I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 03

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp (Kian and Selena Novel)

Chapter 03

Kian’s PVO:

Walking out of the room I get this feeling I need to go back to her, push the feeling aside and keep walking, something is off with her and we need to get to the bottom of it.

“What did you pick up about her?” My beta Declan asks me the moment we step out of the interrogation room.

“That’s just it! I didn’t pick up anything. She has no scent at all. ” I tell him when we make our way down the hall.

“Strange! She came in with the rogues we caught, none of the guards picked up anything different about her” he says when we come to the end of the hall, looking around almost every cell down here is occupied with rogues, we have been fighting off outside the kingdom. They have attacked our alliances and everyone is trying to find out what’s going on here.

“Find out who caught her and beat her up! I want to know the smallest detail!” I say to him before walking up the stairs.

“I will go and talk to the patrol who caught them!” He says and walks the other way once we come upstairs.

I make my way over the yard and head to the castle, coming inside I get straight to my office, his rouge problem we have been facing lately none of us can get to the bottom of. 0

Looking through some files in my office when my dad comes walking inside.

“Hey, son! I heard you caught some more rogues yesterday. Anything new?” He asks before he takes a seat in front of me.

I place my files down on the table and sit back in my chair.

“No there isn’t. None of them says a word, even when they are beaten to death, they keep their mouth shut!” I tell him.

“Something is off about all this! And you haven’t found anything on the disappearances?” I drag a hand through my hair and look down at my files. We have been missing several people over the last year and no pack has found any trace of them.

“Right now there is nothing new,” I say when there is a knock on my office door and Declan opens the door.

He walks right to the chair beside my dad and takes a seat.

“Found something?” I say and he sits back in his seat.

“I found the guard that captured her, but none of them have anything to say about her. It all went down so fast! When they shot them with wolfsbane they started to fight each other and once they got them most of them were already beaten up!” He says with a frown on his forehead and I already know there is something more.

“And what?” I say when he doesn’t continue.

“Well, several of our guards say they saw the white wolf in the fight!” Looking at him he looks as puzzled as I. The white wolf is extremely rare and we haven’t had any in several hundred years. That’s how rare they are!

We can only read about them in books and all it says is that every white wolf has different gifts, some have several and some only have one.

About three years ago we started to hear rumors about a white wolf being spotted, what has us more puzzled is there are reports from all over the country and not a specific place.

“How could it be and where did it go?” I ask him

“No one saw what happened to it” he sighs and leans forward.

“Could it be their leader?” He asks the question I have been having on my mind for a while.

“Could be” I just state, I will have to go down tomorrow myself and start interrogating everyone who has made it through the night. Several of them were in bad shape and might not make it through.

“We are going out tonight! Why don’t you join us?” Declan asks and looks at me.

“I don’t have the time!” I just state to him.

“Son I think you should! You don’t know maybe you have a second chance mate out there and you won’t find her in here” my dad says and I look at him for a brief moment.

I never told them I already found her three years ago at the cemetery when I just had buried my first mate.

I chased her out of my kingdom, I don’t want a weak mate again and that little girl in front of me was just like my first mate. I’ll rather be without a mate than be mated to a weak one again. I have never regretted my decision!

“No, I don’t have and I don’t want one” I just tell them and start going through my files again.

“Well think about it, we can just grab something to eat,” Declan says before he rises from his chair and starts walking to the door. He opened it and walks out, leaving Me and my dad alone in my office.

“Son, you need to come outside of these walls, it has been three years since she d*ied! It’s time to move on.” I just shrug my shoulders at him. None of them will understand if I tell them about her. I guess my parents will have the hardest time understanding why I did it.

“Alright I will let you do it your way,” he says and raises from his seat. I give him a nod before he walks out of my office. When I am alone, I open my drawer and take out the file from the bottom. I haven’t looked at it in several years. Placing it on my desk I open it up. Her beautiful blue eyes are the first I see, she looks so fragile and innocent in the photo. After I chased her out of my kingdom I learned she was the daughter of my head warrior and they searched for her day and night for almost six months before they gave up. She left without a trace once she stepped out of my kingdom. I even helped to search for her, a part of me just wanted to know where she went but there was no trace of her.

Closing her file, I put I back in the drawer and turn off the lights in my office before walking out.

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