I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 116

I will never be yours By Melan pamp

Chapter 116 

Selena POV: 

Looking at her I already know there are more lives on the line here, the whole kingdom and our pack are at stake here and not to mention everyone else who would be affected if the kingdom fell. 

“I know how many people it is on the line here and my question is how I’m going to learn to control it!” I ask when I look between them and once again the room falls silent for a moment. 

“I will help you as much I can, you can come here as often as you can and we can practice!” Michael says and to me, that sounds like a good idea. 

“I can come every day you have time to practice!” I say when I see Emma get up from her seat and take our cups from the table and head over to the sink and start to wash them, she is quiet and lost in her thoughts when I see Michael get up from his seat and walk over to where Emma stands when he starts to take down herbs and place on the counter in different piles. I get this feeling they both are hiding something from me. 

“What is it? I can feel it is something you are not telling me!” I say and lean forward on the table and keep my gaze on them both, I see them exchange looks for a long time and I’m starting to get frustrated by this situation. 

“Just tell me what it is!” I say when Emma wash the last cup before placing it to the side. She turns around slowly and looks at me, by the sight of her she had a hard time telling me what it is. 

“I really don’t want to yell you this but this is necessary!” she says and sighs before she walks over to the table and takes a seat opposite me. 

“I have known this since before you came back from him. If Kian survived there would come another problem after and this is why he couldn’t come with us here, I wanted to let you know first!” she says and now she has me worried, sometimes it feels I like a curse that she knows some parts before anyone else. Right now all I want to do is enjoy being with him and have some time together. 

“I’m not going to like what you are going to tell me am I?” I ask her and see her turn her head and look at Michael who has turned around and is leaning at the counter. 

some parts of it I know you are going to like but I’m not sure about it all!” she says when Michael pushes off the counter and walks over to the table and takes a seat beside Emma. Looking between them I can’t understand what’s so important for them to be both to tell me. 

“You’re pregnant!” she says and I start to chuckle at her and shake my head at her, we just mated and she could not possibly know already. 

“We just completed the mating, you can’t know that!” I say and look at her when she doesn’t say anything I turn my head and look at Michael, he sits there calmly and just looks at me. 

“Are you two serious with me?” I say and feel anger start to rise in my body when none of them says a word to me. Pushing back my chair I get up on my feets and walk over to the window in the kitchen and look outside. 

Needing a moment for myself and trying to take this new information in before I say anything else, I know Emma wouldn’t tell me anything if it wasn’t important, and for me to not get more time to be with Kian it has to be something special. Standing with my back against them I got some questions, can’t believe it is true. 

“Why is it so important to tell me this now even before it has gone so long I have noticed I’m pregnant?” I ask them, have a hard time taking it in and for now, before I have noticed it f for myself I will push it from me. 

They are quiet and I give them a moment before turning around and looking at them. Emma is fiddling with her fingers in her lap while Michael looks at me calmly. 

“First of all you can’t shift while you are pregnant so you have to learn and master your sK*lls without shifting!” Michael says and I knew pregnant werewolves can’t shift while they are pregnant and if that is the case I will have to learn to master my gifts this way. 

“Yes, I know, that’s not new!” I say to him in response. Emma still doesn’t say anything and keeps her eyes on her lap. 

you know?! Well from now on you can’t shift until your pregnancy is over, first of all, second you can’t use up too much of your energy or it will be devastating to your pregnancy. Your body can’t take it all! What will you do when you stand in a situation and you have to choose? What will you do when you stand in front of him? How are you young to protect yourself and the pregnancy if you can’t handle it completely?” Michael says and he is right in his statement. 

I haven’t thought about anything of this before, but right now I have found myself in another situation I can’t control. I need to sit down and walk over to my chair and take a seat when I place my elbows on the table and rest my head in my hands. This might have happened at the worse time when we are facing the threat that we are. 

“You couldn’t have told me this before?” I say and look up from my hands at Emma 

“You think it was a good idea to discuss it when we didn’t know if anyone of you would even survive? Sometimes you have to take a problem at a time and solve them first. For you to survive where my only priority and now we will face these problems together!” she says and looks up at me from her lap, she is right but still. 

“I understand why but don’t you think it would have been a good idea to mention. this at least?” I say to her in my frustration. 

“That was not a priority at all! And to be fare not even important. You two had to make it through for everyone not only for your sake!” she says and I feel her anger I know she is right and there is no point in arguing with her. 

Sighing I place my head in my hands again. 

“I have to tell Kian all of this!” I say and have no idea how I’m thing to break all this to him in the best way. 

“There is something more before you go and tell him!” Michael says and I’m at the end of my rope right now, it’s enough information for one day and I don’t know if I want to hear anything else. Taking a moment before I slowly lift my head and look at them. 

Seeing them sitting there and exchanging looks again a part of me only wants to get up and over to the and start to shake it out of them. Just to have them place all the information on the table so I can know what they know. 

“You have to stay calm even if you don’t like what we will tell you! We are here for you all the way!” Emma says and reaches for one of my hands to hold in hers, now she has me worried about whatever she is going to tell me!

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