I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 152

I Will Never Be Yours By Melan Pamp

Chapter 152 

Selena POV: 

The man in front of us knows before the barrier is moved back what’s going to happen and he turns his head and look right at me, an evil smile is spread on his lips when our eyes meet. 

“You couldn’t keep us out any longer!” he says and start laughing when there is a movement to the side and I see several of the rogues start to run that way, turning my head I see a group of wolves running to fight the rogues, I don’t recognize the wolves and they come from a different direction we don’t have any pack close to but this is our only chance. 

“Get ready!” I shout out to my pack members just before the barrier is drawn back to the second line in a much smaller area, now nothing is standing against us, and the rogues we have to fight! 

“Get them!” the man barks out when the rogues and vampire start to move at a fast pace to where we are. 

Both Declan and Cannon stand in front of me when I have several of my men close by, Jessie takes off with Jaden and Zoey accompanied by several others. 

The fight is taking off right away and several come to attack us where we stand, the man takes slow strides forward as if no one can touch him, and with every attempt on him he easily takes out by snapping his hand and they get a flight through the air and falls to the ground a far bit away. 

His eyes are locked on mine and never once does he take his gaze away from me! 

I want to reach out and find Kian where he is but I know if I do I will be an easy target, taking a deep breath I let my gift sizzle under my skin and swirl around in my veins ready to defend us! 

I see Cannon take a leap when he has ripped the throat out of the closest rogue and aim for the man, he doesn’t make it far when he gets blasted away and lands a far bit to the side. I try to look for my men and how it goes but still keep looking at the man for every step closer he takes, I know he will be at my throat soon. 

All around me is the fight going on, whimpering and growls are heard around us, and before I get more time to take the situation in I’m drawn into an energy that 

starts to s*ck my energy out of my body, snapping my head in his direction I pull my energy back into my body and try to get my walls up, but he is quick and instantly place a strange heavy energy over me that makes it hard for me to fill my lungs up with air. 

I try to push it off me when he is right in front of us and in slow motion I see him flick with his hand and Decland with my men end up flying to the side, taking a step back when he starts to place more weight over me and I hardly can’t stand up any longer, I have to fight back! 

Forcing my walls up I try to push him off me and right now there isn’t anyone else around us, I have to fight him alone! 

The warning to not let my children get exposed to dark magic goes on repeat in my mind and by this, I can’t let him take my energy from me. 

Trying to f0rce his weight off my back I have to use my strength and raise my head to look at him before I push some energy out and blast at him, he doesn’t even flinch! 

Seeing Jessie comes running towards us from the corner of my eyes I’m about to tell her to stop, there is no point in trying to get him. Before she has reached over to where I am he pulls up a wall all around us, I can see the fight going on outside but no one is going to be able and get inside here where we are, I’m trapped inside with him! 

“Finally, alone!” he says and tilts his head to look at me with his wicked smile. I don’t bother to answer him anything back when I see Jessie run for the wall but bounce back the moment she hits it, I’m trapped inside and there is no way out except taking him down! 

I hear her roar out in anger for not being able to help me but in this case, it’s for the best she can’t do anything against him, and my options are small without being able to shift! 

I feel him start to steal my energy from me and I try to fight him, cutting him off and pulling my walls high up to keep him out when I see him lift his hand in the air and my air gets cut in my throat. 

I can’t get anything down or out! the airways are cut off completely, falling to my knees I try to fight it, I have to think of something quick! 

“Let’s see how long you can hold your breath!” he says when I feel my gift sizzling under my skin and something happens when it moves down to my womb and place a shield around them, protecting them from the dark magic and I know what I need to do now, only hope it will work! 

Lifting my head I pull on his magic and let it get drawn inside my body bit by bit, it’s cold and strong when it starts to intervene with my energy, it’s addicting and I love the feeling when I start to s*ck his magic out of him! 

The pressure on my throat vanishes and I can take a deep breath and let the air fill my lungs, looking at him he has a surprised look on his face before he starts to laugh. 

“Oh, you only make it easier for me!” he says and blasts me back a bit so I fall on my back, hearing Emma scream at the top of her lungs I turn my head where I lay on the ground and look at her. She is looking right at me behind from a distance when I get blasted with his magic and it hits me right in my stomach. 

I feel how my walls crack when he hit me again and even if I try to block him out his dark magic start to sip into my belly, I scream out in pain when it begins to swirl inside and move down to our children. I try to block him out with everything I can but he is too strong! 

Holding my arms over my belly I try to push his magic out of me and save them, but even with how hard I’m trying I can’t get it out the closer it gets to my womb, the magic feels colder and I hear him laugh out loud. 

Placing all my strength on my walls and trying to protect our children I feel how it moves to my womb and something snaps when it reaches them!

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