. Am I not part of that…

For a moment I don’t recognise her, the woman before me… she isn’t my timid little mouse… suddenly I feel like I don’t even know her.

I’m going to go and there’s nothing on this fvcking planet that can stop me.

“Zed, at least listen to her if not me.” Kash urges, putting his top back on.

“For someone who withheld vital information from me! You do not have a say!” I snarl.

“Thank you, Kash… you may leave. I will find a way to fix this.” Evangeline says to Kash softly.

I don’t get how he doesn’t look too bothered despite the fact he’s fvcking dying and didn’t think to tell me. I glare at him, and he simply c*oc*ks a brow.

“Don’t shout at her, just listen.. we’ve got to figure this sh*t out together before everything gets worse.”

“Like the two of you did before the chamber?” I shoot back.

“That was my decision.” Evangeline interrupts in his defence.

“And this is my decision.” I reply dangerously. Our eyes meet and I can feel Kash look between us.

“I’ll head out.” He says quietly, lowering his head before he turns and leaves, shutting the door behind him.

I’ll sort him out tomorrow. He needs a good damn beating.

I stride over to the door, locking it swiftly before I close the gap between me and Evangeline.

I cross my arms, glaring down at my beautiful little mouse. I take a step closer and lean down. “For someone who keeps defying me… you sure like to give orders.” I growl lowly.

Her heart skips a beat as she stares up at me with those eyes that still hold that innocence in rare moments. Little by little I’ve made her anything but innocent and the way she’s looking at me now…

She wants more. She wants me…

I pinch her chin, forcing her head up to get a better look at those gorgeous eyes.

“That punishment is pending, Little Mouse, and if you continue to defy me beautiful, you will be walking around with a raw a-ss tomorrow.”

My eyes flash when she licks her lips, and steps closer to me.

“Just the thought excites me, my love… Perhaps you can release that pent-up frustration on me first .. and then we’ll talk.” She whispers sedvctively.

“Sounds like a plan…”

The most dangerous thing in this world is a woman who has you falling at her feet. The one who has you wrapped around her fingers, and you don’t care… She’s an addiction… She’s a temptress… this beautiful queen before me is my fvcking salvation and downfall..

I know we’ll fight over it later. We’ll argue over our paths, the realm of the gods… meeting the vampires. but right now it’s just her and me.

She cups my face, tugging me down, and our lips meet in a smouldering k!ss. That ignites ple@sure through me and I yank her close, crushing her body against mine. I wrap my arms around her tightly, aware of every inch of her body pressing against mine.

She lets out a s3xy m0an as I k!ss her roughly, one hand now tangling into her hair as I hold her head firmly in place and slip my tongue into her mouth, ravishing every inch. Throbbing against her stomach, I can smell her ar0usal and it only awakens the hunger within me.

‘Oh, fvck Zed…’ She breathes through the link.

I yank her head back, c*oc*king a brow as I smirk down at her. “This was meant to be a punishment, Beautiful.” My gaze dips to her bre-asts which are heaving and I release her, taking a step away.

“Now…” I back away and take a seat on the sofa, spreading my arms across the backrest. Our eyes meet as I rake my eyes over that s3xy body of hers, every inch of every curve.. they entice me and I want to tear that dress off her and fvck her senseless. but tonight I plan to not only punish her but play…

“Zed.” Her heart is thundering, but I can see the glint of excitement in those eyes already.

I simply smirk coldly, tilting my head and say only one word. One simple command.


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