I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 113

I will never be yours By Melan pamp

Chapter 113 

Selena POV: 

Feeling Kian pull me back against him I know he doesn’t want me to go. 

“I’m coming with you!” he says when Emma takes a step closer to where we are. 

“I need to go alone with Selena, I can promise she will be safe and we only need to be gone a few hours!” Emma says and it has me wondering what is so important for us to go alone. Tilting my head and look at her she keeps her eyes on the floor. 

“Kian it will be alright, nothing is going to happen if she says so!” I say and turn in his arms to look at him. He places his hand on my cheek and looks intensely at me!

“If anything goes wrong you open a portal right in front of me! I will come right away, you hear me!” he says and this time I wouldn’t hesitate to ask him for help. 

“I will!” I say when Emma walks past me and out the door. 

“I need to fetch something before we go and say goodbye to Cannon!” she says and starts to head down the hallway. 

“Kian it will be alright and we are back before you know it!” I say when he wraps me up in his arms. 

“Do you want me to send some men to your pack while you are away?” he says and lets me go when he places his arm around my waist and we start to walk down the hallway. 

“Can you call my pack house or Declan when I’m away and see if they need any help? I can go right over there once we are done at Michael” I say when we have reached the stairs. 

“I want you to come back here first, I’m coming with you to your pack!” he says and I see Emma coming out of a room with a bag in her hand when she starts to head over to Kian’s office. 

“Alright I will!” I say to him when we have reached his office and walk inside. 

His father and Cannon are occupied with several maps and papers are laying scattered all over his office and there is no way they can have any order to this chaos! 

Halting in my track I look at the mess and wish I didn’t have to see it in the first place, the time we took to get it down properly without mixing them with each other only to find this in front of me. 

I guess Kian feel my concern it all was a waste when he takes a step forward. 

“Tell me you have control over this chaos!” he says and both his father and Cannon snap their heads up and look at us. His father drops the paper he was holding in his hand to the table and starts to walk over to where we stand, he comes in front of me and pulls me in his arms. 

“I’m so happy you are back with us and you two have finally completed the bond my Queen!” he says and hugs me tighter, wrapping my arms around him and hugging him back. 

“I’m happy to be back!” I say when he releases me and looks between us both. 

“We have an order to all these papers even if there are a lot more to go through!” he says and turns to look around in the room. 

“Alright, I guess we will leave you to continue with it!” I hear Emma say when she gives Cannon a kiss before she starts to walk over to where I stand when Kian pulls me back to him.

“Now you know what to do and if there is any hesitation something isn’t right when you get there you come right back!” he says and wraps me up in his arms. Can’t believe how hard it is to let go of him even if it’s only for a couple of hours. we will!” I say when his lips come down on mine. Holding my arms around his waist I don’t want to let go when he pecks my lips and lets go of his hold around me. 

“Now come on this is not a goodbye forever, only a few hours and you will be back! Now let your man go so we can get going!” Emma says with impatience in her voice. 

Dropping my arms I walk around him and come to stand beside Emma when I open a portal behind us, she grabs my arm and starts to pull me with her inside the portal when I look at Kian before closing it after us. 

Getting out on the other side of the portal we come to stand in the middle of the village, I don’t have the best memories of his house and how to get there since I was almost out the last time we were here. 

“I don’t remember where to go, I was quite out the last time!” I say and start to look around the village. Seeing several sittings on a lawn and fixing with herbs I get a peaceful feeling of the place this time, completely different from the last time we were here and the chaos it where with the rogues attacking the village. 

“Come we need to find Michael!” Emma says and starts to pull me with her. 

“Does he know we are coming?” I ask her when we start to walk between some houses. 

“He could know or I can guarantee he knows what we are here for once he lays his eyes on us!” Emma says and I know how it works with a witch like Michael. 

Turning around a big tree I see his house right ahead of us, the door is closed and he is nowhere to be seen from where we are. Walking up to his porch Emma is about to knock on his door when it starts to open itself slowly. 

Looking inside his hallway it’s dark and no lights in sight, I get an odd feeling and push Emma behind me. 

I’m about to turn around and portal away from there when this energy pulls me inside, my legs start to move when I find myself inside his hallway. My gift starts to sizzle under my skin and reach out to another energy inside the room, it’s powerful and hot, urging me to go further inside the house. 

I hear Emma talk to me from behind and tell me to come back but I can’t turn around and walk out of the house, the other energy is tugging me closer and I want it!

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