I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 127

I will never be yours By Melan pamp 

Chapter 127 

Kian POV: 

I’ve got some strange feelings through the bond and something is going on with Selena today. 

After I have talked with her through the mind link it only confirms my suspicions and I have to end my meeting here and get back to her, I won’t call her to portal me back I will just show up and find out what it is for myself! 

Walking out of my room I head over to find Oscar, this early in the morning I often find him in the library reading a book. Heading down the hall to the library I push the doors open and walk inside, just like I thought he is sitting in his chair with a book in front of him. 

He is one of the highest council members and the one I prefer to have a conversation with. 

“I have to end my visit here and get back!” I say to him when I walk inside, seeing him place his book down and raise his head to look at me. 

“Trouble?” he asks and I walk closer to where he sits. 

“I’m not sure yet!” I tell him and he sits back in his seat. 

“The latest report should be in this afternoon, do you need to go back before?” he asks and if I could have waited for the report I would have preferred it, Oscar has sent out several men to gather the last information we are missing to get a complete picture of what’s going on and how many vampires it could be that have joined the rogues. 

During these days we have found out there is a bigger problem than we thought and until now there isn’t an easy answer why the vampires have joined the rogues, we all suspect the rogue leader has promised the vampires something in exchange for their help. 

“Yes, I have to leave right now, I will call you once I get back!” I tell him when I see him get a frown on his face. 

“Isn’t your mate going to portal you home?” he asks and there is no point in hiding it from him because I need to borrow a car from him to get back quickly. 

“No, she won’t get a heads up I’m coming back!” I say when he smiles at me. 

“I will have a car ready for you right away! And good luck with that mate!” he says. and gives me a wink. 

“That would be good! I will have my men meeting me on the way and they won’t have to drive me all the way!” I say and turn around to head out of the library. 

“Talk to you later! Have a nice trip back!” he says when I have reached the door. 

I just give him a nod and walk out of the library to head over to my room and pack my clothes in my bag. Reaching my room I push the door open and pick up my phone to give my father a call, he should be in my office right now. 

He answers on the second ring. 

“I need you to send me a car over here to meet me up on the way!” I tell him once he has picked up. 

“Something wrong?” he asks and starts to pick up my clothes and place them down in my bag. 

“I don’t know yet! Something is going on with Selena and I have to get back right away! Tell them to step on it!” closing my bag and taking one extra look around the room so I haven’t missed anything when I hear a knock on the door and walk over to open it. 

Outside is one of Oscar’s men and I guess he will be driving me back. 

“We are ready to go once you are!” he says and I turn my attention back to my father on the phone. 

“I’m going now! Get them on the road right now!” I order and walk over to grab my bag from the chair and turn around to head out of the room. 

“It’s done! They will be going right away!” he says when I walk out of the door and follow after the driver. 

“Good! Have them to call me on the way!” I say before we hang up the phone. Following after the driver out of the front door I see a black car being parked outside by the stairs, another man is standing and holding the door open when we walk down and reach over to it. Going inside I place my bag down on the seat beside me and hear them both walk around and get inside in the front. 

When the car starts to move I sit back in my seat and look at the road, the drive will take a couple of hours and if they step on it I might be back in two hours. She better not be up to anything she shouldn’t or she will be in deep problems this time! 


Hearing my phone beeping I unlock it and look at the message, it’s from my men who will meet me on the way. Seeing it’s Cannon’s favorites in the car I know the drive will go fast and it couldn’t be better. 

“We will be meeting my men on the way, they will step on it!” I tell them even if they accelerate and drive down the road at a fast speed. 

“Then let’s see who will get the furthest!” the driver says and I couldn’t have gotten better drives than this as of now, I will be there quicker than I anticipated! 

I sit in silence for the whole ride when the car comes to a stop and my men are standing on the road outside the car, I’m not surprised they would be faster. 

“Until next time we meet!” I say and get out of the car and shut the door closed before they get a chance to respond. 

Walking over to my car I get right inside and place my bag on the floor, they both get inside and start to drive. 

“You know where to go and step on it!” I say when I see the other car turn around and head the other way. 

“As you which!” they say and the car accelerates to a high speed. Looking out the window I try to feel her through the bond the closer we get to her pack but I’m cut off from her. 

There is no doubt she is up to something! 

“Do you want us to contact Cannon!” I hear them ask but as for now, no one will get any heads up I’m on my way. I know we could probably reach him from here with a mind link but I will not reveal I’m on my way! 

“No! I don’t want them to be alarmed before we have arrived!” I tell them when I get this weird feeling. I get this pull in one direction and I know without having talked to her she is in here. 

“Stop the car!” I boom out and the car comes to a screeching halt! 

Opening the door I get out and take off my suit and place it in the back seat. 

“Wait here!” I tell them before shifting and running in her direction.

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