I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 129

I will never be yours By Melan pamp

Chapter 129 

Selena POV: 

You could almost touch the thick tension in the room when I spoke the truth out loud, he looks me all over for a long time when I feel his mixed feelings through the bond before he cut me off completely. 

I felt him shocked and happy before it turned to disappointment and anger in a short moment before he put his walls up. 

I know he is disappointed at my actions and the anger I feel radiates out of him is what I deserve! 

He takes a step closer to me when his eyes become pitch black and his rage almost takes my breath away. 

“You’re pregnant and you risked our child’s life by going out there! You don’t give a f*uc*k about your own life or mine but you are even willing to have our child K*lled is the worse you ever could do!” he booms out and I hear Emma and Cannon take a step back. His anger washes over me and I start to sweat when he takes a step closer. 

“Not once have you kept your promise but I never thought you could sink that low you even would risk K*lling our child!” he roars and grabs my arm hard before pulling me close to him, his face is close to mine and I can feel his claws dig in my arm. It’s painful but the rage coming from him is harder to try and breathe through, there is no point in hiding it any longer this has already gone downhill! 

“Children!” I say in a shaky voice and feel how my tears are running down my cheeks in a steady stream, his anger is justified and I’m just as angry at myself for doing what I did. How could I forget I’m pregnant just like that and risk their lives? 

“What?” he booms and I have to avert my eyes from his for a moment, I have a hard time breathing through his anger. 

“Can you please try and calm down a bit!” I hear Emma say but it does nothing but only increase the tension in the room. 

“Look at me!” he growls out and I have to fight the urge to not face him again. Taking a deep breath I look back at him and his eyes haven’t left my face. 

“Children, there is more than one!” I say in a whisper when his eyes flicker for a moment and I feel him fighting his wolf from taking over and shifting right here. 

“Kian you have to take it easy and let her go, you are hurting her!” I hear Emma say when a warm liquid is running down my arm and I know his claws have dug in harder into my arm cutting my arm open. 

He holds me in place for a long moment before I see him having his wolf under control. 

“You have disappointed me in ways I never thought it would be possible, you are not fit for being an Alpha and from this now you are no longer in charge of this pack!” he spits at me and I can feel the hate coming from him. 

I do nothing to object against him, I don’t think I’m fit for being an Alpha at this moment either. 

They are all dead because I didn’t lead them the way I should and hadn’t it been because I f0rced Jessie to come with me over to Michael she would probably be dead as well. 

Both my Gamma and my Beta went against my orders, the two who are supposed to make sure my orders are being followed did just the opposite. I will not argue against him, I’m not fit for leading this pack. 

He starts to walk and pull me with him without letting go of his grip on me when he is being stopped by Cannon. 

“Kian you have to calm down!” he says when he only pushes him out of the way and starts to drag me out of the hospital. I let him do what he wants, my mind and feelings are clouded with disappointment over myself and guilt for what I did and haven’t done. 

Outside the hospital, he starts to drag me over to the barrier and I have no idea what he is planning to do when Cannon gets in front of him to stop him from walking out. 

“Kian calm down!” he says when Kian stops and looks at him, hearing someone running behind us I turn my head and see Declan and Jessie coming over. Turning back my head from them, Jessie is the last person I want to meet right now. 

“Why weren’t you outside and help protect her? You had one job here and it was to make sure she where safe and inside this barrier while I where away! So where were you?” he booms out and they all fall silent. None of that is his men’s fault since I ordered them to stay inside. 

“I ordered them to stay inside!” I say in a low voice, he is already angry at me and I know this won’t change anything. But if I can keep his anger away from them for nothing they could do anything about then I will. 

He snaps his head and looks at me before he starts dragging me with him again. closer to the barrier. 

“I will deal with all of you later!” he bombs out when I hear Jessie try to speak to me while he pulls me out on the other side. Seeing a black car standing on the road and two men leaning at the car he drags me closer to it. 

They open the door and he pushed me inside and lets go of my arm, I hiss when his claws pull out of my skin. 

“If you even think about portal away I will hunt you down and you will be in deeper problems!” he spits at me before he shut the door closed with a bang. 

I’m not going anywhere! 

This time I will stay and do what he says. 

I hear them talking for a brief moment before they get inside the car and turning my head I see Kian takes a step back when they start to drive away. He shifts and starts to run into the forest with Cannon after him. 

I have no idea where they are going and as of now, I’m on the edge of a breakdown. 

Tears run down my cheeks when the car starts to move away on the road, I have nothing to say and just let my tears fall. Today I have disappointed everyone and including myself for not thinking rationally before handling it right! 

The car ride goes in silence and I already know where he is taking me before we are there, I can’t blame him! 

The car comes to a stop outside the Castle when they open the door for me to get out. 

“I’m sorry for this my Queen!” one of them says and I get out of the car when he takes my arm in a gentle hold and starts to walk with me over to the Castle. 

“it’s alright!” I say when we climb the stairs and walk inside. I hear the other one walk behind me when we come to stop outside the door to his cellar. 

“We don’t want to do this but it’s the king’s orders!” he says and opens the door. Walking down the stairs we are back to the cell with the coated bars, silver, and wolfsbane if I remember correctly. 

“It’s all right! I would probably have done the same!” I say when they open the cell door and I get inside. 

“I will get you a soap and a towel for you to clean up the blood. Do you want anything to eat?” I hear them say but shake my head no at them. I’m not hungry even a bit, only tired all the way into my soul. 

It takes a moment before he comes down again and walks inside with a towel and a tray of food and water in a bottle. They place the things inside on a chair before they head out and close the door after them. 

“Give him a few hours and you will see he has calmed down! We will check on you. later!” one of them says and I don’t answer them, highly doubt he has calmed down if he ever will from this! 

I hear them walk over to the stairs and start to climb them while I walk over and take a seat on the bed. 

Looking down at my bloody hands they start to tremble, they are coated by his blood and I’m sure he didn’t make it! 

Today I broke every trust Kian ever had in me and I have no one else to blame for this than myself, I have given him promises and never kept anyone of them. Today I could have gotten us K*lled! 

Placing my hand on my stomach I’m grateful for Kian to show up when he did, have no idea what could have happened otherwise. He might never forgive me for this but I have someone else to keep fighting for. 

“I’m going to fight for you!” I say and that’s what I’m going to do from now on, keeping our children alive and away from any harm.

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