His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 90

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His Fated Obsession (Book 2) Chapter 11


I stare down at her, those words ringing in my head. I don’t believe it, there is no way I would turn on my own kind.

“I understand your concerns, but you know that I wouldn’t throw away everything I have tried to stand for, for power.”  murmur, brushing her hair back, and gaze into those eyes that seem to be holding so many emotions.

I need her to believe that, if not anyone else.

“I know… I don’t want to believe it either, but we are cursed Zed… You, Zerachiel, Evelyn and I it’s a cycle that we are always f0rced into. Not one curse, but two. The Eternal God has, after all, doomed us for eternity too.” She whispers, and I can see the concern in her eyes. “Still, there’s no way I would lead a bloodbath.” I reply firmly, my eyes flashing.

“We can’t be so sure, maybe something will happen… It says being betrayed by your loved ones will lead to it… Maybe someone who you trust greatly. I don’t know.” She whispers.

There is only one person’s betrayal that can throw me over the edge and that is hers… but I don’t think she ever would.

“No.” I shake my head.

‘‘Zed, there may be something that triggers it, or leads down this path. I think we need to be careful, this time we need to do things differently… I’m going to start looking for something that might help, regarding our past lives… There have to be some stories of the tragedy of our past, if things happened in the past that devastated our kind, those stories travel down in the form of myths and legends. Even Luna and Evelyn may know more. I will ask them… and Zerachiel… If he knows anything, he needs to share it, regardless of how mundane it seems.” She tries reasoning with me,

‘I know nothing, aside from how it all began and the constant mistakes you two make! But I have shared everything I know already. I have no further recollection of our past lives.’ Zerachiel says.

‘‘He doesn’t have any memory of anything, save what he has already told us.” I reply, sighing heavily. “You know we have to try to put an end to it and if all they want is to have a word with me, then we need to use that.”

She’s worried. I can see it in her eyes, and she rests her head against my shoulder. “Zed… then we need to go together… I’m scared something will go wrong.”

I can’t blame her for that, there are countless things that can go wrong.

“We’ll think it over carefully tomorrow. With Kash being poisoned, I need to find out if there’s any way to heal him. He went there on my orders.”

“We need to find a cure and we will, together.” She corrects me, kissing my cheek softly.

“Hmm… you, my Little Mouse, have become someone who I am truly proud of,” I say quietly.

“Oh?” She smiles, and I nod.

“And someone who infuriates me half the damn time, but I wouldn’t change it. You’re challenging me, making me question what’s right and wrong…” I reply, kissing her lips softly.

She kisses me back, her heart thudding as she slowly sits back. There’s conflict in her eyes, and I frown.

“What is it?” I ask.

She sighs, “There’s something else… since Selene is serving her sentence, it means I, her firstborn, am currently the Moon Goddess.” She whispers.

I stare at her, but for some reason, I’m not even shocked. It makes sense… That presence around her… that power… I smirk, “So I’m currently buried deep inside the Moon Goddess herself?” I say, making her blush.

“Is that all you can say!” She pouts, trying to hide how flustered she is. “You… you’re not…”

She trails off and I shake my head. “I’m not whatever you’re worrying about or trying to say. I’m proud of you. Always remember that. It also actually makes sense… You’ve been emitting a different kind of aura.” I reply and I mean it.

Yes, we may disagree, but it does not mean I’m jealous of her. She is the queen and I am an Alpha who will be by her side to support her.

I stand up, holding her tightly as I’m still inside of her and it will be a while before we can part, but she needs some rest…

Tomorrow I will talk to Cole with a fresh mind.

“I’m glad.” She breathes in relief and I kiss her lips,

“Were you worried?” I ask, as I pull her on top of me, leaning back against the pillows.

She looks down guiltily and shakes her head, but I know she is. “I just… I feel like I’m taking what is yours… I didn’t-”

“I’m an Alpha. It’s in my blood to want to be in f*uc*king control of everything, but that does not mean you took anything from me. You are the rightful ruler and I respect that, but it does, not mean I won’t give you my opinion.” I say quietly. “Isn’t that what leaders do? Discuss and come to agreements?”

A smile graces her lips, and she nods. “And I wouldn’t have it any other way…”

“Great then.” I reply arrogantly before wrapping my arms around her tightly. She hugs me back as she lies on top of me and I pull the blanket over us.

It’s been a long f*uc*king day…

The following day, after a quick run, I head down to the cells where Cole is being held. I’m now sitting opposite him as he denies any involvement.

“I a*s*sure you he was not pointing at me!” He splutters. “Why would I betray you?! I have one of the best positions at the court? Why would I throw that away! It’s a position so many spend years to attain and can only dream of! I would be a fool to betray the royal family…”

He’s blabbering on, but there’s something that makes me uneasy. Something that Evangeline had said. ‘The betrayal of your loved ones…’

Is he working for someone? Is it one of my own brothers? That wouldn’t be enough to throw me off since half of them don’t hide their hatred towards me. Starting from Alcazer, although he has a reason since I k*lled his Luna.

