I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 101

I will never be yours By Melan pamp

Chapter 101 

Kian POV: 

Hearing voices around me I open my eyes and see I’m laying on the bed. Adjusting my eyes to the lights in the room I feel weak and hollow. 

Remembering this feeling all too well I try to sense for our bond but it’s gone, I can’t feel her! 

Laying there on the bed I only know I can’t let him complete it, I have to find her. 

“How is it with him!” I hear Declan’s voice and know I’m not alone in the room. 

“He’s hanging in there” Cannon answers when I try to sit up. 

“I can answer that question for you, I’m dying!” I say and feel Cannon behind me helping me to sit up in the bed. Swinging my legs over the edge of the bed I have to hold on to the bed when my head starts to spin. 

“What happened!” Zoey asks and looking at her she is clearly worried. Turning my head back I place my hands on the edge and try to get up when Cannon is behind me and give a push so I’m standing up. 

“He managed to break the bond!” I say and take a large breath, I’m weak but have to get out there to look for her, can’t let him complete it! Rage starts to fill up in my body, there is no way I will let him get away with this! 

“Are you sure you should head out to look for her?” Declan asks when I make my way over to the bathroom. Looking out the window I see it’s almost morning and I’m not going to wait any longer. 

“Yes, I am! I say before reaching over to the bathroom and getting inside. Turning the lights on, my eyes land on the mirror in the bathroom, and looking at my reflection I’m pale and have dark circles under my eyes. 

He took my mate from me! He broke the bond we shared and I’m getting weaker by the minute. 

There is no turning back from this and if it’s going to be the last I can do for her l will get her free from him. 

Doing my business in the bathroom before I wash up and heading out to the others. 

Coming out of the bathroom they all look at me with concern in their eyes. 

“You know if you get marked from someone else you can make it!” Declan says and I turn to look at him with disgust. 

“Selena is the only mate for me!” I say and end the discussion, I don’t want to hear any other suggestions, It’s her or no one! 

“Alright! We should get the Alpha before we leave?” Zoey says and starts to head for the door. 

“I’m going in a moment without him if he isn’t ready!” I say and walk over to take a seat on the bed again. 

“Go ahead! I’m staying with Kian!” Cannon says and I see the others leave when he comes over with a new potion in his hand, wondering what this is supposed to do! 

“For what?” I ask him, nothing can help my situation! I feel how my life is slowly leaving me. 

“It’s to give you strength. Emma is doing everything she can and after this one, I have to be honest and tell you I have another one, I hope that one won’t be needed!” he says and I don’t want to hear more about what it’s for, I’m done with this! Taking the potion I swallow it and hold the empty can in my hand. For her, I will fight and hang in here! 

“I guess this is it then, I’m heading out now,” I say and get up on my feet. Doesn’t care about taking off any clothes, I will shred them once I’m out of the pack house, now I’m going on a hunt and there is no one to stop me! 

Going out of the room and walking out of the pack house I hear several footsteps behind me when I make my way out of the house. Standing outside I take a deep breath and feel some energy returning to my body, I guess her potion is doing something good! 

Leaping forward I shift in the air and shred my clothes doing so. Starting to run towards where I know the swamp will lay when I hear several footsteps behind me, turning my head I see them all run with me. 

Cannon runs up beside me when we cross the road and are about to leave the alpha’s pack land and head over to no man’s land. 

The alpha and his men run beside us before they quicken their steps and run ahead of us, showing the way we have to take to get there the easiest way. It’s early morning and the sun is beginning to come up in the sky, making it easier for us to see the way ahead of us when we come to a thick forest. 

After a long run, we come to stand close to a swamp when Cannon start to sniff in the air. I know he is trying to find the herb we are looking for when he finds a trace and starts to make his way forward, following him from behind I mind link him. 

“Found something?” I say when he takes off closer to the swamp and shifts in his place. 

“Here is the herb!” he says and point at the swamp. I shift and walk up beside him, looking at where he points I see the herb and even smell the distinct smell over here. 

The rest shift and walk over to where we stand and look at the swamp, there has to be something more! I feel it deep down in my body, something is pulling me to go forward. 

“This is all there is? A swamp and no houses or cabins? Nothing else around this area?” I ask the alpha when I see him look at his men for a moment before turning back and looking at me. 

“There is a house further inside the swamp! It’s tricky to reach over there and none of us has been anywhere near it for decades! It’s the house of an evil witch and no one has dared to set their feet on her grounds for ages!” Albert says and I look at him for a long moment before turning back my head to look out at the swamp. 

To me, there is no hesitation about what I have to do. 

“Show me the way! None of you have to come, just show me where to go!” I say and everyone is silent for a moment. 

“I’m not leaving you to go there alone! I’m coming with you.” Cannon says before the others agree with him. Everyone will come to look for the house! 

“Are you sure about this? I have nothing to lose, but you have!” I say when Declan places his hand on my shoulder. 

“Definitely! We are not leaving you!” he says and I know there is no point in arguing with them. 

“Alright! Show the way!” I say when Albert and his men are quick to shift. Following behind them we have to run for a long moment through the thick forest before we reach the other side of the swamp, seeing a small path over the swamp before there lies a thick wall of trees and bushes. 

There is no way to see what is behind it and there is no point in thinking more of it, I came here to find any trace of her and if I have to face a wicked witch I will! 

Slowly making my way over on the small path, to the other side of the swamp I come closer to the wall of trees and the closer I get to them I see through some parts a house standing further inside on what looks like an island. 

Something is pulling me toward the house and I have to follow the pull.

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