I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 146

I Will Never Be Yours By Melan Pamp

Chapter 146

Selena POV: 

I can only keep my eyes on him and when I don’t answer his question his hand comes to my neck before he holds my head in a firm grip. 

“Should I take that as a yes!” he says next to my ear before placing a kiss on my shoulder and starts nibbling on the spot, I pant out from the feeling when he stops. and catches my lips instead. Pushing his tongue inside my mouth he deepens the kiss before he let his hand travel down my body, reaching my nipple I’m overly sensitive when he starts to roll it between his fingers. 

M0@ning out into his mouth he cups my bre@st when I feel how my arousal spills out, his hand lets go of my nipple when he drags me up a bit and places me in his lap instead. 

Push his legs undermine and pull them apart when his hand starts to move on my side and over my thigh before coming over and cupping my p*uss*y, I pant out from the feeling when he traces his middle finger down my folds. 

“Kian!” I M0@n out into his mouth when his thumb presses down on my cl*t. 

“Just relax and let me satisfy you!” he says when he places his finger over my entrance before he pushes it inside of me, I gasp from the feeling and buck my hips to meet his thrusts. 

He withdraws it from me and adds another finger before he pushes back inside of me and my walls clench around his fingers. 

His other hand wraps around my bre@st when he gives it a light squeeze that instantly sends a jolt of ple@sure through my body. 

Trying to grind myself against his fingers when he starts to thrust faster inside of my tight channel, feeling how my 0rg@sm build up in my body I lay my head back against his shoulder and place my hands on his thighs. 

Trying to stand against coming because I know once I do it will have my walls crumbling down the instance when I feel his head against mine. 

“Let go! I’ve got you!” he says and bucks his fingers up while pressing down on my cl*t. I can’t stand against it and let my 0rg@sm ripple through my body when my 

walls vanish, riding out my 0rg@sm on his fingers when his feelings flood me and I gasp from the sudden connection I feel again. 

I’m highly sensitive and can’t believe how much I have missed him, I miss him! 

I have shut him out of my life to not have to feel all these feelings and now it all comes crashing down on me at once. 

Taking my hand I pull his fingers out of me and turn around in his lap before I move forward with my legs on each side of his, I need him and can’t wait to feel him inside of me. 

Grabbing his hard length with my hand I stroke him a few times before moving forward and positioning myself over him. 

“Selena what are you doing!” he says and place his hand on my cheek and tilts it up so our eyes meet, there is no stopping me from taking what I want, what I need. and that is him! All of him! 

I see his needs in his eyes when I slowly sink over his hard c*oc*k and feel the tip push inside my tight channel, taking him inside of me bit by bit, not stopping until he fills me up to my brim and touches all my sweet spots inside. 

I cry out and close my eyes when he is all inside of me and take a moment to get used to the full sensation when I slowly start to grind myself on him, digging my nails into his shoulders when I start riding him harder. 

I have missed him! Missed feeling this connected to him when it’s just him and met in the world and our need for each other, moving my hips against his at a steady pace I feel his hand on my back when he moves my upper body forward and his hot breath comes to my bre@st before he takes my nipple inside my mouth and starts to swirl his tongue around it. 

Grinding myself harder against him I grip his hair when his hands come down to my b*tt and grab it hard. 

“I don’t want to hurt you!” he says and tries to make me slow down but there is no stopping on me, either he will give me what I want or I will take it myself from him! 

“You won’t! And either you give me what I need or I will take it from you!” I say and pull his head back by his hair before picking up my pace again. 

Catching his lips I’m relentless in @ssaulting his lips when he suddenly grabs my b*tt and lifts me off him before standing up from the tube with me, water run 

down our bod*ies and I have to wrap my arms and legs around him to not fall backward when he walks out of the bathroom and into his bedroom. 

He stops by the bed and places me down on my feet before he turns me around and grabs my bre@st with one of his hands while he pulls me back against him and his hard one poke in my back 

“Get on your hands and knees on the bed!” he says next to my ear and I climb up the bed and do what he says, staying close to the edge when he grabs my hips and pulls me back a bit before I feel his hand come between our bod*ies when he positioning his tip at my entrance, he pushes himself inside me in one hard thrust that’s making me cry out with how good it feels. 

I think my body is overly sensitive and there is no way I’m going to last long with him pumping inside of me and filling up every corner of me. 

He picks up his pace and for every stroke, he makes in my w*et channel he builds up friction and hit my sensitive spot when his grip on my hips increases, the only sound in the room comes from our w*ett bod*ies connecting at a steady pace besides my M0@ns. 

My 0rg@sm builds up in my body while I try to hold back from coming, I feel how w*et I’m making his hard card c*oc*k for every thrust he makes inside of me. 

Meeting his thrusts when he pushes hard inside of me and pushes me over my peak my 0rg@sm ripple through my body, making my toes curl while I grip the bed sheets with my hands. Feeling him fasten his thrusts and chase his own release, his c*oc*k jerks and his warm s*eed pumps out of him and coat my walls while he pushes. inside of me one more time and pant out. 

The sound he makes when he comes almost has me 0rg@sm again. 

He stills and holds me in place while we both catch our breaths, this moment where pure need after these weeks apart! 

Slowly he starts to pull himself out of me before he leans forward and drags me up on my feet. 

Pressing me flat against him his arms wrap around my body. 

“How do you feel?” he asks and places a hand on my stomach, closing my eyes I enjoy this moment! 

“I feel perfect!” I say when he presses his lips to my shoulder and I shiver from it 

before he lifts me and heads over to the bathroom with me and places me inside the shower instead when he turns the water on and adjust the temperature before 

he pulls me under the water. 

“Don’t you ever put up your walls again!” he says and captures my lips with his, getting up on my toes I wrap my arms around his neck and deepen the kiss. I will never do it again if there isn’t a situation that requires it! 

I need him and to feel the connection to him!

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