I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 12

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 12

Selena POV:

He doesn’t say anything, just keeps his eyes locked on me.

“Can I help you with something!” I say and try to sound unbothered by his presence.

His eyes travel over my body before his hand comes up around my neck and f0rce me close to his body. I feel tingles from his hand and hold the towel tighter around my body. His breath fanning my face and I hear him take a large inhale, I know my presence affects him too.

“You will stay in this room until I’m back. Your interrogation isn’t over!” He growls at me.

I just keep my eyes on his but don’t say anything. He lets go of me and turns around. Seeing him walking over to the door and stopping right in front of it.

“Don’t think about escaping! There will be guards outside the whole time!” That’s all he says before he walks out the door leaving me alone.

Letting out a breath of relief when he has left, I gather myself and walk out of the bathroom.

Finding a shirt and underwear I start putting them on when I hear several people talk outside the door.

Slowly walking closer to try and hear what they are saying I stop right behind the door before I lean my head at the door and listen close.

Hearing them talk about rogues being spotted close to the borders I feel a glimmer of hope, this could be my chance to escape. If I only get one chance and they leave this door unguarded I will make a run for it.

I don’t know for how long I have been staying in the exact same spot behind the door when I hear two guards talking, saying they need to leave right away.

One protests and says they can’t leave this door unguarded, while the other says new guards are on the way over and the door will only be left a few minutes.

I feel how my heart starts to beat faster! This is my one chance to escape. I won’t miss it!

Hearing them walking away from the door I wait a second before slowly turning the handle and opening the door as quietly as I can. Popping my head out the door I don’t see anyone and quickly walk out the door.

I know I will be in big problems if I get caught, right now it’s a chance I’m ready to take.

Closing the door after me I look around but don’t hear anyone. Now I just need to find my way out of here and then I will make a run for it. Walking down the hallway I try not to make any sound.

When I look around the corner, I see a big hall and what I guess is the front door. It’s a long shoot but maybe since they are occupied with the rogues they won’t be guarding the door right now.

Just when I’m about to walk around the corner the front door is opened and two men come walking inside. One walks closer to where I stand and my heart starts to beat hard in my chest. They stop in their tracks and the one behind tells him they should grab a cup of coffee first.

I can’t believe my luck when they start to walk the other way.

I wait behind the corner and when they are out of sight, I take my chance. Turning the corner, I rush as fast as I can to the door without making any sound. Reaching the door I slowly open it up and look outside, I don’t see anyone, and I’m right about they don’t guard the place right now.

This is my chance!

Getting out I soundlessly close the door and rush down the steps, finding some bushes to the right I dive behind them. My heart is about to beat out of my chest and I need to have a good look around the place.

I see the treeline just a few meters to the left and I will have to make a run for it before anyone finds out I’m gone. Trying to reach my wolf I feel her closer, it won’t be long now.

Scanning the place one last time I don’t see or hear anyone bolting out of my hiding place and start running for everything I got.

My heart is beating so fast and I don’t look back, just keep running and hoping to make it over. Reaching the treeline I run to the left knowing these woods I just need to come as far away as possible. Then I can wait to make my way home.

Just the thought of coming home again makes me happy. Leaving this place and never looking back. I will make sure to stay as far away from this place as I possibly can!

Bolting through bushes and between trees, I run straight ahead and hope I won’t run into someone. The thought only left my mind when I hear a furious roar and I know they have alerted my mate I have left.

I don’t even want to think about what he will do if he caught me again. Fear creeps up my spine and I run for my life!

Feeling how branches hit me in my face when I p@ssthem by and don’t have any time to get them away from me when I’m bolting through the woods. I will not give him the satisfaction of catching me again, I will not be his prisoner and give up my life!

This is a run for me and everyone who depends on me, and I can’t let them down.

Seeing a clearing ahead of me and a large bridge I decide to take my chance and run for it, I need to cover my scent and if I can make it to the river I have a chance to escape this place. This is it!

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