I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 121

I will never be yours By Melan pamp

Chapter 121 

Selena POV: 

Looking at him I have to ask him when he traces his hand down my neck. 

“You don’t like vampires?” I ask when he looks at me for a long moment. 

After what they did to you how could I ever! But not all vampires are bad!” he says and I have other questions for him when my office phone starts to ring. Turning to it Kian is faster and picks it up. 

my father was going to call back!” he says and takes the phone and answers. I hear them talk for a moment and get up on my feet, I have so many questions I want to ask him but I guess it has to wait when I hear them talk about Kian should get over there right away. 

When he is done, he hangs up the phone and starts to eat his food, I bet it’s cold by now! 

“You are leaving today?” I ask when he looks up from his plate and gets eye contact with me. 

“Yes, it’s better if I get over there as fast as possible, I want it over with and we can decide what to do after!” he says and I have a bad feeling about it all. 

“Are you sure you need to go?” I ask him and walk over to my desk again. He is done eating and places everything back on the tray before sitting back in his seat. 

“If there are bigger problems than we know of with the vampires, they might have to come down and help to solve this problem,” he says and he might be right but I don’t like the feeling of him being gone for more than a day. 

“You can portal me over there and it will go faster!” he says and stands up, is he planning to go this minute? 

“Yes of course, but you plan to go there right now?” I have to ask him when he starts to walk over to where I am. 

He comes in front of me and wraps me up in a tight hug and I place my arms. around his waist, holding him tight to me. 

“I have to go back and pack a bag before going there and we have to make sure you have enough men here to help protect the pack if you need it!” he says and releases me from his arms. I sigh and have to be okay with it. 

“let’s go down and talk to the others!” I say when he walks over and picks up the tray before we start to head out the door, going down the stairs in silence I have a lot of questions for him but now is not the time to have the discussion. 

Reaching the first floor we head over to the kitchen where they have a heated discussion about something and once, we walk inside they all fall silent. 

“What’s wrong?” I ask them when they all look everywhere else than at us, no one says a word. Walking further inside I stop beside the kitchen table and look between them all. 

“Jessie speak!” I tell her, I know if anyone is going to tell me what’s going on is going to be her! She takes a moment before she raises her head and looks at me. 

“Some of us want to go inside the cave and find out what’s on the other side!” she says and that had to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard! 

“That is not going to happen! We have no idea what’s waiting for us on the other side and I will not risk anyone of you running right into their camp or getting caught by a bunch of rogues and vampires! Have I made myself clear?” I say to them and look between them all. I know Jessie is not the most patient person and I can guess Cannon is somewhat the same. 

No one says a word when Kian walks over and stands beside me after he has placed the tray down. 

“I will be going to the vampire council and having a talk with our contact! No one goes near the cave or try to take on the rogues or vampires outside these borders while I am away, is that clear!” he says with dominance in his voice and I know he won’t hesitate to use his Alpha King command if needed. 

Seeing them keep their heads down but it takes a long moment before Jessie throws her hands up in the air! 

“Fine, I will be sitting inside these borders and grow extra juicy for the vamps to eat once they get a hold of me!” she says in anger and I knew she was one of them who wanted to go. 

“You know what Jessie! I suggest you take your frustration and help to protect 

Selena and the pack when she needs to go training with Michael! Instead of sitting here and focusing on what’s behind the cave” Kian says and leans forward on the table while looking sternly at her. 

Jessie pushes her chair back and gets up on her feet in anger and I know she is more than frustrated right now. 

“You can be sure that’s exactly what I’m going to do but I hate to feel like a sitting duck just waiting to be found and eaten by a vamp!” she spits and takes her plate and walks over to the sink. Kian is about to go after her but I place my hand on his arm and shake my head no at him when he turns his head and looks at me. 

When Jessie is this way it’s better to let her be and cool down before trying to talk to her again, he gets my point and stays where he is. Hearing her wash her plate before she starts to head out of the kitchen! 

“I will be outside and check the borders!” she says and leaves the kitchen with determined steps. 

“I’m going after her!” Declan says and gets up on his feet before heading out of the kitchen and walking after her. 

“Do we have a problem here!” Kian says and looks at the others by the table. 

“No, we don’t!” Cannon says and pull Emma closer to him. 

“I have to go to the vampire council and I count on you to handle the situation here. while I am away!” Kian says when Emma turns her head and looks at him with a troubled expression on her face.

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