I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 105

I will never be yours By Melan pamp

Chapter 105 

Selena POV: 

I don’t know for how long I have been laying inside the room and not being able to move out of the bed, my healing goes slowly but today I finally manage to open my eyes and reach out to my wolf. 

I know my healing will go faster now when I can reach her! 

The moment I opened my eyes I could see the room I was laying in and I have been here once before when Cannon almost had beaten me to death! 

“You’re looking better today!” I hear Jessie’s voice in the room and try to turn my head in the direction of her voice. 

Seeing her walking over to the bed I’m laying on when she stops by my side and pulls a chair closer to the bed before she takes a seat. 

Her hand comes to mine when she gives it a squeeze. 

“We have all been worried about you. This time you were the worse I have ever seen anyone and still be able to survive it!” she says and I try to form some words but my mouth is like a desert and my tongue is still swollen. Guess I have bit myself on it! 

“Here let me help you!” Jessie says when I see her get up and walk over to a table where she picks up a glass with a straw in it before she turns back to where I lay on the bed. 

She holds my head up and places another pillow under it before she helps me lay down again. 

Placing the straw to my lips I sipp on the water and let it run down my throat, it feels somewhat better after a few sips. 

Trying to speak but my tongue is in the way and not a proper word is coming out of my mouth, I feel frustrated by all this, I need some answers! 

“Emma will be in here later, she had to be somewhere else for a moment!” I hear Jessie say and at the same time, her heart takes one extra beat. 

What is going on? 

Why would she react that way? All I can think is if it’s something important going on that I don’t know, then what could it be? 

If we had been under an attack I know Jessie would be the last person who would be sitting inside here, and Cannon where in here too. I know for certain none of them would stay inside if anything was going on, then what? 

Looking at her for a long moment she doesn’t give me eye contact and I know she is hiding something. Trying to speak when the door is opened and I turn my head to look that way when Emma comes walking inside. 

She has dark circles under her eyes and she looks worn out, by the sight of her I would say she hasn’t slept for days, then how long have I been laying inside this room? 

Her eyes land on me when I see her smile at me, but it’s not a happy smile! I know her all too well from these years we have had together to know something big is going on and she can’t solve it. 

I guess she has been up day and night to try and find a solution, then what needs that much attention?  I’m back here and alive, have started to heal, and now with my wolf present it will go faster! 

“I’m just going to wash my hands!” she says and averting her eyes when she walks over to the bathroom. Following her with my eyes all the way to the bathroom I keep my eyes on the slightly open door and wait for her to come back out, it doesn’t take long until she walks out of the bathroom with some towels in her hands. 

She doesn’t make eye contact with me even if I follow her every move over to where I lay on the bed. 

“I’m going to take a look at your wounds and wash them up!” she says in a low voice when she places the towels down on the bed and starts to lift the quilt off me, not once does she turn her head my way and look at me. Seeing her bottom lip start to tremble I know she is close to a breakdown from whatever is weighing her down! 

I don’t take my eyes away from her when she starts to sob and tears run down her cheeks, trying to say something but no words come out of my mouth. Lifting my hand and placing it over hers it does the trick and she snaps her head and looks at me. 

“I’m sorry Selena! It’s all my fault, if I hadn’t been occupied with Cannon I would have seen it and could have prevented it!” she says and starts to cry harder when Jessie gets up and walk around to where Emma is and wrap her arms around her. I try to speak again but there is no point! 

Trying to mind link her instead when I got my wolf back. 

“I don’t blame you!” I say in the mind link when she snaps her head up and looks at me before she rushes over and wraps her arms around me. 

“You don’t know how happy I am to hear you again, and you got your wolf back!” she says to my shoulder, even if she is squeezing me a little too hard right now I wouldn’t change it. 

“Yes! And none of this is your fault. It will soon be alright again!” I tell her through the mind link when I feel her get stiff in her body! What isn’t she telling me? 

“What is wrong?” I mind link her when it takes a moment before she slowly let me 

and takes a step back from the bed. She turns and looks at Jessie when I see them both exchange looks and by the sight of them it doesn’t look like good news. 

“Now one of you two has to tell me what’s going on because I can see something serious had happened! Or you f0rce me to use my Alpha command on you!” I mind link both of them and keep my eyes locked on them both before I see Emma take a large breath and turn her head back and look at me. 

“I want you to know when I got the vision I have done everything I possibly can to help, trying to do what was the best option. I’m really sorry Selena!” she says with a shaky voice and tears run down her cheeks. 

Looking between them both for a moment I can’t understand what they are implying at when the truth comes crashing down on me hard. Blinking repeatedly when my lungs squeeze hard in my chest! Kian! 

Trying to open a mind link to him, but I can’t connect to him even with how hard I’m trying, he just isn’t there! 

Then where is he? He doesn’t pick up or he can’t pick up my mind link! He is still my mate I know I felt the tingles!

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