“Shut up.” I say, making Cole abruptly stop. “The man pointed at you and until further investigations are done, you will remain in a holding cell, which I will make sure is kept comfortable for you. You will not be allowed to meet or see anyone until you are cleared.” I say, standing up.

“That’s… That’s not fair! Isn’t the saying innocent until proven guilty fair, my prince?” He splutters, fear and panic in his eyes as he looks at me, scrambling off the chair and falling to his knees.

“I’m not taking any chances.” I reply coldly, heading to the door.

“No, please don’t you get it? I’m not safe here! Someone might want to pin this on me! You need to keep your eyes peeled!” I pause at the door and turn back to him sharply.

‘‘You know something… don’t you?” I ask striding back to him and crouching down before him and this time I grab him by the cuff.

‘‘Careful Prince Zedkiel, you don’t want to break the law by attacking someone who has done nothing wrong.” He flinches as he tries to keep up a brave front, but even then, he looks at me defiantly. He’s not that afraid of me…

‘‘Who do you work for?” I snarl, my alpha command bleeding into my voice. He doesn’t reply, but I see an odd flicker in his eyes before they go blank for a second.

‘‘No one.” He replies blankly. A spell?

If he’s under a spell and even if he may not be behind the poisoning, there’s something going on here.

Spells and witchcraft is not something that is used often, but neither is it frowned upon… but spells that claim control of another are forbidden.

Do I let him out and keep tabs on him? That’s something I can get Isa to do… Her stealth is impressive. Letting him out could be a bad move, but sometimes things need to be done to attain further proof, just like the secret pathways that have been used.

‘‘Very well, then I will ask someone to have you released, but tread carefully.” I growl, moving away. He looks at me, completely confused before relief floods him, then he nods.

Evangeline too thinks he isn’t involved in it and as the Moon Goddess, I’m certain those, feelings are definitely something we shouldn’t ignore. That shock hit me harder this morning than last night. When I had awoken, her hair was black again, and we had both wondered what had happened.

‘‘You will see that I have done nothing wrong,” Cole says as he frowns and for a second I simply observe him, some spells leave no memory on the inflicted… meaning if he is doing, someone’s bidding under a spell… he would never even know, and simply carry them out like, one would in a trance.

“Good, I hope that is the case, because I will be watching you.” I sneer, saying what one would expect of me, anyway.

He bows his head, wiping the sweat from his forehead, clearly relieved.

“Y-yes Alpha Prince Zedkiel! Thank you!” He sputters, bowing his head. And to think he had the balls to disrespect me earlier…

I’m almost at the door when I turn back to him. “Oh, and for your disrespectful att*itude, towards me, you will run fifty laps around the northern training grounds without breaks,” I command,

I hear him gasp, like a damn wuss and exit. I order the guards to release him and mind link Isa to meet me in my quarters.

‘Have you found anything?’ I ask Evangeline through the link. She had left early to head to the library with Alistair and Lucia in hopes of finding some records on any of our past lives. Something I doubt will gain fruition, but we had to hope…

Vampires had longer life spans than werewolves… I wonder if perhaps they may know more than we do. Every shot is worth it.

‘Nothing.’ Comes her soft reply.

‘Alright.’ I sigh.

‘Did you speak to Cole?’ She asks me.

I turn the corner spotting Chasyn talking to two guards; he turns, spotting me and smiles slightly while approaching me.

‘I did, I’ll fill you in later. He didn’t admit to it though.’ I reply.

‘I didn’t think so… I’ll speak to you soon?’ She sighs.

“Yeah. Speak to you soon, Little Mouse.’ I reply as Chasyn stops in front of me.

“Zedkiel, is everything alright, I heard you went to speak to Cole and have ordered his release?”

“I did.” I reply as I continue walking towards my quarters, only for him to follow.

He raises an eyebrow. “And, what made you change your mind?”

“He’s innocent.” I say, I’m not sure if he is entirely… but…

“That’s excellent news! I was worried. He is one of Dad’s most trusted…”

“Yeah, that doesn’t mean that’s a reason to trust anyone,” I reply coldly. “What do you want?”

He sighs. “I think we need a brother’s night out. It’s been a while since we have hung together Zedkiel… I feel as if we are all drifting apart.” He murmurs, concerned.

“That’s life, but I don’t actually remember ever being f*uc*king close to anyone of you.” I reply harshly, rounding the corner to see Isa leaning against the wall outside my quarters.

“Please… you know there are rumours around today that Dad may consider making the next move against the vampires, especially with the next ruler being revealed. Nothing is holding him back from leading us.”

I stop in my tracks and turn sharply to Chasyn. Those words sinking in as I realise what they mean.

“If he is planning to lead… he won’t let me join the war, will he?” I say quietly, my heart thudding.

Chasyn glances at Isa, then back at me. “No… not until you have produced an heir… with your rightful queen…”

A tense silence falls between the three of us. Isa’s heart is thudding, but my own mind is spinning.

There is no way on earth that I’m not going to participate in this war. No one and I mean no one can f*uc*king stop me.

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