I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 122

I will never be yours By Melan pamp

Chapter 122 

Selena POV: 

Looking at Emma for a moment she turns her head and looks at me, I guess she felt my eyes on her. 

“Something wrong?” I mind link her when she averts her eyes. 

“No nothing! Just don’t like him going away!” she mind links back and I decide to talk to her once we are alone. 

“Cannon a word with you and Declan before I go!” I hear Kian say before he heads out the door and leaves us alone inside the kitchen. Zoey gets up with her plate and heads over to the sink while I take a seat beside Emma at the table, she turns her head and looks at me. 

“Promise there isn’t anything you need to worry about, I just don’t like him being away from you!” she says and I take a long look at her, not sure I’m convinced but I know she will tell me if there is anything I need to know 

“Michael called before and wondered if you are coming to train tomorrow?” she says and picks up her plate and walks over to wash it. 

“Yes, I will go! Any time he wanted me to be there?” I ask her and turn to look at them. 

“I can give him a call later and ask!” she says when Zoey walks over and stand beside the table. 

“What do you want me to do?” she asks and as of now It’s better if she watches the borders. 

“Check with Jacob and the borders until I am back!” I say and get up from my seat before we both start to head out from the kitchen. 

“How do you feel about everything?” she ask me when we come to the hallway and I guess she told her to. 

“I’m fine right now, doesn’t feel anything yet!” I say when we reach the door and open it. Seeing Kian standing outside and talking to Declan and Cannon we head over to the borders to find Jessie. 

“If there is anything I’m here for you!” I know she is. 

“I’m grateful for it!” We both spot Jessie by the side with Jacob standing and talking, I know even before we have reached over there how frustrated Jessie is. 

“Talk to me Jessie what is it!” I say to her when we have reached to where they stand, she turns around and looks at us. 

I’m tired of these f*uc*king rogues thinking they can do whatever they want!” she says and places her hands on get hips. 

“Once we know more we will do something about them but as for now I’m not ready to risk anyone of your lives so stay inside the barrier!” she looks at me with an angry face before she throws her hand up in the air in surrender. 

“Fine!” she says and I turn my head and look at Zoey, I know she thinks the same as me and will keep an extra eye on Jessie while I’m gone. 

Hearing footsteps from behind when Kian and the others come walking over to where we stand he wraps his arms around me and pulls me close to him. 

“I’m ready to go!” he says and I sigh a part of me doesn’t want him to leave me! 

“Alright!” I say and open a portal behind us, he holds his arm around my waist when we head inside the portal and walk out into his bedroom. 

He let go of me and head over to his closet, sitting down on the bed I have a bad feeling about him going but it can be that I’m only anxious and nothing worse will happen. Hearing him walking around in there for a long moment before he comes out in a black suit, looking way too handsome for his own good. 

I can’t peel my eyes from him when my eyes travel up his body and I see a big smirk on his lips before he makes his way over to where I sit. 

“Keep looking at me that way and I might change my mind and stay here with you!” he says and pull me up from the bed and holds my cheek with his hand before his lips come down and capture mine in a heated kiss. 

“I won’t be gone longer than a day or two before I’m back!” he says to my lips before pecking them. I don’t know what to say when he lets me go and head over you the bathroom. 

“I have told Decland and Cannon to have guards inside your borders while I’m away and there will be coming more of my guards if it’s necessary. No one should walk outside the barrier at the moment and we need to make sure everyone knows to stay inside!” Kian says from the bathroom before he comes out and heads over to his closet. 

Right now, I’m starting to feel the same as Jessie, a sitting duck inside our barrier. Hate to not knowing what’s going on outside! 

Hearing him come out of his closet and place a bag down beside me before he hooks a finger under my jaw. 

“Now I don’t want to know you have been outside the barrier or trying to go. looking for the rogues. I want to hear you promise to not do anything risky while I’m away, is that clear!” he says and looks sternly at me. 

“Yes!” I say and sigh in defeat. 

“No! You have to promise and make sure to keep your word this time, you will be in a bigger problem than the rogues if I find out you have gone against your word!” he says and I know I haven’t kept my word before to him but this one I will hold. 

“Yes, I promise and I will keep my word!” I say when he leans down and pecks my lips. 

“For your own sake, I hope you keep your promise! Now I’m ready to go!” he says and wraps me up in a hug. Sighing at the fact he will be going. 

“Alright think of the place and I will take you there!” I say when he lets go of me. 

“It’s only a day or two then I’ll be back!” he says before I give him a nod and takes his hand. Finding the place he thinks of I open a portal and look at him when he takes his bag and gets inside, taking one last look at him when he walks through before closing it after him. 

Standing in his bedroom and feeling lovely, hope he is right and he will be back with me again soon!

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