I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 14

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 14

Selena’s POV:

I keep running with everything I got! Dodging trees and bushes when suddenly a wolf comes running from the right. I managed to dodge him and get some steps ahead of him. I know it’s one of Kian’s men and if one has managed to get down the slope somehow the others will soon be down too.

Looking over the river to the left I know there is my chance to escape if I just can get over there.

Trying to run faster when I hear several wolves to the side I know they will soon catch up to me. Turning my head to the right I see his big black wolf running at a speed I can’t outrun.

Running faster and when I come to a rock by the edge I hit it with my paws and put some energy into the jump and I almost come flying over the river. There is no way they can follow me over here!

Landing on the other side with a slide and I see the wolves on the other side coming to an abrupt halt when they hit the river. My mate is standing on the other side with two other big wolves on his side, which make me believe it’s his beta and gamma.

I hear a growl and know it’s from him! Well, this is the last he will see of me.

Turning around to walk away and hide so I can get home without revealing myself I get a whiff of something familiar. Halting in my tracks I turn back around and see a brown wolf approaching the river.

He walks a bit in the river and sniffs the air before he looks at me, he shifts, and before me stands my brother! I let out a whimper when I see him standing there, it have been years since I saw him! My little brother.

I have missed him so much, I just want to hold him in my arms, tell him I am fine. I want to know how he has been.

He starts to walk a bit further out in the river and I start to walk closer to the water. My eyes are locked on him.

My little brother!

Tears prick behind my eyelids. I just want to hug him again. He is all grown up now, I have missed so many years with him!

“Selena?” I hear him say. Like he isn’t sure if it is me or not. I start to wag our tail, letting him know it’s me. I see him stretching out his hand to me and I walk into the river. If I could just touch him once.

Turning my head and looking at my mate he has his eyes locked on me. would he K*ll me if I walked over to his land again?

I don’t get any more time to think about it before I hear my brother scream at me.

“SELENA behind you” turning around just in time to see a grey wolf lunge at me. Stepping aside and the wolf ends up in the water. Then I hear a lot of snarls behind me and a shiver runs down my back. This isn’t a good sign!

About ten wolves are standing behind me and they start to walk closer when a big grey wolf lunges I quickly step aside and he falls into the river. Another one attacks and I manage to dock his attempt and kick him in his guts, making him fly into the river. Two more wolves lunge for me and I can’t fight them all like this!

I have to try and make a run for it. I’m grateful for my fighting sK*lls when I end up in this kind of situation but sometimes it’s better to just get away.

Running behind the trees, I’m met by an army of wolves standing behind the trees hiding. I freeze in fear for a second. I see a grey wolf in the middle and I suspect he is the leader.

They are all rogues!

I take a turn to the right and flee back to the river I come bursting through the tree line and I hear my brother scream to me. There is no time to reflect on what he tries to say when three of the wolves’ lunge at me.

I hear one of them catching up, his claw scratches down my leg and I feel how he breaks the skin. Turning around when he jumps up, only to get the perfect angel to bite him in his throat and rip it out. Blood spray all over and he falls down with a slide.

I can’t keep going like this! I need to get home instead. Running forward I see a cliff and just have to get there!

The rogues chase after me the whole way and turning my head to the right I see my mate and my brother on the other side of the river running along with me. My brother keeps shouting out to me but I can’t hear what he is saying.

There is nothing they can do to help from the other side of the river. I come to a halt when I reach the cliff. There is a large waterfall running beside it.

Turning around and see I’m caged in by the wolves, there is only one way to go from here.

The rogues start to get closer to me and I know this is what I have to do.!

I shift back, standing there before everyone n@ked, and my long blond hair is slightly covering my bre@sts. The wolves before me stop and I hear one of them snarl at me. I know they want to capture me, but that is never going to happen!

I take a step back and almost fall down the cliff. My brother screams from the other side and I turn my head to look at him.

My little brother! I see he is terrified. I want to comfort him, hold him! My heart feels so heavy.

I can’t go over to him, I promised to never come back. I have been breaking that promise. The thing I will be doing now I know will break his heart and probably haunt him in his sleep for a long time.

But I can’t have them looking for me, it’s better if they think I am dead. If I can contact him somehow I will.

Tears start to fall from my eyes and I know he sees my pain.

’’Selena” he screams to me.

I close my eyes and feel the wind blowing in my hair. Leaning back, I let gravity take over and I start to fall down the cliff.

I hear two heartbreaking howls when I fall. I know one of them is my brother.

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