I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 142

I Will Never Be Yours By Melan pamp

Chapter 142

Selena POV: 

Alone in the kitchen with Cannon and Emma after he left I see them talking for a moment before Cannon walks after Kian out of the room, Emma heads over to the fridge and starts to make herself some breakfast. 

“I’ll be ready in a moment!” she says when I see her take a large bite of her sandwich. 

“That’s all right he can wait a moment no need to rush!” I say and close the lid of the can and walk over to the fridge to put it inside. 

do you want me to make some tea for you?” she says and almost every day I get new tea when I come to Michael’s. 

“There is no need! We always drink tea when I’m at Michael’s” I head over with my dishes to the sink before I take the last of my juice and take a seat at the chair again and wait for her to be done. 

“Well, then I can take my sandwich on the go!” Emma says and starts to place everything back in the fridge before she comes walking over to me, getting down from the chair I push it in before opening a portal behind us. 

Walking into the portal with Emma before closing it after us. 

I have been training with Michael for a long moment and it’s still the same, as long as I have my walls up there isn’t a problem and I can control it. 

He is currently doing some tea in his kitchen while I sit at the table and look at them both talking in the kitchen. Emma walks over and places a cup down in front of me before they fix their own and come back to the table and take their seats. 

“You know we both are worried about you being this cut–off, we have talked about it several times and since I know it’s connected to your feelings I suggest finding another way!” Michael says and looks between me and Emma, I don’t understand what he is implying at. 

“To do what?” taking a sip of my tea I look between them. 

“I want you to hear me out, Selena!” Emma says and just by her statement, I know she has been thinking a lot of this. 

Sitting back in my seat to be prepared for whatever she has on her mind. 

“You haven’t been back at the pack since it happened and talked to Jessie, not once have you been away from the pack this way and given up the leadership, you have to go back and start to lead the pack again! I believe it will strengthen you more” she says and I have planned to do it once I felt I had this new gift under control. 

“I took a step back because I need to control this! What I did was wrong and I needed the break! I can’t risk my baby’s life or the pack, and without Jacob, I couldn’t let Jessie be in charge after what she did. Letting Kian take care of it was the best option” I honestly tell her how I feel about it. 

“I know but this isn’t you! You are stronger than this and I believe you are locking yourself away from your real ability. You can do this!” she says and I sit up and take a sip of my tea while I think about it, she might have a point. 

“We have done all we can do here and we have to think about something else instead! I suggest you give it a try and you can come back here every day if you want to but take some time to sort your life first” Michael says and with everything we have tried it might be the only thing left. 

drink up Selena! Your man wanted you back early!” Emma says when I haven’t said anything to them for a long moment, emptying my cup I take it and push my chair back before getting up and heading over to the sink and placing it down. 

“Alright, I’m ready whenever you are!” I say to her and walk back to the table and wait for her to be done. 

Seeing her emptying her cup before she gets over and places it down in the sink before she takes a bag with herbs and gets back to where I am. 

“Come by or talk to me whenever you want Selena, I’m here for you!” he says and I give him a nod 

“Thank you, Michael, I will!” opening a portal for us Emma is the one to first go through it before I walk inside and close the portal after me, coming out in the kitchen in his castle I look around and no one is here. 

“I have no idea how to talk to Jessie after all this! And who is going to take over Jacob’s spot? The only one I can come up with that would be perfect for the spot is Zoey but she didn’t want it when I asked her the first time!” I say what’s on my mind when she turns to look at me. 

“Jessie is painfully aware of what she did, as of right now she has locked her up in her room and hardly walks out of the house. Zoey might have changed her mind, talk to them and you will know instead of guessing” She is right about this, I have to talk to them! Can’t stay here and hide from it. 

“You’re right! I will talk to them” I say when she flashes me the biggest smile. 

“It will be good Selena!” she says and walks over to where I am and hooks her arm in mine. 

“I hope you are right about it!” I say when she starts to pull me with her, she places her bag on the counter and starts to walk with me out of the kitchen. 

“How about we find our mates!” she says when we come out of the kitchen and into the hallway. 

“Sure!” I say when she pulls me toward Kian’s office and knocks on the door, it takes a moment before we hear some footsteps and his father comes over and opens the door. 

“We are looking for our mates!” I say to him when our eyes meet. 

“They are not here! Kian had something he needed to do and you might find him in his chambers!” he says and smile at me. 

“Alright! I will look there!” I say to him in response before turning around and heading towards the stairs with Emma, hearing him close the door after us we start to walk. 

“Why don’t you mind link instead?” She ask and that was my first thought but I want it to be a surprise to him that were are back already. 

“I want to surprise him!” I say when we start to climb the stairs. 

“Isn’t it time you two start to buy things for the babies? There is some delivery time and you have to get a room set up before they arrive, I don’t recommend you standing there with two newborns and not a single thing ready!” she says when we have almost reached the top of the stairs. 

“We haven’t talked for three weeks since I told him and we found out there were 

twins, I don’t even know where he stands in all this!” I honestly tell her when we have reached the top of the stairs, walking a bit down the hallway we hear several voices and it’s Kian and both Cannon and Declan, they aren’t inside his room by their voices and see a door being open beside Kians chambers we walk closer to where the voices come from. 

Trying to walk as soundlessly as we can to the room we peak from the side and my eyes are about to fall out of their pockets at the sight in front of me.

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