I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 100

I will never be yours By Melan pamp

Chapter 100

Selena POV:

Well, they can forget about it! If I get my strength back my only mission is to K*ll them all for what they have done to me and Kian, now my target it’s not only Elijah but all of them!

I will not stop until I have gotten my revenge! Give me my strength back and I will bring them hell for this!

Trying to move any muscle in my body I feel some movement in my fingers, I can’t move too much and alert Elijah my strength is slowly coming back!

He starts to lift the blanket off my body when he takes my arm in his hand, his nose comes down to my wrist when he takes a large inhale. I can’t have him s*cking more of my blood and weakening me more.

“How long have you been a vampire and how come you know how to mask your scent?” I ask him when he stops and lifts his head to look at me.

“Why do you want to know?” he asks and doesn’t take his eyes away from me, I know I have to keep calm and don’t give away any motions to have him question what I’m up to.

“Only want to get to know you better. It feels like I don’t know you at all!” I say in a steady voice and try to sound convincing. He keeps my eyes locked with his for a long moment before he sits back up.

“I was turned a couple of years back by a friend I met on a business trip, found him s*cking blood from a maid at the hotel, and instantly wanted to be like him. He is the one who showed me how to mask my scent, I will introduce you to him when we are done! He is here with a couple more friends of ours!” he says and leans down to trace his nose over my arm again.

“He is here? Don’t you have a pack or laws you live under?” I ask, I have very little knowledge about vampires and how their world works. I haven’t run into one before and from what I know they have their own cities and council, hear him. chuckle at my question before he stops.

“Those old fossils with their laws they can keep to themselves, we live under no

rules! You can say we are like your rogues! Free to do whatever we want” he says when there come some heavy footsteps outside the door and I see Elijah snap his head towards the door.

There is a knock when he gets up and heads over to the table where he places the syringe down on the tray.

Following him with my eyes when he walks over to the door and opens it, I can’t see who’s on the other side but I can hear them talk.

“He wants to know how it goes!” I hear the other man ask Elijah. I guess he wants to know how the mating is coming along.

“It’s going good and it won’t take long now!” Elijah answers him when I hear more footsteps in the hallway.

“He wants you to bring her over to their camp once you are done, he doesn’t like to wait and wants you to finish this fast!” the man says and my heart takes one extra beat from his words. I don’t have my strength back to fight him yet, I need more time!

“Tell him it will be done tomorrow!” he says and then I hear the door close again, I have to keep calm and try to focus. If I have to tomorrow, I might have gained back a lot of my strength! If I can get him to somehow not give the syringe to me then I have a chance.

Looking at him when he starts to walk back over to the table and pick up the syringe from the tray, I don’t know how I’m going to be able to reach to him!

The one I thought he once where is obviously only what he wanted me to think he was, this person in front of me is the opposite of kind and thoughtful.

To be able and K*lls its own mate has to be the deepest of evil you could get.

By the look of him, I don’t think he has a good bone in his body!

“Well, where were we!” he says and stops to sniff in the air for a long moment before there is another knock on the door.

“Yes!” he shouts from inside to the one on the other side of the door.

“We found some dinner walking around in the forest and picking mushrooms if you want to eat something more than the blood from your mate we are about to start!” he says and I feel bad for the person who will be eaten by their hands. All these evil vampires I guess won’t leave the person alive.

“I’ll come in a minute!” Elijah says and I hear the other one behind the door turn and walk away.

Looking up at the ceiling and hating to not be able and do something, I will lay in here and can’t do anything about this either. Anger starts to bubble up in my veins. when I feel a tear run down my cheek from despair, f*uc*k all of them!

The bed dip and I feel Elijah’s hand come up to my cheek when he wipes off my tear.

“Don’t be sad! You will have to learn to share me with others, I like to s*ck out all their blood before I f**k their dead body! I can’t K*ll you now can I!” he says and I almost throw up by hearing his words.

He is the sickest person I have ever met, and I have met many disgusting people throughout my years!

“I won’t be gone long, I will take care of you when I get back!” he says when I feel him lift the blanket off my thigh and I know what he is going to do before he even shoots the needle inside my thigh.

Feeling the liquid spread through my vein, pain starts to build up inside my body. Not as painful as yesterday but I scream out and tears start to flood down my cheeks.

“I love to hear you scream in pain, you get me so turned on!” I hear his voice close to my ear when I feel the liquid flood around in my system.

Closing my eyes and breathe through the pain when I feel my veins start to sizzle under my skin, my new gift moves and reaches out to embrace the potion. Feel how it starts to draw energy from it and build up in my body instead,

It’s just like the potion feeds my gift with new strength!

I start to chuckle through the tears of relief I feel from this new knowledge. I’m getting exhausted at the same time, but it’s fine because I know once I wake up again I will be stronger, he just gave me my freedom in that syringe without knowing it!

“What are you laughing at!” I hear him say with some questions in his voice, he should be afraid of the monster inside me that will build up until it’s ready to be unleashed! Once it’s ready I will not spare anyone who is close enough to this house, they all will be erased by my hand!

“Answer me!” he booms out and that only has me chuckle more. Soon he will know exactly what I can do and then it will be too late for him.

“You have no idea what you just did!” I say to him right before I p@ss out with a smile on my lips.

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