I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 141

I Will Never Be Yours By Melan pamp

Chapter 141

Selena POV: 

There is a knock on the door but Kian doesn’t let me go, he wraps his arm tighter around me when I try to pull away from him. 

“Someone wants you something!” I say to his lips when he won’t stop a*s*saulting me.

“Everyone can wait, you’re not getting off that easy!” he says and captures my lips again when there is a harder knock on the door and someone comes walking inside his office. 

“I don’t want to disturb you but there are some important things we have to go through!” I hear his father say when I try to make him stop. 

“Kian!” I say to his lips when he sighs and let’s go of my lips. 

“What’s the problem now!” I hear him say to my hair but he doesn’t release me from his arms. 

“We have the new report ready!” his father continues and walks further inside his office, trying to get out of his grip but he won’t budge. 

“Why don’t you stay and listen to it as well!” he says and I push off his chest to try and have him release me 

“You took over the leader chip off the pack and I have nothing to do with it!” I say when he releases me a bit and hooks a finger under my jaw before he turns me to look at him. 

“I shouldn’t have done it, only wanted to keep you safe!” he says and I think he did the right thing and right now I have other things to focus on, I know he will handle the pack and make sure they are following his orders until I’m back. 

“You did what you had to and I need to focus on me and my babies!” I say to him when he holds a tighter grip on me. 

“Your babies? Am I not included?” he says and I feel the tension rises in the room. 

“I wasn’t sure you wanted to be a part of it, you haven’t been with me on any appointment or talked to me for three weeks. I don’t know what you want!” I honestly tell him when he leans down and traces his nose over my neck. 

“I want you and our children, you won’t get rid of me!” he says and I have to swallow several times to try and speak. 

“I haven’t taken the pack away from you, it’s yours to handle whenever you want!” he continues and I know it, I will get back to it once I have everything else under control. My stomach starts to rumble and I have to grab something to eat, I’m starving. 

“I have to eat before going over to Michaels, I don’t have time to stay here!” I say to him when he places a kiss on my cheek and turns me around in his arms before he starts to walk with me toward the door. 

“I will get her some breakfast before she goes, call who you need and I will be in the kitchen until she leaves!” he says to his father before we reach the door. He walks with me out of his office and heads toward the kitchen coming inside he pulls me over to the counter where he takes a chair out and places me down on it. 

I can take something on the go, you don’t have to stay here with me!” I say when he steps over to the fridge and opens it. 

“That’s not going to happen! I’m here to make sure you and our children get enough nutrition!” he says and starts to pull ingred*ients out of the fridge and place them down beside the stove before he starts to cook what looks like an omelet with bacon, he makes a sandwich while he waits for the rest to be done. I just sit there and look at him, can’t peel my eyes off him! 

He turns around and walks over with a sandwich he places in from of me on the counter before he leans down and presses his lips to my shoulder. 

“I want you to come home early today so we can have some time together!” he says to my shoulder before he let me go and head over to the stove, seeing him. place the omelet on the plate before he walks over with it to me and puts it down. in front of me. 

“Aren’t you going to eat?” I ask him when he takes a seat beside me and places an arm around my lower back. 

“I will once you have gone to Michael’s until then I’m going to enjoy watching you eat,” he says and nuzzles my neck when he starts to trace his nose over my cheek. 

“You know I won’t be able to eat when you do this!” I say and try to have him to stop when I take a bite of my sandwich. 

“Drop your walls and let me in then I will stop!” he says and I sigh before taking another bite. 

“I can’t!” I say when there are more movements in the room and Emma comes walking inside with Cannon. 

“Good you haven’t gone over to Michael’s yet, can I come with you?” Emma says when she walks over and stops beside me with a smile on her lips, taking another big bite of my sandwich I drink some juice before answering her. 

“Sure, you can!” I say and take up my fork to have a taste of the omelet, putting a piece in my mouth it’s so good. 

“Perfect! You don’t think you should breathe while you eat!” she says and chuckles while I ignore her statement. 

“No this is too good!” I say and eat a piece of salty bacon and M0@n out loud at the taste, hearing her laugh beside me. 

“If you are starting to have cravings then I suggest you try something different!” she says and walks over to the fridge and opens it before she turns around with a can in her hand, she places it in front of me and opens the lid before she takes out pickles and hands me one. 

“I’m not too keen on those once!” I say and look skeptical at her when she only smiles at me. 

“Try! You might have changed your mind!” she says and I place my fork down before taking it from her and turn it once before taking a big bite of it, I have to close my eyes at the taste! This has to be the best thing I ever have tasted, by far the best! 

Taking another bite I lean my elbow on the counter and M0@n out. 

“That good!” she says and I just shake my head at her while I try to get as much. inside my mouth as I can, hearing them all start laughing beside me when I swallow and open my eyes to reach over and take another one when Kian’s hand grab the can away from me and I instantly snap my head to look at him. 

“Now don’t get angry at me, you have to eat up the rest before you take another one! You need the right nutrition!” he says and I growl at him before I sigh and give up. 

Taking my fork I start to eat the omelet again but only because he is right and I won’t get hungry again right away if I eat up the omelet. 

“I know more good stuff we can try later!” Emma whispers to my ear and I chuckle at her when I empty my plate and turn to look at Kian when he leans forward and pecks my lips when I grab the can from his hand and he laughs at me. 

“Alright you will have them!” he says and releases his grip on it when another pair of footsteps come inside the kitchen. 

“Kian you have to come inside the office! Oscar needs to talk to you!” his father says and I turn my head to look at him when Kian gets up and places a kiss on my cheek. 

“Come back early, we need some time alone!” he says before he leaves the kitchen in fast steps.

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